Best Christmas Tree Type

Best Christmas Tree

One essential step into having the best Christmas is definitely about getting the perfect Christmas tree.

Whether you go eco, and decide for an artificial tree or use a natural tree instead, the Christmas may be the most important piece of your holiday décor, catching the attention from everyone around it.

How to choose?

The market is full of various options and you need to make an idea about how much you’re willing to pay for it or what it should look like in the first place.

You may find flock trees that save you the trouble of giving a snowy vibe to your trees, or you may settle for a simple artificial Christmas trees. When you don’t have the time nor the will to install lights in your tree, you may very well go for a prelit Christmas tree so you’re skipping few steps on your Christmas preparations.

Keep in mind though that pre-lit Christmas trees come in a nice variety of colors and you may go for white, colored, LED lighting- whatever floats your boat.

Take a look at the fir, spruce, redwood on your Christmas tree and the color of the tree as well. There are many shades of green, not to speak of the pink, blue, metallic…and so many more.

Fuller or spaced, the Christmas trees come in a great variety and the best choice for you is the one that fits the best your home and…budget.

Our selection

Don’t let the low price of the Homegear Deluxe Alpine 6ft 700 Tips Xmas / Christmas Tree mislead you, as the tree is a very good example how you can get a great tree for just a few bucks.


The four pieces of the 6ft. Tree are easy to assemble and the tree comes with a stand that is ready out of the box. The branches are easy to bend for the best looks and it’s not going to take you 30 minutes to get the tree done.

The tree is tightly packed and you may need a bit of patience to fluff it out, for a more realistic look.

The size and width of the tree are good and the tree doesn’t take much room, but manages to make a nice impression wherever you’d place it.

The full branches, the sturdy stand and the nice details that come along (blue garland and some ornaments) make the tree a great chance for the tight budget.

Cute and pre-lit, the National Tree 24 Inch Majestic Fir Christmas Tree with 35 Clear Lights in Burgundy Cloth Bag (MJ3-24BGLO-1) is a sparkly little option you may go with this Christmas.

The pre-lit tree comes with 35UL, pre-strung clear lights and is ready to use out of the box. The light string come with bulb-lock so that the bulbs don’t fall out when handling the tree.

The construction of the tree is great and the nice looking base gives it stability. If one bulb burns, all the other ones keep on lighting so your tree is always lit and sparkly.

The tree comes with spare bulbs and fuses so you’re always sure the tree looks nice for your Christmas décor.

Well-made and a good weight, the tree is nice and has just the right number of lights for its size.

For those of you who don’t really go for all the Christmas spirit and everything, but still want to have a light touch in their homes, a convenient and quite effective option would be the Holiday Time 32 Inch Green Fiber Optic Christmas Tree.

The tree looks nice and you definitely need to plug it into the wall or in your computer. The little Christmas is cute and highly versatile due to its small size that allows you to display it wherever you want.

The colors flash pretty fast and you may need to look away from time to time. The setup is easy and the little fella is a great option when there are no kids around.

The shades of blue, green and lavender give nice lighting and the tree manages to insert a slight note of the festive winter holiday into your home.

If you’re into the classic, subtle Christmas trees, don’t hesitate to try something else this year like the Lightshare 6 Feet Lighted Birch Tree, 72 LED Lights, Decoration for Home, Wedding, Festival, Party, Christmas.

The 6ft.tall tree is decorated with 72 LED light, warm light that give a subtle and warm feel to any space.

The branches are easy to bend so that you may manipulate it the way you want, for a full appearance.

The construction of the tree is good and you may use it for both indoor and outdoor. The low voltage makes it safe around kids and the tree is easy to put together.

The light is warm and white and has a natural feel to it. It’s easy to use and you only have to plug it in when using.

For those of you in need for a cute Christmas tree for a small room or an apartment, an option to keep in mind next time you’re shopping is the Vickerman Cheyenne Pine Tree with Dura-Lit 100 Clear Lights and 115 Tips, 36-Inch.

The 36” Cheyenne Pine tree has an impressive real feel to it, especially once you check its price tag. It comes with real pinecones and 115 PVC tips that don’t look artificial at all.

The tree is pre-lit and has 100 clear lights built-in. not only the lights give a nice, warm light, but also they’re also Dura-Lit so there are microchips in every socket so that the bulbs remain lit even if a bulb breaks or misses.

Easy to setup and to fluff out when out of the box, the tree looks great and pretty real. It’s not heavy and it’s worth every single penny.

When you’re looking for a low-priced Christmas tree that also looks nice, don’t hesitate to take a leap of faith and try the Best Choice Products 6′ Premium Hinged Artificial Christmas Pine Tree With Solid Metal Legs 1000 Tips Full Tree.

The 6-ft. hinged Christmas tree features branches crafted with 1000tips, creating the nice illusion of a full-bodied natural pine tree.

The tree has a sturdy metal base that ensures its stability, with minimal risk for breakage and falling.

It’s quite easy to put it together as it consists of 3 sections. This helps it when disassembling it, making the storage a breeze.

Small, yet looking so nice, the tree is a one economic option you shouldn’t miss.

Whenever you’re dreaming about a white Christmas, give it a go with the NEW 7′ White Classic Pine Christmas Tree Artificial Realistic Natural Branches-Unlit 210CM 1000 Tips With Metal Stand.

The white Christmas tree has 1000tips and you need to put it together branch by branch, but it’s only time consuming, not very difficult per say. The 7’ tall tree is made with PVC and its base is made of steel, ensuring its stability.

The tree isn’t just easy to setup, but also easy to store as the branches are foldable and the tree comes in parts.

It’s not the fullest tree out there, but you may definitely go creative with your Christmas ornaments this way. The tree looks nice as it is though, so you may leave it like that for a white, simple Christmas.

Even though it doesn’t come with lights, the tree is one elegant, fairy tale option that looks dreamy in

Just because you’re struggling with the space around your house, doesn’t mean you have to skip on Christmas. A great choice for the smaller spaces is the National Tree 7.5 Foot Kingswood Fir Pencil Tree (KW7-500-75) that looks simply amazing with its slim profile.

The hinged branch build gives the tree stability and the pencil thin shape looks nice in tight corners. The Kingswood Fir stands out and the tree is very full. The needles are tough and the tree comes ready for decoration.

Easy to put together, the tree is a high quality choice when your’re tight on the space.

It’s not only your home that you need to decorate on Christmas, but also the outdoors from your residence.

If you’re looking for something to cheer up your garden, you may totally rely on the Set of 2 – 3′ Tall Artificial Pathway Christmas Trees for Indoor/Outdoor use. Includes 70 warm white led lights, steel ground stake.

The set includes two pathway trees that are 3’ tall and each one of them comes with 50 warm white led lights. They look cute and nice and bring a warm vibe on your pathways.

The trees come with a heavy-duty steel ground stake, so they’re not difficult to insert in your yard. The three point deck stand gives them stability and the tree don’t tip over on a windy day.

The cute little trees come with 180 tips and the branches are easy to bend, for a more natural feel. The tips are UV stabilized so they’re not going to fade from the sun.

The branches are made with heavy gauge wire so they handle some wind and snow, but maintain a good flexibility so that you may set them for the perfect look.

Full and pre-lit, the Christmas trees are cute options for any pathways, but may work indoor as well.

When decorating the Christmas tree means to you some unwrapping and plugging, don’t stress as an option like National Tree 48 Inch Fiber Optic Ornament Fireworks Tree with Gold Top Star and Multicolored Lights in Gold Base (SZOX7-100L-48) may work its magic very easily this Christmas.

The 48” tall tree is trimmed and features lighted multicolor ball ornaments. The tree is very easy to use and it has a single bulb operation from base. The lights are very bright and colorful, changing all the time.

The tree has a gold column base and a top star and manages to bring a merry, colorful feel to any room. Despite its very festive appearance, the Christmas tree doesn’t have fake feel to it. It has just enough white flocking on the tips for a natural feel.

Stay safe and use the tree only for indoor display. Cute and colorful, the little guy is a lifesaver for many.

Full and easy to put together, the Perfect Holiday Christmas Tree, 7′, Flocked Snow is a great tree to get, especially considering its price.


The tree comes in three pieces and one stand and it’s not difficult at all to put it all together. It includes 750PVC tips and its craftsmanship is quite good, despite its rather low price.

The hinged branches build helps with the stability of the tree, but also with the storage of the tree once the Christmas is over. The stand is made with heavy metal so it has good rigidity, taking the intense use.

The tree has a nice overall appearance and the white flocking may seal the deal for many.

Pre-lit and looking so nice, the KING OF CHRISTMAS 5 Foot Prince Flock Artificial Christmas Tree with UL Warm White LED Lights is a great option for many.

5 ft. tall and 36 inches wide, the tree comes with 250 UL warm white LED lights so you don’t have to worry about installing any lights whatsoever. If one light burns out, you’re also covered, as the rest lights remain lit.

Not only the tree is easy to put together and to store, but it also comes with strong PVC tips that stay in place. The hinged branch construction ensures stability, whereas the branches are easy to bend for the perfect appearance.

The wide bottom profile is impressive and has a festive feel to it. The tree comes with a metal stand and everything about it says high quality.

The cherry on top? The branches are heavily white flocked, giving the tree a dreamy vibe for the Christmas season.

Loving the flocked Christmas trees? Why not go with the KING OF CHRISTMAS 9 Foot Prince Flock Artificial Christmas Tree Unlit as the tree not only looks nice, but also has a very realistic feel to it?

The 9ft. Christmas tree is unlit, so you may get very creative when adding the lighting. It looks like it just got powdered by snow so has a poetic, white winter, fairy tale feel written all over it.

The powdered PVC tips have no artificial vibe and the Christmas tree is a treat for the eye. The hinged branch build allows you a fast and easy setup. You only need to put together the three parts and to bend the branches for the perfect look.

The wide bottom profile isn’t just functional, giving stability to the tree, but it also nice looking. The metal stand matches the quality construction, increasing the stability of the tree.

Despite its flocking, the tree isn’t messy, but amazingly looking.

The more you’re willing to pay for your tree, the more you should expect when it comes to the quality of the materials, the build and the overall appearance.

The Balsam Hill BH Balsam Fir Premium Artificial Christmas Tree, 7.5 Feet, Unlit is an amazing tree, 7.5 high and presenting an impressive 60 inches in diameter.

The tree is made with PE True Needle tips that look very real (70%) and PVC Classic Needles (30%) for a fuller look.

The build of the tree is impressive, includes almost 6000 branch tips, and is in fact a replica of the classic Abies balsamea. The classic needle foliage explains its real feel and its fullness.

The teardrop shape and the tough light brown branches add on to the list of great features, explaining the high quality of the tree.

Full and almost real looking, the tree is one great investment to make for this Christmas.

When you feel you’re ready to step up your game, put your money at stake with the Vickerman Flocked Alaskan Tree with Dura-Lit 1200, 9-Feet by 73-Inch, Multicolored.

The tree is impressive and its stunning appearance comes from the high quality materials, build and lights, altogether.

The 2059 PVC tips have a real feel, whereas the 1200 Dura-lit lights give a nice light. The tips are made or PE, looking and feeling like a real tree. As for the bulbs, they also use microchips in each socket so all the bulbs remain lit if other get broken or missing.

The list of good things continues with the floral wire looped through a drilled cap that helps you decorate faster and easier.

We also have to mention the Tru-UV technology that means the UV-resistant finish protects the tree from the sun, minimizing risk for fading.

The metal hinged branch build makes the setup fast and easy and the metal stand gives it a reliable stability.

For the great build and stunning appearance, the tree is worth every penny, even though there are plenty.

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