Best Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

Getting ready for Christmas is no easy job especially if you’re thinking about changing the Christmas theme, which typically means a do over of your entire ornament collection.

Whether you like the big, bright colored, shiny Christmas ornaments or you want the subtle, natural theme for this year’s winter holidays, the market is full of nice options for anyone.

Some tips

Once you are set with the new theme, you also need to put in order all of your ideas so that the Christmas tree has a nice flow at the end, looking nicely decorated, but with no cluster feel.

You should go for ornaments that are well made, easy to hang and are able to take a drop. If no kids or pets are going to be around, you may take your chance with some beautiful and classic glass ornaments. They still rule the world when it comes to the classy and luxurious feel.

If you’re going for the colored Christmas tree, it’s better to combine not too many colors (3 at best, we’d say) and to have the same vibe on the ornaments. You don’t want to combine the feathers with too many glittery ornaments. Unless, this is your style. Whatever floats your boat, right?

Either way, don’t let the fun out of the equation. After all, decorating the house and tree on Christmas should be all about the fun and merry and not the frustration that one shade doesn’t suit the others J

Our picks

You can’t go wrong with the Kurt Adler 4-Inch Claydough Gingerbread Ornament, Set of 4 if you’re going for the fun and cute looks of your Christmas tree this year.

The set includes 4 ornaments, 4 inches each. They are gingerbread ornaments made of clay dough and have a real feel, sugary look to them. Each ornament has red and white icing and two of them even feature some delicate chocolate details.

The set includes 2 pretty girls and 2 boys and the details are simply adorable. Scarves, muffin, forks and candy canes for the cute looking Christmas tree.

Give your Christmas table the final touch with the 60 Small Clear Crystal Like Drop Ornaments Diamond shape.

The set includes 60 loose pieces of plastic crystal drop ornaments. The ornaments also have holes so you may easily use them for hanging in your Christmas tree. The clear faux crystals have just the right size and are lightweight. They don’t add weight to your tree and give a nice reflection of light, with sparkle and iridescence.

The hanging diamond drops look nice in a Christmas tree or a table, on a special occasion.

Cute and ready to hang right out of the box, the SALLY FOSTER Ceramic Candy Cane Ornaments – Set Of 3 look pretty if you’re going for the fun, red&white Christmas this year.

The candy cane ornaments are made of ceramic and all the three of them are different from another. White dots, red stripes, red dots are decorating the ornaments and they all look so pretty.

The candy canes are 7” long and come with gold-colored hanging string for easier use.

The painted ornaments Vickerman Plastic Glitter Snowflake, 4-Inch, Red, 24 Per Box give a pretty sparkling vibe into any Christmas tree.

The 4-inch snowflakes are red and the set includes 24 pieces. They are shatterproof so can handle a drop or two.

The ornaments are painted and covered with sparkling glitter and you can also use them to decorate some Christmas presents.

Christmas is all about love, peace and joy. You may easily remind everyone this with the Candy Cane Cristmas Holiday Words Ornaments – 3 Pieces.

The candy cane words ornaments are a nice reminder about the true spirit of Christmas: Peace, Joy and Noel. They are beautiful colored in red and white. The font is classic and artistic and they all look nice.

Each ornament is resin with a satin cord. Whether you’re using them for the Christmas tree or for displaying them around the house, the words ornaments are subtle, yet effective.

Have an icy, yet elegant and everlasting Christmas this year with the Kurt Adler 3-1/2-Inch-5-1/2-Inch Clear Glass Icicle Ornament Set of 24 Pieces.

The set includes icicles that come in two sizes, 5.5” and 3.5” (12 for each size). The icicles are made of glass so bring a delicate and nice feel to any Christmas tree. They have a special glow in the Christmas lights and complete any elegant Christmas tree.

The icicles are beautifully detailed and present a dripping design with a real feel to it. They truly give a wintry feel to any Christmas tree and never go out of style.

One thing is sure about the Set of 12 Painted Tin Santa Folk Decoration Christmas Ornaments: they sure don’t ever break!

The ornaments are made of tin metal and are an everlasting option for Christmas. The set includes 6 Santa ornaments that are different from one another. They’re not only differently decorated, but they also express various moves and facial expressions.

The Santa are 4 inches big, are decorated in red, white, and have some black and golden details. They are very artistic and have an whimsical feel.

If you’re really worried about your pets ruining (again!) your Christmas tree, take a leap of faith and try this year the KI Store 24ct Christmas Ball Ornaments Shatterproof Christmas Decorations Tree Balls Pastel Small for Holiday Wedding Party Decoration.

You get a pack of 24 pretty Christmas balls that not only look amazing, but also are also unbreakable! Each pack includes ornament balls in 4 nice finishes: shiny, glitter, matte and drenched. There’s just one single color in pack, but this makes it easier for you to combine more colors.

The Christmas balls look amazing and they are a sure choice for anyone with pets or kids around the house!

When you want your Christmas tree to look just the same throughout the entire holiday, go for some unbreakable ornaments like the 9pk 3.15″ (80mm) Silver Christmas Ball Ornaments.

The shatterproof tree ball ornaments look shiny as they were made of glass, but are may of unbreakable plastic.

The solid colored silver ornaments have 3 styles: matte, sparkle and shiny, creating nice light moves in your tree. They come in a reusable slotted gift box that also has a nice ribbon. You may easily use them as a gift as well.

The ornaments look great in a 5-8 ft. range tree and come ready to hang out of the box with a pre-looped string. They are lightweight and don’t add weight to your Christmas tree.

Even though they are made of plastic (which means they can take a fall!), the Snowflake Shatterproof 3.15″ (80mm) Christmas Ball Ornaments/Decorations are nice and shiny, just like they were made of glass.

The ornaments are child, elderly and pet friendly and not only don’t break, but also look very nice. They present a pretty shiny red base and white glittery snowflakes. They’re a great detail when decorating your Christmas tree in red and white.

If your tree is about 5-8ft., the ornaments look great in it. They come ready to hang right out of the box as they have pre-looped string. They’re lightweight and don’t weigh down your tree, so you may continue with the decorating.

On top of everything else, the ornaments come in a reusable slotted box with slide off cover, for easier storage when Christmas is over. The nice ribbon on the box makes them a pretty gift also!

When you want a white, lightweight feel on your Christmas tree, decorate your tree with the Transparent White Swirl Clear Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornaments / Tree Decorations, Set of 6, 80mm

Not only the ornaments are shatterproof, but they also look very nice, leaving a glass feel. They are child, elderly and pet friendly.

The Christmas ball ornaments present clear transparent ball with swirls and fit a 5-8ft. range tree. They come ready to hang right out of the box as they come with pre-looped string.

The ornaments are lightweight and don’t add weight to your Christmas tree. They come in a pretty reusable slotted box with slide off cover and nice ribbon, making it as a cute gift as well.

Bring a little of fun into your red& white Christmas tree with the Kurt Adler H0073 Candy Cane Ornament Set (Set of 12).

The candy cane ornaments are made of plastic and each set includes 12 ornaments. They are 7in. long and present red and white striped candy cane design, hanging from a string.

Subtle and cute, the candy canes look great in any red&white Christmas tree.

Whether you absolutely love your beagle or French bulldog, a nice suggestion for this Christmas would be the Labrador Retriever Christmas Ornament Lab Dog Lover Gifts Wooden Christmas Ornaments 3-Piece Bundle.

The ornaments come in options for various dog breeds, but this one is all about your beagle. The bundle includes 1 Beagle ornament, 1 bone ornament and a cute paw print ornament.

The ornaments come pre-strung so they’re ready to hand right out of the box. They’re laser cut from real wood so may have various pretty shades as every piece of wood is unique. The rustic feel and the unfinished state make them a great gift for a dog lover. They may also be painted.

When you want to bring a smile on someone’s face, go with the flow and get the Personalized Santa on Wine Barrel with Glass Christmas Ornament with Your Name.

The 4-inch ornament is made with resin material so it looks nice, but it’s more durable than glass also. The merry Santa Claus on wine barrel has plenty of details and is actually bigger than you’d expect. The joyful Santa is surrounded by grapes, holding a bottle and a glass in each of his hands.

The barrel features the saying “I Believe in Wine” so the happy feel is completed. The ornament is a bit heavy and has a cute vintage feel to it.

If you think your Christmas tree only needs a final detail for a glamorous look, give it a go with the Aiskaer 15 Pieces Clear Teardrop Crystal Chandelier (Classic,”Angel Tears” Series).

The large clear crystal teardrop prisms are made of glass and the chandelier shape makes them elegant and luxurious looking wherever you’d place them.

They are made with high quality clear optical crystal glass and each chandelier crystal comes with two octagonal beads.

You may decorate your Christmas tree with the glamourous ornaments or give the final touch to a wedding, as well.

Leaving a luxurious feel in any tree, the Oriental Trading Company Glass Icicle, Multi Color, 12 Count are a fun and colorful choice for this Christmas.

The 12 ornaments are 4 ½ come in beautiful blue and amber hues and they have a whimsical feel. They are made of glass and look great when they catch the light of the Xmas tree. You may also hang them in a window or from a chandelier, for a special impression.

Give your Christmas tree a true festive and traditional feel with the (Pack of 12) Red Glitter Poinsettia Christmas Tree Ornaments.

The pack includes 12 big poinsettia that are 4 ½” big. The red petals combine perfectly with the green leaves, whereas the gold glitter trim adds just a bit of sparkle in your tree.

The ornaments are made of nylon so are both durable and nice looking. You may also use them as package tie ons. They do make a great impression wherever you’d use them.

If your Christmas tree this year has a fun, rustic feel, a very nice option to finish the decorating is the Gingerbread Men, Tree And Heart Ornament Set OF 4.

The set includes 4 different ornaments made of clay dough. You get one heart, one Christmas tree and 2 gingerbread men that are differently decorated. They are all assorted and decorated in red and white.

The ornaments send you away in a fairy tale atmosphere and make a great gift for someone you love also.

For those of you going for the red&white Christmas, a cute and elegant option is the Kurt Adler 1.57-Inch Red/White Decorated Glass Ball Ornament set of 15.

The set includes 15 ornaments and each of them is 1.57in big. They are made of glass, hence the elegant and classy feel. They present red and white designs, candy-cane inspired. You may like a lot the various styles, going from the fun polka dots, to the jagged lines and swirls.

Going for the luxurious feel this year on Christmas? Don’t hesitate to get the Kurt Adler Glass Decorative Egg Ornament, 45mm, Set of 9 as they look festive and elegant, at the same time.

The set of nine egg ornaments is a festive addition to any holiday décor. The egg-shaped ornaments have a bright base color, whereas the gem embellishment and gold glitter make them special and festive.

Each egg ornament has colorful designs with gems and glitter and they bring a colorful, yet elegant and classy feel to your Christmas tree.

When you want to give your Christmas tree a fun, cute feel, a merry option is the Set of 6 Mini Mason Jar Ornaments.

The set includes 6 mini Mason jar ornaments that come with an opening lid so you may get creative and insert a mini bulb or some shiny sequins for a bit more sparkle.

Each of the jar is variously decorated and features a hanging tag with a Christmas symbol or an inspiring word. The tags are a cute heart, one funny boot, one small Christmas tree and the special words: Peace, Joy, and Noel.

The plaid fabric bow makes the final touch for each jar. They all come with an attached hanger so are ready to use out of the box.

Made with glass and metal, the ornaments are delicate and cute.

Made of glittery resin, the Dozen (12) Adorable Big Head GINGERBREAD Man/Boy/Girl Cookie CHRISTMAS Tree ORNAMENTS simply look adorable in any tree you’d hang them.

The set includes 12 loveable big head gingerbread boy and girl ornaments. They are decorated in 4 styles (shown in pictures). The cute ornaments are painted with red, green and white so they fit any classical Christmas décor.

The glittery ornaments come with cord attached so it’s easy for you to hang them. You may also use them as gift add-ons as everyone is going to love the cute ornaments.

Is your Christmas tree ready or it needs a few more ornaments on the top? If so, give your tree a special detail for the top with the Old World Mini Christmas Ornaments 9 Piece Set Vintage Style Country Primitive Christmas Holiday Décor.

The pretty little ornaments make a cute display and they come on string hangers, being ready for use out of the box.

They are made of resin so they look nice and are quite durable as well. The ornaments are different from one another and come beautifully painted in darker shades, for a vintage and classic feel. The rustic paint finish or the larger counterparts help them bring a country feel on any Christmas décor.

The set includes one mitten, one winter boot, a pair of candy canes, a pretty Santa, a cute gingerbread man, one cute bird, a pretty Christmas wreath, one snowman and one pretty and simple star.

Various and cute, the little ornaments look nice in any tree.

The set of Lot of 12 Dancing Tin Angels Christmas Tree Ornaments brings a merry vibe to any Christmas tree, and they never break!

The ornaments are made of tin metal and come with assorted styles. They are beautifully colored with red and white, whereas the white creamy gold give them an elegant and artistic feel.

The metal dancing ornaments go great also as accents to packages and come with natural colored hanging cord. They are 4” big and differ in style and colors.

There’s only one downside related to the Willow Tree Angel of Prayer Ornament by Susan Lordi 26044: it’s too pretty to only hang one in your Christmas tree!

The ornament makes it as a special, one-of-a-kind gift and it’s impressive appearance isn’t easy to forget. The angel is made with resin and metal, so it’s not only nice looking, but also long lasting.

Each ornament is carved in a special way, presenting real and simple gestures. The ornament is truly artistic and expresses love, healing, courage and hope. After all, Christmas is about this.

The angel is great gift for anyone believing in the power of prayer.

Decorate the outdoors of your home with the Hoont™ Outdoor Hanging Decorative Sparkling Crystals Gazing Ball with Solar Powered Color Changing LED Light – 6 Inch Diameter

The hanging decoration is solar powered and with Solar Powered Color Changing LED Light. The sparkling crystals balls look nice and make a great impression when the evening comes.

The ornaments feature a color changing LED bulb that hangs in the center of the gazing ball, illuminating so nicely the crystals at night.

The light changes nice and smoothly through the colors and create a special atmosphere outside your house.

The crystal ball lights are maintenance free as they are solar powered. You don’t need any wiring or batteries to charge.

The ornaments are made with tough metal and strong glass, presenting a tough plastic build. They are waterproof and take the outdoor use for a long time.

Give your Christmas tree a warm, elegant feel with the One Dozen Spun Glass Angel Ornaments/CHRISTMAS Tree Ornaments.

The set includes 12 individually boxed and bar coded angels. They are very nice decorated, in assorted styles.

The angels are made of glass and are 2 ½” big. They bring such a nice sparkle from the Christmas lights and are an elegant detail for any Christmas tree.

For the cute and fun looking Christmas tree, a very nice option is the Kurt Adler Petite Treasures 12-Piece Miniature Glass Ornaments Set, 2 Pack.

The set includes 2 boxes of 12 miniature ornaments. The ornaments are made of glass and all the 24 are different.

You may bring a pretty, yet classic feel to any Christmas décor with the delicate ornaments. Here are some of the ornaments you’re going to find in the set: an angel, Snowman, Santa Claus, Christmas tree, gingerbread man, candy canes and snowflakes.

Small, yet effective, the glass ornaments are some special little details to add in your Christmas tree.

For the colorful Christmas theme, a nicely colored set of ornaments would be the Color Changing Glass Angel Ornaments – Set of 8.

The set includes 8 beautifully colored angels that look nice not only in the Christmas tree, but also displayed on a dresser or tabletop. The color changing angels are made of glass and get a nice shine in the Christmas lights.

Each of the angels is different from all the other ones and the colorful rhinestones gems make such pretty details. The color changing LED light brings a fun feel wherever you’d place/hang the glass angels.

When it comes to beautifully detailed Christmas ornaments, some manufacturers seem to have found the key to success. Kurt Adler always gives the most detailed ornaments and this next one is no different from the others. The Kurt Adler 1 Set 3 Assorted Battery Operated Gingerbread LED House Clay Dough Christmas Ornaments is a cute ornament that comes so nicely colored.

The set includes 3 gingerbread Led houses and each has its very own little details. They are pretty colored and come with constantly changing LED colored lights. They are made of clay dough and have a real feel.

Pretty and looking nice also when placed on a table, the gingerbread ornaments shouldn’t be missed on this Christmas.

For those of you who like the natural themed Christmas tree, some fun and cute looking ornaments would be the BURI WOODLAND ANIMAL HANGING ORNAMENT – Set of 4.

The animal ornament assortment is made of 4 animals: a raccoon, a fox, a beaver, and a squirrel. They are part of Kurt Adler’s collection of woodsy, nature-inspired decorations.

The ornaments are made of straw and have a real look feel. They’re cute and bring a natural vibe to any Christmas décor.

You may also use them as a thoughtful and artistic gift for someone you love.

Whether you’re thinking to make an elegant gift for someone special in your life or give the final touch to your elegant and classy Christmas tree, the Angel Ornaments – Christmas Decor – Set of 12 are a sure choice this year and every year.

The ornaments are 4” tall and very well made. They are made of resin and are decorated with metal wings. They are beautifully made and painted in subtle, yet everlasting white color with golden details.

The ornaments are a tad heavy so you may want to find a sturdy branch for hanging them. They do free stand so you may decorate the Christmas table with the angels.

Elegant and artistic, the ornaments are the choice for the sophisticated Christmas décor.

For those of you who don’t want to complicate their life and only use a couple of ornaments, the Valery Madelyn 50ct Woodland Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornaments, 50 Pcs Metal Hooks Included is a great option to try.

The set includes 50 ornaments that vary in size from 3.15- to almost 8 in. the ornaments are made of plastic and have a nature theme. They represent holly leaves, pine coins, onion, and maple leaves. You may easily create a nice outdoorsy theme, with a little touch of an early winter on it.

The ornaments present a multi-finish and are variously shaped, for a better look in your Christmas tree. They come with “S” shape metal hooks, which gives them an elegant vibe.

They come gift wrapped so you may pin them on the Christmas gift list this year.

You don’t need to go shopping several times when you get a set like the Sea Team 72-Pack Assorted Shatterproof Christmas Balls Christmas Ornaments Set Decorative Baubles Pendants with Reusable Hand-held Gift Package for Xmas Tree (Gold)

The set is made of plastic and includes classic and elegant Christmas ornaments that are various and pretty looking.

The ornaments are shatterproof so are safe to use around children and pets. They’re made of eco-friendly plastic, presenting the luster of real glass though.

The 72 pieces vary as shapes and sizes and come in a reusable plastic gift box. The box has a handle for easier carry and looks nice as a present too.

No matter how high quality a plastic ornament may be, there’s nothing beating glass. Classy and elegant, the Kurt Adler Glass Iridescent Snowflake Ornament Set OF 24 turn any regular Christmas tree into a special, luxurious one.

The set includes 2” snowflakes and there are only 4 of each style. We all know how all snowflakes are different and Kurt Adler tries to give you that as the design is repeating only 6 times.

Elegant, stylish and giving a special glow into the lights, the ornaments truly are the choice for the more sophisticated Christmas tree.

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