Easy ways to make your home more kid-friendly

Today we know the importance of the environment on the children’s brain development. When we were growing up, there was no such data to show our parents the benefits of designing a kid-friendly living area. 

Although having the house design in an adult style is aesthetically pleasing, it is much safer for your child to design and decorate a house that will ensure that there is not a single item that can cause harm. 

Be less precious about your home. This is a ticket to feeling comfortable in any area of your home. This is true, especially if you have children. Small kids are real trouble makers, so having an expensive glass vase at an arm’s reach and telling your child not to touch is just going to make them want it even more. It all ends up in a mess. The vase is probably going to be broken, and your child potentially hurt. 

 That was only one illustrative example of what could go wrong, but when you have a small kid, there are plenty of other things and situations that you could not have even imagined that could go wrong. 

But how do you effectively design a house that is going to be a safe kingdom for your child? Here are some tips. 

Plenty of Toys

There is nothing better to make your home kid-friendly than to add plenty of toys. But beware, this is a slippery slope. If you do not plan carefully, you may find yourself drowning in toys.

Not all toys add value to your child’s life, so planning and searching for the right toy is the way to go. Look for toys that improve children’s cognitive and motor skills, spark their creativity and imagination, but also have an entertaining and engaging factor. 

These toys are going to be well played with and last long. If you are not sure where to start, there are plenty of quality toys at FuntasticToy that your children will adore.

Find a little empty nook in your home, and set up a play area of their dreams. Teepees are very popular with kids now, and they are quite essential when it comes to cozy play areas. 

Add plenty of colorful cushions, and your kids will be comfortable and injury-free. 

Have a big storage for all their toys. That way, you will ensure that there is no mess around the house when your kids are not playing with them. You can still keep the general tidiness and aesthetics of your décor. 

Kid-proof your walls

If they have a crayon, they will learn to write or demonstrate their artistic abilities on the walls. We all did that when we were little. 

So, instead of having scribbles on your newly painted walls, have a portion of it painted with chalkboard paint. 

No more constant monitoring as soon as your child grabs a pen, now you can help develop their creativity and imagination without the mess. The more colorful the chalks you get, the more mesmerized they will be. 

 This s a great way to add a touch of personality to your home décor. Be it your child’s room or the living room; you can put the chalkboard paint on whichever wall you want. 

Have round and soft furniture

Children fall. A lot. And somehow they always fall on the sharpest edge they can find. The only way to keep them safe from injuries is to choose furniture without sharp edges. Round coffee tables and rounded sofas and chairs are perfect for this. There are plenty of beautiful round furniture that will not only add to the safety factor but keep the rooms looking wonderful. 

Another great advice is to invest in big and bulky pieces of furniture. Once your children have enough strength for regular size furniture, they will push around and destroy pretty much everything in their surroundings. Look for stable, four-legged chunky coffee tables and chairs. Anything that will keep them away from (un)intentionally knocking everything over. 

If you love your furniture and you want to keep it clean, and in one piece, another good advice is to always opt for stain repellent fabric. Kids being kids, they will spill everything they eat and drink right on your best sofa. But many materials prevent the stains o from being stuck to the surface. You can buy the fabrics individually and have your furniture covered. That way, you can design your own furniture patterns and have them all match each other while having them clean and stain-free. 

Safe decorations

Everyone loves décor. It is what makes a home feel familiar and look unique. But children particularly love décor. So much so that they simply have to touch it, and probably destroy it. 

Fill your coffee tables and lower shelves with the decorations that are safe for your kids, but also not expensive, like books, magazines, or anything heavy that they cannot lift. 

Keep your high shelves reserved for all your fragile and expensive decorations. You can still have a room safe, but beautiful.

There are many different ways to have a beautiful house filled with personality, but safe for your kids. It may be a challenge for you, but it is well worth the time and energy that you might invest in it. It can add liveliness and help with the development of your child, which should be the first two things to think about when designing and decorating your home.   


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