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Many homeowners feel intimidated by the amount of work involved in a kitchen remodel. Anyone in this situation anticipates the many choices they need to make, which can greatly affect the final look of their kitchen. With the help of an expert in kitchen designing, you’re bound to have less worries. Hiring a good kitchen designer is therefore crucial for this home project.

To choose the perfect kitchen designer to work with, here are some questions to ask to help you in the hiring process.

How many designs will you provide?

You want to find a designer that’s creative and flexible when it comes to providing design solutions that will best fit your needs. With three or more designs, you’re assured that the designer can provide you alternatives in case a problem arises. You want to visualize and widen the possibilities for your kitchen space.

How long do you expect this project to take?

Asking about the probable timeline the designer expects the kitchen remodeling project to take will tell you if this timing is suitable for you. Learn if the designer has a “policy” regarding changes in the design process.

Can you provide work samples?

Request to see the proposed designs versus the completed projects. Usually, a designer’s portfolio will consist of similar styles, but others are also prepared to present alternative designs to show their versatility. Knowing about the designer’s taste will help you know if they’re the person to help you create the kitchen you have in mind.

How do you stay updated with the latest products or ideas?

Learn if the designer tries to keep up with the latest styles or products by attending seminars or going to conventions and shows. They may also be an avid reader of industry-related books or magazines, or subscribe to related publications. Other designers stay updated on their expertise by reading or following design blogs. Whatever way they choose to keep up with the trends of the year, the important thing is, they’re completing steps to broaden their knowledge.

How long have you been a kitchen designer?

Although this is a minor detail, it’s something that you’d like to know. As the proverb says, wisdom comes with experience.

Do you have any special accomplishments in your field?

Whether they’ve been awarded in the local community or by an association of designers, this recognition and accomplishment shows the designer is one of the best in their craft. Not having any awards and recognitions doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hire the designer. If you see their passion and motivation in designing, the designer still deserves a chance to work with you.

Can you tell me about your availability?

Learn if the designer would be available for meetings at short notice. Ask if you can meet at your home or whether they want to discuss with you the details in their office or studio. Also ask if they’d be willing to communicate via mobile phone or any instant messaging platforms for urgent concerns. Availability is important in finding a kitchen designer to work with.

Will you provide a full design service from start to completion?

Other designers will be with you each step of the way. They will provide drawings of design plans, be there to regularly check on the work up until completion. Some designers may also provide you with a plan complete with all the elements including the fixtures, countertops, flooring, and wall colors but it’s up to you how you’ll achieve the look. Choose someone who will provide you the help you need and not just their expertise.

How will you handle the labor?

Learn how the designer will manage the labor and if you can use your electrician or plumber, if you know anyone. Learn if their company will provide the labor or you’re free to look for your own people. Choose someone who’s willing to work with you in choosing the best workers for the planned design.

What will you do when something goes wrong?

Learn about the company’s policies in case some things don’t go as planned. Ask the designer what issues are likely to arise according to the company’s experience. In case something happens, learn about the company’s responsibilities and how they’ll handle such situations.

Final Thoughts

In choosing a kitchen designer for your renovation, it’s crucial to learn about his design tastes, work experience, and personality. It’s important that you choose someone who is willing to work with you as a team. At the same time, it’s also important to know what to expect in case things don’t work out smoothly. What’s important here is that with these questions, you’ll find a kitchen designer who is passionate and committed enough to work out your dream kitchen and make it a reality.


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