Coffee Kitchen Decor: Simple and Original Idea for Kitchen Design

Small coffee kitchen decor

Your apartment kitchen can be the heart of your home. This could be the place where everyone gathers to have a chat on a Sunday morning or late in the day after returning from work, which is why it is always a great idea to decorate the kitchen and make it a more aesthetically pleasing place.

If you are a coffee lover, then you might want to decorate your big or small kitchen décor and even your dining room in coffee theme. Coffee is much more than a simple drink. It has a rich flavor and aroma. Drinking coffee also presents a good opportunity to sit down and socialize, discussing what happened today, your plans for the day, or catching up on the old times.

Coffee Themed Kitchen Decor

There can be so many types of coffee themed décor for a modern kitchen. Here are a few kitchen design options for you.

  • Italian Bistro – This décor looks like a hole-in-the-wall, small restaurant. The ambiance is very welcoming.

Kitchen home decor ideas - Italian Bistro

To complete your coffee décor for kitchen, you can include floral greenery on your cabinet tops, where you may also display your serving platters, urns, and cookware. You may also have a few terracotta pots and some herbs in them on your kitchen windowsill.

  • French décor – A bit similar in style. There are rustic wood, wrought iron accents, and of course, coffee elements.

Modern kitchen decorating ideas

Distressed wooden flooring or black/white checkered tiles will look good with this coffee kitchen décor. It will also be a good idea to hang vintage wall art in Parisian or French theme.

  • Coffee house style décor – A great theme for the lovers of coffee. The kitchen will look great in a coffee-inspired color theme where there can be various shades of cream, tan, and brown. You can accent these shades with warm neutrals and pops or red or brown.

Plan this theme by mixing up a few of your serve ware and vintage dishes that you can get at an affordable price in a yard sale. And then, you may paint a section of your wall using chalkboard paint. Why not also keep some baked goods there that you can have with the coffee?

You can check some more kitchen home decor ideas on Pinterest.

  • American café décor – The key elements here could be white and black checkered flooring, Formica tabletops, and vinyl upholstery. Include the coffee element by hanging the right metal wall décor.

You can have an aesthetic kitchen if you go for a rural look. Add a bench seat on one side of your kitchen table. Dishes on shelves and open storage will give it the American café look you want. Add more charm and character by having tiered kitchen curtains and red checked table cloths.

Kitchen Decor Items

Your décor for kitchen can have so many things. Here are some ideas for decorations that you may find very useful –

  • Metal Wall Art – Decorate your space by placing a themed metal wall art. It can feature a steaming cup of coffee with some cookies. The steam rising from the cup will remind you of all the good times you had having a cup of coffee with your family or friends. It will also make you want to sit down and enjoy the coffee again.
  • Coffee Wall Hanging – You can do kitchen decorating by also placing a coffee wall hanging. It can be a simple statement like “Every day is coffee day”, or some quote on this beverage. You are sure to find many such hangings out there. Of course, you can even design your own wall decor by selecting from the color palette. But it would be best if you can include the colors of coffee.
  • Coffee Wall Decoration

Kitchen stickers ideas

It can be a simple work of art that is cute to look at or one that can create a controversy, which is good because it will be a point for discussion on your coffee table. Coffee is known to promote conversations, so this is the perfect opportunity.

  • Time Clock – Decorate your wall space by hanging a time clock. It will be handy to have a clock in the space because when you are enjoying your coffee with people you like, time can flow very quickly. Pick a time clock with a photo of a coffee cup in it. It can be classy to look at or rustic. You can also design one if you don’t find anything you like.
  • Salt Pepper Shakers – It is also a great idea to have a salt pepper shaker on your wooden table. You will find this very handy when you want to have a sandwich or some snacks with your coffee.
  • Open Shelving – There are bound to be kitchen cabinets. When planning them, consider open shelving. Open storage and shelves can help you get the American café look. You can keep your cutting board, pots, pans, and kitchen accessories there.
  • Stacked Mugs – A painting decorating stacked mugs is also going to look good. Have “Café Espresso” mentioned somewhere in it. The painting can be made of steel, wood, or anything else. Once again, have it made for you if you cannot find something like this.
  • Non-Slip Runner Rug – You cannot also neglect the flooring. So why not place a rug in the kitchen, to ensure that there is no slipping. This is going to be very handy against water on the floor. A soft rug can prevent an injury and also save your legs. It is best to place it in a high traffic area of your kitchen.

Kitchen accessories - Nespresso capsules coffee machine

There are so many options for modern kitchen decorating. But whatever you do, make sure that you have a good coffee machine and coffee capsules for nespresso machines, which you can get at

Stickers, wall hangings, framed art, pastry stands, ceramic pottery, a clock, terracotta flooring, exposed wood beams, a baker’s rack, antique glass jars, decorative bottles, and red checked table cloths can all look cute and unique. Pick the design and colors you like but make sure that it has the coffee theme in it. Your coffee themed kitchen is sure to look great.

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