Tricks On How To Clean Clothes Better Using Washing Machines

Washing clothes is one of the most important household chores that everyone must do. The practice has been around for many years. You can even ask your grandparents how they wash their dirty clothes before. Thanks to Alva Fisher’s invention of the washing machine, the lives of millions of people around the world have been changed. 

To make your cloth washing an enjoyable task, here are some tricks that many people use. After reading this, make sure to try it at home so your laundry experience will be easier: 

Washing clothes

Prepare your Dirty Clothes 

The first important step is to prepare your dirty clothes. Get your clothes ready before you wash it, just like how you do when you go to a party. This also true when you read a kenmore 41302 review article. 

Make sure that you remove the buckles, buttons, and pins. Unzip the zippers of your dresses, shirts, and pants. See to it that you close the hooks and snaps. Secure the Velcro so you can prevent abrasion and snags. Finally, you can check the pockets to make sure that there are no important things that might get wet and damaged during washing. 

Be Careful with Losing the Socks 

You’ll waste your money when you lose your socks every time that you wash your clothes. These tiny cloths can get out of the basket. As such, the next time you do your laundry, you can keep your socks together by tying it. With this, they won’t separate from one another.

Segregate Heavy from Light Clothes 

Another tip is to have a separate basket for your light and heavily soiled clothes. With this, you will be saved from various laundry problems. Moreover, if you put the light clothes on heavy clothes, they can remain on the washing machine for a longer period of time. This might result in damaging your clothes.

Segregate Heavy from Light Clothes

On the same note, you must also separate your light and dark-colored clothes. With this, you can prevent any mishaps that might happen on your clothes. 

Eliminate the Stains

The majority of us believe that if we soak our clothes in the washer, automatically, the stains will be removed. However, this is a wrong idea. 

The best way you can do is to remove the stains first. Thereafter, you can put it in the washing machine. 

Turn the Clothes Inside Out 

To prevent your favorite clothes from fading, you have to turn it inside out. Make sure to wash your dark clothes with the use of cold water. With this, it can prevent the clothes from fading and keep intact of its original color. The cold water will help set the dye in the clothes. This will prevent the color to float and wash away in the water. 

Use a Natural Fabric Conditioner 

Some people are allergic to the detergent and chemicals to soften the clothes. This is a fact when you read a kenmore 41302 review article. Its residues can trigger allergies and leave one to build some moisture. As such, you can opt for natural fabric conditioner or make one at your home. Just add a cup of white vinegar on the water on your final rinse of the clothes. 

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