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Americans love to spend time in the kitchen. Therefore, they are willing to spend thousands of dollars on remodelling. According to a recent survey, most households in the US would spend between $13,171 to $37,004 for kitchen improvement in 2020. The total amount of expenses usually varies depending on the kitchen size, the types of materials used, and the remodelling project.

Some homeowners remodel their kitchen to make it easier for them to reorganize their kitchen. Others choose to change the entire room completely to update the look. If you are planning to modernize your kitchen this year, here are some elements to include in your project.

Minimal Ornamentation

When thinking of a modern kitchen, the first thing that may come to mind is having space with little to no decorations. Most modern kitchens have a simple and sleek design without too many patterns, shapes, or textures. The usual design uses flat-panel doors and polished hardware to match a simple full glass backsplash and plain countertops. Even the cooking station is usually left bare. You can only see high-tech induction cooktop burners installed within a simple but clean center island used for cooking and preparing meals.

Simple Storage Solutions

Modern kitchen designs often include simple cabinetry to highlight the clean, sleek layout of the space. Instead of putting detailed cabinets that you can normally find in contemporary kitchens, you will see a tidy and well-kept kitchen cabinets using minimalist hardware. These cabinets also come with either chrome, black, or stainless steel finish. Some designs also call for handle-free cabinets to take the minimalist design to another level.

State-Of-The-Art Appliances

If you aim to achieve a modern look, you need to invest in the latest kitchen appliances and tools to match your overall interiors. You can find cutting-edge espresso makers and convection ovens that fit perfectly in your modern kitchen design. You may also buy refrigerators that may blend well in your glass backsplash. These types of kitchen appliances will not disrupt your plan of coming up with a straight-forward modern kitchen design since they can get integrated with the actual layout plan.

Interesting Lighting Fixtures

You may use modern lighting fixtures like feature pendant lights and simple chandeliers above the kitchen bench top. Aside from providing the much-needed illumination to the room, it will also provide an added dose of edgy feel in the room. You may pick industrial-themed lighting to provide an edgy appeal to the kitchen. Another option would be the use of vibrant light bulbs to enhance your neutral design. You could also find different pendant light options that come in feature geometric shapes and sizes.

These elements of the modern kitchen are fast becoming a popular choice in kitchen renovation layouts. Homeowners who want to achieve a stylish kitchen can follow these tips to help achieve their goals. But if they really want to have a modern kitchen at home, they need to make sure that the entire area has been properly cleaned so your kitchen will look like it was taken out of an interior design magazine.

And here’s an on point video from D.Signers with 5 kitchen contemporary trends:


Looking for a Modern Feel in Your Kitchen? Here are the 14 FAQs to Guide You Through the Process

We all know that it’s not only our clothes that go out of fashion. As we’re cooking breakfast, we get the feeling that things could look better, and you could bring a sense of modernity to your cooking area.

It’s not that you need to get everything new (it’s going to be around $60,000 just so you know), but you can use a couple of tricks for bringing your kitchen to the 21st century. Most people would spend anything from $20,000 to $25,000 for remodeling the kitchen, but you can easily spend (if you have it, of course), somewhere around $80,000.

But do you need to spend that much to have a modern kitchen? Check our set of FAQs before heading to the hardware store. Some of the questions down below will shorten your shopping list, for sure.

1.      Is your kitchen dated or not?

It’s not always that your kitchen needs an update. Before starting to modernize your kitchen, you need to evaluate the situation. Floor to ceiling mirrors, blinds and light curtains, old window treatments, old refrigerator- they are all signs that your kitchen could use a refresh.

Old wallpapers and borders or fixtures that were trendy a decade ago should also worry you about the modernity of your cooking space.

2.      What do you need to update?

Even if you’re not an interior designer, you can still decide for yourself what will give your kitchen a modern feel. There are plenty of magazines and tips online that guide you to modernizing your kitchen.

The possibilities are numerous when shopping, and you don’t want to get overwhelmed. You should write down what you need to replace and stick to the list (as much as you can) while buying.

3.      What’s your budget?

There is a tight budget and a generous budget. With the market providing you so many and crazy ideas for a modern kitchen, it’s perfectly understandable that everything tempts you.

You should establish a budget (leave some money aside for the unexpected) and stick to it. The last thing you want is to get a tremendous blue-tooth coffee machine (easy to operate from your phone, of course), only to realize that your refrigerator looks too dated for the modern kitchen.

4.      Have you checked the lights in the kitchen?

No, you don’t just check the lights to see if they’re working or not. Many designers remind us that lightening everything in a room is an efficient way to modernize. However, it would help if you did it wisely, especially when picking the colors as not all colors work together.

A white checkerboard floor works excellent with a light gray, and marble (or marble-look) counters. Go with traditional patterns for the tile backsplash.

Don’t forget to update the light over the sink; it should match the pulls and knobs in the kitchen. You always want under-cabinet lighting for brightening things up. Should you have floating shelves, a light fixture above the sink would make a great addition to your updated kitchen.

5.      Should you also update the ceiling fixtures?

What we mean by taking care of the lighting in your kitchen is that you need to take care of all lights in the kitchen, ceiling fixtures included. As a matter of fact, getting a modern ceiling fixture is one of the most efficient ways to bring a contemporary feel in any space, not only in the kitchen.

You can now find ceiling fixtures with fans for ventilation. There are now models that can even play your favorite soundtrack while you’re cooking, so spend some time when selecting.

Don’t forget about recessed lighting, dimmers, and bulbs that give you light, while reducing your electricity bill.

6.      How much do you like gray?

Most of the time, you shouldn’t remove the cabinets and get new ones, especially if they’re in good shape. You can very well give them a fresh look, and an oil-based “wash” over the cabinets can work miracles.

For a contemporary appearance, you should go with white or gray-washed color. You will also have to sand the lacquer finish for ensuring a good surface for the paint to stick to.

7.      Don’t you like painting? How about vinyl?

Should you not go for re-painting the old cabinets, you can always use some affordable sheets of vinyl for freshening up the cabinets. It’s only $100 for 5.5 sqm, which is excellent for anyone remodeling on a tight budget.

Don’t hesitate to check the techniques about how to replace the hardware and doors too.

8.      Can glass be dated too?

For anyone that isn’t in the designing domain, glass being dated sounds a bit weird. The frosted glass used to be a big hit, but it’s clear glass that rules the world at the moment.

You can use clear glass for the doors on the cabinets. Now it’s the perfect time to show off your organization skills, as people will be able to see everything in the cupboards. Clear glass is a modern touch to any kitchen, so keep it in mind when making your plan.

9.      Do you have a valance over the sink?

Back in the day, we’d love a valance over the sink, but nothing says “old” like a valance these days. No matter how much you like it, removing the valance over the sink is a big step when modernizing your kitchen. You may very use the wood around the window to open it some more.

You can get that modern feel by hanging a pendant light (modern, again) over your sink and light and merry curtain instead.

10. Are the blinds a dated detail?

One of the first jobs you tackle when modernizing your kitchen is to take care of the windows. You should definitely replace the blinds or at least give them a good wash. Should your budget allow it, you can add some shades or curtains instead.

Roman shades are popular and have a modern feel. They’re not very expensive and very efficient for bringing the windows in 2020!

11. Do you replace the countertops or not?

There are plenty of voices out stating that tiled countertops are difficult to maintain and are quite dated too. Instead of tiled countertops, you should get a butcher block top, which will give a warm feel to any cooking space.

It all depends on your taste too, but some recommend to use color or contrast. Soapstone countertops and matching backsplash are an excellent option for a modern vibe in your kitchen.

12. Is it possible for the flooring to be dated?

With the variety of products on the market nowadays, it’s perfectly understandable why the flooring in your kitchen could be dated and old. Full plank fir floor or linoleum are only some of the many floorings that scream “dated.”

You can go green and get a sense of the 21st century to the flooring with some cork flooring. Big and geometric patterns for the flooring are also popular. Anything that matches the other details will work. Should you have wood flooring in good shape, you can always give it a new look with beautiful white paint. It’s going to show everything, so make sure that pets and kids aren’t allowed in the kitchen.

13. Why is whitewashing important?

Wood-planked walls and ceilings aren’t quite a big trend in 2020. Now it’s the perfect time for whitewashing. It’s going to brighten up space and warm up the drywall.

Whitewashing gives a beautiful appearance and allows you to use plenty of other colors. Pastel colors and grey will look amazing in your new modern kitchen.

14. Do you keep the railings or not?

A modern kitchen is a lot about simplicity and space. Many professionals recommend that you get rid of clutter when trying to modernize a space, kitchen included.

You should remove railings along the tops of the curtains, cabinets, soffits (if possible), and the glass-door cabinet above the peninsula. When you’re replacing the range hood, you should also remove the soffits and try a chimney-style range hood instead of under-cabinet type. This way, space will feel more open.


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