Making a bedroom fit for a king

Is it time to have a change around in your home or perhaps you’re about to move into a new place? For some, this is an exciting time; for others, it’s daunting. There’s a fine line between creating a bachelor pad and a bedroom with masculinity lightly scattered around the place. Continue reading for our top tips to ensure you are able to make your bedroom fit for a king.

bedroom fit for a king


Most bedrooms need only a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, a bed and two bedside tables. Measure out your room first before deciding upon what you’d like to purchase. A cramped room does no one any favors and you’ll be forever cursing yourself for choosing the wrong pieces.

Furniture for a king bedroom

Think about the colour and style of the furniture. If the room has little natural light, try to avoid darker colors as it will make it appear smaller and even darker still. For those of you, who already own furniture, why not try upcycling it to fit your theme? Midnight blue and charcoal grey are both en vogue colors for repainting furniture. Choose some complimentary knobs or handles, and the job is probably nowhere near as challenging as the end result would imply!


Why not pair the best mattress 2019 with some monochrome or geometric bedding? They are on trend right now and loudly and proudly shout masculine style. If you prefer something a little simpler, choose a plain charcoal grey or even a sage green bedding set. Contrasting the pillowcases against a single-color duvet cover and fitted sheet can add a spark of interest too.


Color is important when choosing curtains or blinds, but consider the cooler weather too. Opting for a pair of insulated curtains would be a wise move. Changing a duvet set is a lot less costly than altering the window coverings after a few months. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the fabric, color and style before making a final decision. Buying them off the rack is a lot cheaper than having them made for you. However, it is usual to find the quality of bespoke products to be significantly better.

Wall art

Posters of naked women are very ‘80s/’90s and not recommended these days. If you do want something fun and quirky, what about a retro comic book print? Superheroes will never fade in popularity, so it could be a sensible investment. If that isn’t your style, why not have some of your favorite photographs enlarged and printed in monochrome.

Put those in frames with an accent color, red or teal, for example, and you’ll find yourself with artwork that is unique to you. Alternatively, why not opt for something industrial? Placing large metal cogs or an antique railway clock on the wall can look striking. For those of you, who have a creative side, why not have a go at crafting something of your own to add interest to the walls? Wooden pallets are often given away free. Pull it apart and upcycle into something unusual like a star or even a funky shelf.

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