10 Kitchen Remodeling Tips to Try in Your Home

Kitchen Remodeling

If you call yourself a design aficionado, you know that one cannot do without a beautifully designed kitchen. Designing a kitchen is a tricky job, though, as you need to combine both function and aesthetics.

When you’re not hiring an interior designer and are determined to do it on your own, a couple of tricks may come in handy. So that you know, we still got our tricks and tips from professionals, which is why you should have them set in stone. Keep the list of tips within reach since you may never know when you need it the most.

Truth be told, remodeling your kitchen is challenging. Not only because you need to find all the kitchen tools and utensils that work together, but also because there’s a myriad of options when it comes to everything kitchen-related. Keep scrolling for checking our suggestions.

   1. Establish a budget

It’s probably the very first thing to do when it comes to remodeling, no matter if it’s your kitchen or not. You should make an idea about which category you’re aiming for: the low, the medium, or the high-end kitchen. A bit of paint and hardware can cost you around $2000, whereas installing pricey countertops and high-dollar appliances can quickly get you to $50,000. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t spend, we’re only reminding you that it’s wise to have a budget for the project. You don’t want to overspend nor underspend either.

   2. Keep the trends in mind

With technology always changing nowadays, it makes sense that you get all the info you need before placing your order. You should go online and check the latest technological trends and innovations. Not everything new is going to empty your pockets. Let’s not forget about the eco-friendly versions, with many consumers today being more and more interested in protecting the environment as well.

   3. Try to stay on track with the style

futuristic Kitchen

No matter how much you’re into the new and modern style, you need to be realistic. Turning a 50’s ranch-style kitchen into a futuristic cooking space is almost impossible. No matter how modest the style may be, any home is designed with a specific architectural style. You need to work with what you have, and not against it. Even if a complete make-over isn’t impossible to achieve, you’re going to spend way too much money for it. You may get the looks you wanted, but is it worth it? And, more importantly, does it feel like it belongs in your home?

   4. Don’t change the plumbing

Unless it’s mandatory for you and your needs, you should never try to move water and gas lines for having a new display for the ovens, stove, dishwasher or sinks. It’s costly to run this kind of changes, especially in the case of an old home. Even if it’s tempting, you should always maintain the pipe-connected elements right where they are the moment. You can use that money for something else (we’re sure you’re going to find something else to spend it for).

   5. Always check the floor plan

For the lucky ones that have a generous budget and can afford to rearrange the kitchen appliances, keeping an eye on the floor plan is fundamental. It has to follow the natural triangular traffic pattern. It has to be from the refrigerator to the stove and on to the oven). You also want the dishwasher to be next to the sink. If it’s not, it’s going to be a wet mess every time you’re walking in the kitchen with some dripping plates in your hand.

You may have the impression that you’re saving a buck when installing a dishwasher away from the sink. But take a trip into the future, with you constantly wiping off the drips on the floor. Is it worth it?

   6. Don’t get cheap with the hardware

entire feel kitchen

When you go to a store, you may become overwhelmed with the impressive variety of door hardware. Take your time and check as much as you can when it comes to knobs and pulls. They may not seem important, but they can change the entire feel in your kitchen. You shouldn’t scrimp on the hardware. You should get rid of the old ones and get shiny new hinges as well. It’s not expensive, but you need some time to do it. You’re going to be more than happier with the final results, though.

   7. Don’t throw the current cabinets away just yet!

You don’t need to buy new kitchen furniture every time you’re remodeling the kitchen.  As Peter from kitchen remodeling in Scottsdale suggests, you should take a good look at the wood. If it’s good quality and looks nice, you should keep it. It’s not difficult to give the cabinets a new appearance. You may add new doors and drawer fronts, repaint or re-laminate the fronts and sides.

You should clean and sand the cabinets first, and get a painter spraying the cabinets afterward. It may sound like an easy job, but you shouldn’t do it. It’s not a DIY project since you’re going to need a lot more than a couple of cans of spray paint. Only a professional spray job is going to turn the old-looking cabinets look brand new. And no, rolling the cabinets or painting them on your own isn’t going to give the same results, trust us on this one (too!).

   8. Try to match your appliances

If you’re planning to buy new tools, it’s wise to get the dishwasher, the fridge and other kitchen appliances from the same brand. Nowadays, appliance manufacturers are creating nice-looking lines that contain matching sets. The prices are affordable, and you should do due diligence about it. It’s rather easy to find high-end looking kitchen appliances that don’t empty your pocket. Jane from Luxremodels.com highlights that you shouldn’t rush into it since you’re going to have to use the appliances for quite some time.

   9. Pay that extra-buck for sink and fixtures

No matter the budget, you should always splurge when it comes to accessories and sinks. Get the faucet with the pull-out spray attachment. Don’t be afraid to buy the gooseneck with detachable head- it’s a significant investment to make for the long run! The differences aren’t that big (around $50).

Keep in mind to buy fixtures that have the same finish. If you go with different finishes, you’re going to obtain an unpleasant patchwork feel in your kitchen.

   10. Take advantage of that free recommendation

Don’t be afraid to admit you don’t know everything when it comes to kitchen remodeling. Be willing to check the ideas and suggestions you can check in stores or online. For instance, people at Luxremodels.com are more than happy to help with some tips for your kitchen. The professional advice is going to help you obtain the looks you want in your kitchen, without overspending. They can also come for in-home consultations and engage in complete project management.

The last tip for the road

It may sound incredible, but sometimes even the small changes can make a difference. Swapping out bar stools and pendant lights, or replacing the cabinets with some open shelving can change the vibe in your kitchen entirely. Don’t be afraid to check the ideas to get a feel about what can work the most in your kitchen.

If you cannot decide whether you should go ahead with the remodeling or not, maybe you should check the plan once again and wonder: Do I worry about aesthetics or functionality?

Should you worry about the functionality, the kitchen remodeling is a good plan. If aesthetics concern you most, you can try changing a couple of design elements with a fresh new style in mind. Accessories, textiles, and some wall art can change the feel in a kitchen almost instantly. They have an impressive visual impact, and they’re quite affordable too.


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