How To Stay Ahead Of Your Pet Hair Shedding

Furry pets such as dogs and cats are way cuter than pets without. Having a furry pet means that one needs to take more care of them by grooming them often. Some pets such as dogs are shedding machines, with some of the dog breeds being worse than others. Everyone loves dogs but when it comes to cleaning after them it can be a little demanding.

Shedding from furry pets is just inevitable despite taking utmost care from grooming and brushing. Instead of worrying about how you can stop natural shedding, it is better to think of ways to clean the fur waste effectively. If you have owned a furry pet for years, it is easy to experience some health issues if you have not adopted a proper cleaning technique to remove fur.

Concerning Effects From Fur

Most pets with fur such as dogs produce dander which can cause an allergic reaction to humans upon ingestion or inhaling. Dander is a type of protein and animals like dogs have similar protein traces of microscopic size in their feces, urine, and saliva. Dander from dogs can easily spread in the house through the air which can cause serious health complications to people living there.

Fur from pets can cause congestion, sneezing and runny nose and in some cases, the reaction from the animal’s dander can make a person’s eyes itchy or cause burning eyes with redness.

Who Is Prone To Diseases Caused By Fur Shedding?

Most people have the misconception that only people with allergies get easily affected by fur from pets. The truth is that everyone living under the same roof with their pets are at risk of getting sick as well. While this is the case, people with the low immune system are more prone to catching diseases from pets and it is important to take extra precautions to ensure that their surroundings are kept free from fur at all times. To keep loved ones safe, all you have to do is clean and deworm your house regularly.

How To Control Shedding With Grooming

In order to control shedding on your pet, it is best to visit a vet first who is at a better position to explain how a particular animal sheds and how frequently. A vet can also advise you on grooming techniques that help to minimize shedding of your furry pet. If you own a dog, getting advice from a dog groomer can help you know how many times in a week your dog breed needs to be washed and brushed to keep shedding at a minimum.

Keeping Your Home Clean Of Pet Hair

There are things one can do in order to keep their home clean like picking up cast-off dog hair or by preventing the problem in the first place. But since it not possible to keep furry pets from shedding naturally, it is good to come up with an effective cleaning routine to clean fur in your home. People who own pets are advised to cover their furniture and other surfaces with sheets to keep fur and dander from accumulating. However, vacuuming is the best weapon in the fight against pet hair. To make your job easier, you can invest in special vacuums with attachments and devices that are designed to deal with pet fur.

How To Effectively Clean Pet Hair

Pets are more than adorable. As much as this is true, they can be a major pain when it comes to cleaning after them in this case, removing the fur they have left behind. Fur removal from upholstery or from the furniture can be quite tricky if not done the right way. Unlike in the past, today there are several alternative ways of dealing with fur. Pet fur normally has a tendency of stubbornly sticking onto upholstery but with some little hacks and extra patience, it can be easily removed from either car upholstery or from household furniture, as listed below;

  • Vacuuming

There are some of the best vacuum cleaners for pet hairs currently reviewed On PetHairGuard and they all serve a different purpose. Pet fur likes to cling dearly onto fabric and so not all kinds of vacuum cleaners might be able to do the job. In order to avoid doing a double job, experts have come up with vacuuming solutions. Since pet fur is much silkier than for example human hair, it requires a vacuum cleaner that is specifically meant for picking up pet hair. The kind of vacuum that we are talking about ought to have a wide range of features, simple yet superior.

  • A strong suction capability is very important mainly because it will make it much easier for the vacuum to suck the pet hair without much hassle.
  • It also needs to be light in terms of weight since the user will be weaving in between furniture and also for the elderly it won’t be weighty for them.
  • We all know that we enjoy peace and quiet. Keyword being quiet. The vacuum cleaner should have the lowest noise emission for the sake of avoiding headaches since vacuuming takes time
  • It should have a HEPA filtration system that helps to prevent it from clogging
  • Maintenance cost should be pocket-friendly. Some vacuums are cheap to buy but extremely costly to maintain which beats the logic of acquiring it in the first place.


  • Rubber Gloves

Pets not only move around furniture but jump on beddings as well. In order to quickly get rid of fur from the beddings before laundering them, a simple trick of a dampened rubber glove will solve this. Simply run your wet gloved hand over the sheet or blanket and the fur will cling on it.

  • Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets work wonders by simply picking up dog hairs off of virtually anything. Furniture, baseboards, and countertops you name it. A dryer sheet that is slightly wet will sort your fur issues.

  • Mopping Vinyl or Hardwood Floors

A slightly dampened mop will pick up pet hair very fast. This is because the moisture or water content in the mop counteracts static electricity from the floors thus making it easier to remove the hairs or clean off the floors. Electrostatic or microfiber dry mop is what every pet owner should get if they have either of the two-floor types.

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