How To Successfully Rent Your Home as A Dog Owner

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Looking for an apartment or house that accepts pets or being the renter who wants to bring a dog into a rented home can be difficult. In both cases, a lot of research and care is needed in order to have the best conditions for you as the renter, your dog, and the landlord. This short guide should help anyone who is trying to navigate this challenge to successfully rent a home as a dog owner.

For the renter looking for a home that accepts dogs

1. Be open about your dog to your future landlord

The first thing to do is to be very open about the kind of home you are looking for. You should tell your prospective landlord that you have a dog and would like to bring them home with you in your new place.

If you have a real estate agent doing the search for you, make sure he knows that you have a dog and would like to bring the dog with you to whichever place you will be moving into.

This helps clear the air on any issues that might be missed. You don’t want to bring a dog into a home where pets or dogs are not accepted.

2. Get a reference letter from your former landlord

Landlords are always worried about one thing or the other. If you are bringing a dog with you, they will even be worried the more. To make things less tense and a bit easier for both you and your landlord, get your previous landlord to write you a reference letter indicating that your dog is very good and has been well trained to live in a neighborhood with other people and children.

If you have not trained your dog, get yourself started now by acquiring a shock collar for small dogs to fasten the process. Within one to two weeks your dog will be up-to-speed with basic concepts. Ensure to get some good treats to reward it when it does the right thing. This way, you will easily be able to prove that your dog is well trained.

3. Get a recommendation letter from a vet about the health of your dog

When you want to give the landlord even more confidence, get your veterinary doctor to write for you a recommendation letter showing that your dog is in good health. This encourages the landlord to know that the dog is in great condition and will be safe for staying in his house.

Passing your dog a clean bill of health by the vet will rid the landlord of fears of your dog puking around the house or having diarrhea on things like the carpet or floor.

It also speaks to the fitness of your dog. Always ensure to walk your dog so that it doesn’t become overweight and therefore susceptible to health issues related to obesity. One comfortable way to ensure you do that is to get the best no pull dog harness especially if your dog tries to go ahead of you too much when you are walking it.

4. Read pet policy before signing it

Whatever you do, if you want a great stay with your dog in your new rented home, ensure to read the policy agreement in full before you sign it. Remember there are differences between a rental and lease agreement. Some of the things to look out for in this case are under pet policy. Ensure that you are aware of all the rules and regulations for pet parents.

For instance, some landlords will charge extra fees if you move in with a pet. Others will want you to pay for pet facilities or a pet deposit. Since you will probably be looking to rent within a particular budget, it is important to know all the details.

5. Check for pet-friendly neighborhoods

It is also important to know the neighborhood where you will stay and if they are friendly to dogs. Ask around and find out. Additionally, check if the neighborhood has a good surroundings for walking your dog when you want to.

For someone who wants to bring a dog into a home, they rent

The tips are the same for this instance. In summary: 

   1. Discuss with the landlord to see what they allow

   2. Check what the policy agreement says regarding keeping pets

   3. Find out if there is a pet deposit, fee, or size/weight limit.

   4. Read through the rules of keeping a dog in the property to fully understand them

   5. Be sure the neighborhood is friendly to dogs

   6. If your current home doesn’t allow you to get a dog, consider moving to a house that does

We hope that the tips above will help you successful rent a home as a dog owner and enjoy your dog’s company while also being at peace with your landlord.

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