Why You Should Consider Using a Residential Moving Service When Moving a Long Distance

 Residential Moving Service When Moving a Long Distance

It is always tempting to try to save as much money as we can at times and when we are moving home, our thoughts are no different. As we assess our home, it is very easy to underestimate the number of possessions that we have collected over the years, after all, they are in cupboards, in the loft space or in the garage. When we visualise our move, we can imagine all of our possessions in a few crates as, after all, we are planning to declutter and throw out the rubbish that we have collected, sometimes over several years.

Sometimes, however, the process of decluttering just does not happen as what goes in the trash very often ends up back in our home. We might look at our furniture and think to ourselves how easy that would be to get it through the door and into a van. Often though, such is not the case and careful and skilled movers have spent years negotiating furniture through doors so as not to damage it. In fact, when all is considered realistically, the logistics of moving home are not going to be that easy. It is pretty much guaranteed that you will have more to move than you ever thought possible. If you are moving a long distance, you have to plan even more carefully, you do not want to or maybe cannot, come back and forward to the house to move bits and pieces, it is, therefore, more than likely in your best interests to employ the services of a reputable and trusted residential moving service.

Cost and Service

Cost and Service

Of course, there will be a cost attached to this decision and more of a cost if you are moving a distance away. You may be able to negotiate a more competitive price and you should always try to do that but it is still likely to be a cost that will have to be met along with the cost of redecorating your new home and perhaps buying more appropriate furniture. Having the mover in place will save the unrealistic back and forward travel that could be associated with moving your own possessions. When you think of petrol or diesel, the time involved and the effort, having a mover in place could very well be money well spent. The cost will, of course, be dependent on the service that you want them to carry out for you. There are different service levels on offer from a lot of moving companies.

A simple service would involve you having everything packed for them to come in and lift through the doors and on to the van. The company will more than likely be able to offer you a packing service too which would involve them packing everything in your home, labeling it and unpacking it at the other end. Then there would be services between the two, perhaps packing some of your items and leaving you to pack the rest. You would be able to choose the hands-on or totally hands-off approach, depending on your budget, your motivation and your time. Obviously having the experience frees you to do other things and it also allows you to keep your stress levels to a minimum. Stairs and difficult entries and exits could add to the cost so be sure to discuss that when asking for a quote, an experienced company, however, are usually able to work around most situations.


There is nothing surer, even with all of your careful planning, you will no doubt become stressed at some point when you are trying to organise your move. There is so much to think about, you have to change your address details with everyone, your bank, your credit card company and anyone else with whom you have an account. You have to remember to close off your services, arrange new ones, arrange dentists, doctors and all manner of things, all in addition to packing and moving your possessions. Stress levels rise when you are moving further away because you know that when you close the door, you have to make sure that everything is gone as it is not easy just to pop back and check, it has to be done all at one time. It pays, therefore, to have a good, solid, reputable team of movers in there to help you along, hence reducing your stress levels and giving you less to think about.


No stress when you moving

Your home contains your most prized possessions and you want to make sure that if you move them, they will end up in the same condition when they arrive at the other end. There is a lot that goes on during a move. Your possessions have to be lifted from your home, taken through doorways, put into a van and placed accordingly so that they can withstand a lengthy drive through perhaps even heavy traffic. Movers know how to position items, what items can be packed on top of one another and how to keep everything optimally positioned. Your mover, as long as you pick a reputable firm, will have insurance which will protect you against any form of accidental damage.

It pays to use a reputable firm, especially if you are moving further away, to complete your move but you have to make sure that they are in fact a reputable firm. It is worth asking for multiple quotes and making sure that your price like for like, look at the service that is being offered and make sure that your comparisons are fair. If a company is far cheaper than the others, don’t just jump at the thought of the price saving, there could be a reason, they may just not have the experience or the reputation. Check reviews from different sources if you can and if it is at all possible, use recommendations. Plan in advance so that you are not left adding to your stress levels.

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