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commercial ultrasonic cleaner reviews

Ultrasonic cleaning is the right option when you want to restore delicate items that could get damaged using traditional methods.

For a company that uses ultrasonic cleaners, the cost benefits are amazing, as this type of cleaning is faster and safer for the items.

The basics on ultrasonic cleaning

An ultrasonic cleaner is able to remove foreign material from surfaces in a nondestructive way as it doesn’t require harsh chemicals or scouring with abrasives.

Ultrasonic cleaning has become the most logical choice for the most sensitive items and is now used in thousands of industrial and commercial cleaning applications.

You only need a gentle detergent for ultrasonic cleaning, and common ultrasonic cleaner frequencies range from 25 to 100 Hz.

You need to take in consideration the material type and the contamination type when you choose the frequency and power ratio of an ultrasonic cleaner.

Asking the right questions

Before you get yourself an ultrasonic cleaner you need to know exactly what you are going to use it for. Different items require different types of ultrasonic cleaners.

Take a closer look the biggest parts of the items you intend to clean. Match the dimensions with the inside of the parts basket, and not with the ones of the basket! You also need to take in consideration the depth. Manufacturers of large industrial tanks give both tank depth and working depth.

Keep in mind never to place items to be cleaned on the bottom of the tank as they may get damaged. Most baskets for bench top units hang from the top rim of the tank. Avoid placing a heavy item on the bottom of the tank as this would limit the vibrations and, therefore, the efficiency of cleaning.

In some cases, you need to use a heater and cleaning operations work better with heating. But, there are some cases when heat is actually worse- take blood, for instance.

Seek that your commercial ultrasonic cleaner comes with a sweep mode operation as this is useful for cleaning precision parts, like the surgical instruments. Sweep mode is helping the cleaner not to get hot spots, areas with no cavitation, therefore no cleaning.

If you want more power from your ultrasonic cleaner, than it’s important to check the number of watts/gallon. The larger the volume of solution, the more ultrasonic power you get. Take care as too much power may damage the electronic parts or the surface finish on a soft metal. Look for the adjustable power feature on the ultrasonic cleaner.

Last tips

Under-filling the tank doesn’t increase the power of the ultrasonic cleaner and always help the unit operate with the right amount of fluid.

Before getting the commercial ultrasonic cleaner is very important to know why you are buying the ultrasonic cleaner and which size the items you’re going to clean will be.


The Top 3 Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaners

An efficient and reliable ultrasonic cleaner is the Branson Ultrasonic Cleaner, 2.5 Gallons, Digital Timer.

Here are the pros:

  • This is easy to use, functional and reliable
  • All the controls are top mounted, behind the cleaning tank
  • This is powerful enough to remove buffing compounds, oils and proteins
  • This is safe enough for jewelry and delicate components
  • This tracks the operating frequency of the bath and brings it instantly back to the optimum level
  • The digital models let you control the cycle time
  • The time may be set up to 99 minutes
  • There are extended degas time periods for “beyond cleaning” applications as the case of sample preparation
  • The unit automatically resets to the last setting, giving you the same results every time
  • Batch-to-batch consistency is easy to get thanks to the automatically reset to the last setting
  • The sweep frequency eliminates standing waves and creates cavitation throughout the tank constantly
  • The unit features an energy-saving sleep mode
  • There is also a high-temp safety alarm to prevent the overheating
  • The plastic, chemical-resistant body comes with a valve drain
  • This comes with a two-year guarantee
  • There is a tank cover for protection
  • This is great for plastic instruments, machinery, parts
  • You may also remove blood, proteins and contaminants from glass ware and lab instruments in industrial and laboratory cleaning applications
  • This is efficient for removing dirt, grease, waxes and oils
  • It may clean flux and contaminants from electronics
  • This may be heated up to 152.6F degrees

As for the cons, we need to mention that this doesn’t come with a basket/tray. You need to buy it separately. And keep in mind never to place items on the bottom of the tank.


A very competitive, well priced commercial grade ultrasonic cleaner is the YJ White Ultrasonic Cleaner 30L YJ12DT with Timer and Heater 110V. Here are our pros:

  • This comes with a helpful LCD screen
  • There is a metal case which means durability
  • This gives you a 30 L capacity
  • This is easy to operate
  • The compact shape makes it easy to store
  • This doesn’t need much space for storing
  • The frequency used is of 40kHz
  • This is made in our USA
  • The ultrasonic power is 600W
  • This comes with a heater that gives 20-80 C degrees
  • This is worth every penny as it gives good performances
  • There is an efficient timer
  • You may use the time settings from 1 to 60 minutes
  • This may be used for small items, jewelry, components and so on

For the money you pay, this is a great commercial ultrasonic cleaner capable of continuous operation in your shop or laboratory.


An efficient commercial ultrasonic cleaner is the Kendal Commercial Grade 1100 Watts 27 Liters (7.13 gallon) HEATED ULTRASONIC CLEANER. Here are the pros:

  • There are powerful transducers that make this ultrasonic stronger (42kHz)
  • The ultrasound power is of 600 Watts
  • The tank is quite large
  • The tank’s working capacity is of 7.13 gallon
  • This comes with a 500 Watts heater
  • You may set the temperature according to your needs, from 20 to 80 C degree
  • There is a time setting going from 0 to 20 minutes
  • All parts are made of stainless steel: body, tank, cover and mesh basket
  • This drains with flow control valve
  • There is a reliable mechanical control for setting up time and temperature
  • Whole body is anti-acid and alkaline
  • The heater is safe and efficient
  • This is designed for industrial environments


The Best Cleaner for Optics

For cleaning not only optics, but also glass(es), clocks, jewelry, the Jakan 14L Large Ultrasound Cleaner with Cleaning Basket has many good things to say about it. Here are the pros:

  • There is an efficient time setting
  • You may set it up to 1 to 30 minutes
  • There is also a temperature setting
  • You may set the temperature from 20 to 80
  • This is easy to operate
  • This cleans thoroughly and deeply all surfaces
  • This is made of long lasting stainless steel
  • You get also a useful cleaning basket
  • The cleaning basket may be used for cleaning smaller items that can’t take much friction
  • This is 14 L capacity
  • The ultrasonic frequency used is of 40kHz
  • This comes with a 1-year warranty
  • You may use this also in medical and dental clinics, tattoo shops, electronic workshops etc.
  • In case you’re not happy with this product, you may get a full refund

We would have liked this cleaner to be a bit quieter, but if you’re getting this for your business, this detail will definitely not be a deal breaker.


Best Cleaner for Tools

Even though this next ultrasonic cleaner has many applications, it’s still a good choice for cleaning tools. The 10L / 2.6 Gallon Ultrasonic Cleaner with Stainless Steel Basket 240W Cleaning Power + Heater comes with many good features and here are our pros:

  • It has an isolated-circuit design
  • You need to keep water away for a safer user
  • This comes with time setting option
  • There is a real time count-down
  • You also get a temperature control option
  • There is a live temperature display
  • This is easy to operate
  • The wide-diameter transducer gives the best cleaning results
  • The tray is anti-noisy
  • The tray is also shock absorbent so you don’t need to worry about the sensitive items
  • The handle drain has an efficient and complex design
  • The cleaner is well made
  • The machine is efficient and professionally made
  • The transducer is strong and efficient
  • The body, the cover and base are made of good quality stainless steel and they are durable
  • There is a mechanical control timer
  • This is useful in an electronic factory, chemical lab but you might as well use it in a jewelry lab
  • The tank’s capacity is 10 L
  • The cleaner uses 40,000Hz frequency
  • You may set the cleaner for 1 to 30 minutes
  • This comes with a one-year warranty

As for the cons, we can only mention the fact that this comes with no basket and you need to buy it separately, which is another investment.


Best Cleaner for Surgical Instruments

For the surgical instruments in your office or lab, the iSonic P4862-CE-IT Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner is a reliable and efficient option. Here are its pros:

  • This is a commercial ultrasonic cleaner
  • There is 6L capacity
  • This comes with a heater
  • This features also degas function
  • There is a suspendable plastic basket
  • There is a detachable power cord with VDE plug, power switch
  • The polished stainless stank means durability
  • There is a 1-30 minutes’ full range timer
  • The heater comes with 5 temperature settings
  • This comes in a nice, soft light gray color
  • There is a touch sensing solid control panel
  • The power switch is useful and easy to use
  • This unit is easy to operate
  • There are two industrial grade ultrasonic stack transducers, powerful and long lasting
  • The ultrasonic frequency is 35,000 Hz
  • There are no buttons which makes the unit waterproof and safer to use
  • The stainless steel tank is well sized and easy to store
  • This is great for cleaning big metal instruments or silver wear
  • The plastic basket may be raised and suspended to drain water
  • You don’t have to take the basket out to drain water
  • There are 5 settings between 40-60 C degree for the heater
  • The heater runs independently to cleaning
  • The thermometer shows actual water temperature
  • There are two cooling fans for a longer functioning
  • The thermal cutoffs protect the unit from big damages
  • This is quiet
  • The cleaner comes with 5 international safety certifications
  • This comes with a stainless steel indirect cleaning tank that you may use as a second cleaning chamber
  • You may also separate the items and the solution from the main cleaning tank
  • You get the possibility to introduce a different or corrosive solution in the indirect cleaning tank
  • You may use the indirect tank to clean small items


Best Cleaner for Vinyl/Records

The record cleaning machine that incorporates and ultrasonic cleaning cycle along with mechanical cleaning is the Audio Desk System Premium Ultrasonic Vinyl Cleaner PRO. Here are the pros:

  • This includes ultrasonic cleaning cycle along the bi-directional rotating microfiber cleaning drums
  • This is highly reliable and gives great performances on cleaning records/vinyl
  • This is rather quiet
  • There is a new strong motor and a new pump with ceramic bearings
  • The electronic control system is improved
  • There is a dry-only option
  • This bursts millions of microscopic bubbles off the surface of the record all the way to the bottom of the groove
  • This uses filtered air for drying
  • The machine is fully automatic
  • This needs only 6 minutes to give you clean and dry LP (both sides)
  • Thanks to the cleaning, there are revealed new layers of inner detail and air
  • Most surface noise is eliminated thanks to the cleaning

When we need to think of the cons, we can only mention one, the price. As highly efficient and powerful the cleaning of this machine may be, so is the price.

If, instead of a commercial cleaner, you’re looking for a good industrial-grade ultrasonic cleaner, head on to this page. Or to the home cleaners page.

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