How to choose a storage Unit lock: Follow our 04 Steps Guideline

storage Unit lock

Do you have a storage unit at your home? Probably, your house has very little space so you cannot make any storage unit facility in your house. However, are you renting the storage unit facility for your important valuables? In most cases, people rent storage unit facility for storing their surplus households or storing something in the transition or traveling somewhere. So, take rent of storage unit is common today. But do you think about the locks for your storage unit? You may get some storage unit where the storage unit owner provides the lock for your storage. But in some cases, you have to choose or buy your locks for locking your storage unit. Do you know how to choose a lock for storage unit which can resist all types of lock cutting activities? If not, please read this article carefully on how to choose a storage unit lock.

What should you consider while selecting a storage unit lock?

Lock for Your Storage Unit

   1. Lock materials

The storage unit lock is made from different types of materials. The most common material is Stainless steel. Stainless steel is the strongest material considered for making a lock but it is slightly expensive than other types of material such as boron, brass, molybdenum, etc. It is corrosion-resistant and weatherproof. Additionally, it will waterproof. The world-class storage unit lock producer uses Stainless steel for producing lock like “ABUS”, “Master Lock”, “Stanley Hardware” etc. Visit “storagefact” to get world-class storage unit lock.

On the other hand, molybdenum is also used for making a lock. It has also corrosion resistant and weatherproof capabilities. Other most common lock making materials includes brass, boron, steel, etc. The Brass and the boron are also common materials for making lock. The “ABUS” are most familiar company which makes brass padlock. However, the locks made of the brass and the boron is less costly than the locks made from molybdenum and stainless steel.

   2. Lock type

Like lock materials, lock types are also varying widely. According to the passes of time, the thieves get smarter than before. So, the manufacturers of locks are not relying only on the lock materials for security. Now a day the manufacturers of locks are smarter than the thieves. They are inventing new mechanism and adding new features in a lock to secure your storage facility. However, the most common types of lock are a padlock. But nowadays the padlocks are added with some combination features that can make it difficult to cut off the lock. You can get some padlock with fingerprint biometric lock which can save your time for searching the lock keys to open the lock. Moreover, you can find some padlock in the market with some Bluetooth features that can allow you to open the lock from your mobile.

The padlocks are not limited to these above features only. You can get closed shackle padlock and open shackle padlock. Based on your storage unit facility you can choose any of these locks.

If you want to hide the shackle of the padlock, you should go for disk padlock where the shackle of the lock is totally hiding in its body. So, the thieves get no space for cutting the lock by using bolt cutters or grinding the lock by using the grinder machine.

Another important thing you should remember while you buying open shackle padlock is that the shackle must be thick and made of Stainless steel.

The cylinder type of lock also works great for the shutter of the storage unit. But it only works in the shutter or door of the unit but it has no special features that a padlock has.

   3. Warranty and guaranty information

Some storage unit lock manufacturer offers you Warranty and guaranty benefits. Some locks have 30 days money-back guarantee, just you have to pay the shipping cost here. Some lock has 01-year product replacement guaranty. Some lock manufacturer provides 24 hours of customer support. So, if you are not confirmed about the lock quality ask the seller about the Warranty and guaranty information of the selling locks.

   4. Cost

Cost is an issue for every case in our life. Most of the people want to get the highest quality product by spending less. But if you are thinking like that for securing your valuables in the storage unit, you may lose more valuable items than a lock. So, our recommendation is that you should go for the quality rather price as the lock is related to the security of the valuables items.

The Types of locks we should avoid?

As all, we know cheap product is the worst product as the manufacturer uses lower-quality materials for making the cheap product. But all high priced product also not good so, you should justify the lock based on the above discussion and go for buying the best lock for your store.

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