4 Small Home Upgrades We Need Every Summer

There’s nothing better than living in a neat, beautiful home that looks and feels exactly as you want it. When you turn your house or flat into a dream home, you can wake up happy every day, but it’s important to keep it refreshed rather than resting on your laurels.

small home upgrades

When summer arrives, we feel full of energy, so it’s the perfect time to carry out those small home upgrades that can make a real difference all year round. Here are four easy upgrades for your home that can make a big difference.

Make Your Home Even Safer

There’s one thing that should be the number one priority for our home: the safety of all those who live within it. This summer, make sure you test your smoke alarms, because in the event of a fire, they will be your best friend. It’s also a good idea to have carbon monoxide alarms, so if you don’t have them in your home, you should install them as soon as possible. Carbon monoxide is completely colorless and odor free, but it can also be completely deadly. Carbon monoxide alarms can detect this gas that can leak from household appliances when humans can’t, sending an audio signal to alert you that there’s a problem that needs urgent action. If your alarm beeps, open the windows, evacuate the premises, and phone for help.

Bump Up Your Security

So, your home is safe, so our next summer task is to boost its security. CCTV cameras can be a good deterrent to opportune thieves, and you should always ensure that all doors and windows have effective locks that are in good condition.

CCTV cameras

Gates and fences can also stop prying eyes from seeing into your property, and most burglars simply look for an easy target so will scout out an area before taking action. Put simply, the more visible a security presence you have, or the less visible your property is, the less likely it is to be targeted.

Install a Beautiful Doorbell

First impressions count, and the first thing many guests to our home face is the doorbell they ring. Don’t let a tired old doorbell, or even worse, one that doesn’t work at all, let you down. One easy way to spruce up your entranceway is to install something that grabs the attention for all the right reasons, like a wired doorbell button or chime. They’re durable and reliable, but they’re also beautiful. Expert suppliers like 1800 Doorbell have a huge range to choose from, so you can find one that matches your budget and that perfectly complements the style of your property, from solid wood chimes to art nouveau style chimes and crackle effect wired doorbells.

Bring in New Plants

We live in an ever more technologically advanced world, and yet it’s still in our genes to want to be close to nature, which is one reason we love gardens and house plants so much. Summer is a great time to refresh the plants around your home, and check on the health of those you already have, inside and outside your four walls. If you have dead flowers or foliage, they should be removed instantly, but green leaves can be left in place. Take a walk around your local garden center and find plants that match the color of your rooms, so that your indoor plants can look just as beautiful as any that you have outside.

Plants make us feel better because they look great and smell great, so buying new plants is a perfect summertime task. Adding a great new wired doorbell or chime is another way to beautify your home, and when you also know that it has effective security and safety measures in place, you’ll know that you can look forward to another excellent year ahead.


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