Home Security Tips Before Going on Vacation

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The holiday season is upon us and you might be thinking of spending Christmas and New Year’s elsewhere. While traveling to another country for the holidays might seem like a good idea, it also involves a lot of risk on your part.

Remember when the McAllisters flew to France and unknowingly left Kevin home alone to fend off a couple of hoodlums? Such a scenario could very well play out in real life, although with deadlier results.

You might as well think twice before you consider leaving your home vulnerable to a possible burglary that could happen while you’re gone. Then again, you can still protect your home even when you’re out of town, or even out of the country.

All you need is to apply the right tips for keeping your home safe while you’re away.

1. Repair major issues

Before leaving, it is important that you inspect your home at least a month prior. Why? For the obvious reason that you need to locate damage that burglars could exploit. Broken locks and punctured walls could help trespassers break in easily, so you might as well fix these or risk your home getting breached!

2. Relocate your valuables

You won’t be home for a while so keeping jewelry, documents, or weapons in your house is not exactly a wise decision. Before you leave home, be sure to secure these items either by having someone else you trust to serve as a custodian or storing them inside a safe deposit box. At any rate, your valuables are safer when they are outside the premises.

3. Install a home security system

Home burglary statistics state that 88% of burglaries occur in residential areas. What’s even more appalling is that, in the next 20 years, three out of four American homes will be burgled. These are facts you wouldn’t want to ignore, so you might as well consider preparing for possible home invasions that might happen in the coming years. The best way to do that is to install an effective home security system around the premises, starting with installing outdoor security cameras and lighting that can be scheduled to automatically switch on and off. Another effective strategy is to install alarm systems with motion sensors both indoors and outdoors.

4. Never announce your trip

No matter how excited you are about your scheduled trip to Tokyo, it’s best not to talk about it on social media, especially if your account is public or if you’re living alone. Anyone could pick up the news and that also goes for burglars who are looking for their next unsuspecting victim. That said, you might want to stay away from social media for a while before your trip to avoid tipping off any would-be burglars.

5. Inform your neighbors

Even if you have the most advanced security system installed in your house, you still have to notify your neighbors that you are leaving your house unattended. This will make them become aware of anything suspicious while you are gone. You can rest assured that there’s someone around to call the authorities in case things go out of hand.

Never let the thought of leaving your home vulnerable hamper your vacation. Apply these tips and make your home as safe as it should be!

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