5 Essentials for Choosing the Right Self Storage Company

Self Storage Company

When you need long-term storage but don’t have the space in which to put it, you need to find a reliable self-storage company that can help. When you start to look at storage options in your area, consider these important factors.

1. Location

You want to shop around for the best prices and self-storage options, but it’s also important that you don’t have to travel too far out of your way in order to keep your belongings safe. If you need storage in Toronto, for example, look for a Toronto self-storage company rather than an option that takes you miles out of the region. This means that you can access your storage in Toronto at a moment’s notice if needed, rather than riding far outside of town in an emergency situation.

2. Security

Every self-storage company boasts strong security, but some offer better features than others. Make sure that your self-storage company has clear sightlines to the main doors of every storage unit and remains brightly lit during the night. This discourages thieves from trying to sneak onto the premises. The storage units should remain behind a locked security gate that allows access only to those who have the authorization to be on site. Finally, security cameras should provide a view of every area of the facility, making sure that suspicious people will be caught on film.

3. Climate Protection

Documents, electronics, and other sensitive items need good protection from heat, frost, and humidity. Choose a self-storage company that offers climate-protected units. This means that the doors and walls of the units should be properly insulated to prevent large temperature fluctuations. If humidity is a major worry, ask about air conditioners or dehumidifiers. These units will protect the items inside no matter how much moisture is in the air.

4. Flexible Terms

Different people get storage units for different reasons. Some want to declutter for only a short while before moving their belongings back home, while others plan for long-term storage. When you seek out storage options in your area, have an idea as to how long you need the space and then work with the facility on a contract that meets your needs. If you only need storage space for two weeks, don’t sign something that requires you to pay for multiple months you won’t use.

5. Easy Access

When you want access to your stored items, you don’t want to wait. That means that even if you come by the facility in the middle of the night, on a weekend, or on a holiday, you should be able to get onto the premises. It’s hard for a self-storage company to balance around the clock access with excellent security, but the best companies provide exactly that. Make sure you get 24/7 access to your belongings before you sign a contract.

Self-storage can help you declutter your home and save money. All you need to do is find the right storage company and make sure that it meets your self-storage needs.

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