Modern dining chairs: materials make the difference

By browsing between a site and an e-commerce or going from a designer shop in the city to a large furniture factory in the province, you realize that choosing even a simple chair really becomes a complicated affair.

Our first glance is drawn by beauty, then we try to sit down, we test comfort, we move around a bit to see if the joints hold.

Modern dining chairs

From pure aesthetics we go on to assessing the structure, reflecting on how long chairs we will use every day can last.

Let’s see a little better how materials make a difference when you want to buy modern dining chairs.

A modern designer chair must be strong and durable

When you want modern Italian dining chairs for your home it is important to evaluate the manufacturing company, which must have a proven track record in furniture making, and how they actually make the objects.

We have already mentioned that beauty, comfort and sturdiness must go hand in hand, but to achieve these characteristics, those who design and manufacture designer chairs must also select quality materials.

Each type of structure requires different types of materials that must be functional and guarantee the durability of the chair.

Frames made of resistant metals such as steel or the lightest aluminium are a certainty for the longevity of a chair, but even good aged wood is an excellent material if selected among the best ones, such as oak, mahogany, ash, walnut.

Even the seats and backrests must be made with excellent elements.

When you go on to fabrics or leathers you have to sit on, resistance and softness are really important. The upholstery of the chairs can be made of natural leather and imitation leather or made with the most disparate fabrics, but you must always think about how and where they will be used.

Modern chairs for a restaurant: beautiful and manageable

If you need to buy chairs for a restaurant, personal taste is not the only factor to consider when choosing. A restaurant’s customers immediately notice the decor and get a rough idea, which is why every object must be focused on.

Modern chairs for a restaurant

The visual impact is followed also in this case by testing. A few minutes after sitting down for a dinner, comfort becomes the only important parameter for evaluating the chair. Eating great food while having a perennial feeling of discomfort certainly does not call for exultation when paying the bill.

Materials once again become protagonists for the choice of chairs, along with sizes and ergonomics.

To conclude, a restaurateur must also think about how a modern designer chair can easily be cleaned and transported according to the needs of their business.

One of the Italian companies that focuses greatly on the materials with which it makes modern dining chairs is Albaplus, which due to a lengthy experience in the sector and the creativity of its designers, creates considerably fine and durable chairs.

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