Simple Ways to Make Your Rental Property Appeal to Tenants

The rental market in the UK is increasing at an unprecedented rate and smart landlords are adapting to the increasing demands of tenants. Many people are now becoming long term renters, as homeownership seems further and further away, so they want to rent somewhere that feels like home. There are several ways you can make your rental property appeal to tenants, and some of these could measures could make sure you have great tenants for a long time.

High End Bathroom and Kitchen

A sparkling clean, luxurious bathroom is a huge draw for potential tenants. As this will be there for the whole of the tenant’s stay, it is important that it is top quality and long lasting. Tenants don’t want to have to shell out for expensive white goods for a rental property and often these can be integrated into the kitchen you choose anyway. If you are including white goods make sure that they are under warranty, energy efficient and easy to maintain. A new kitchen and bathroom can also add value to your property as well as appealing to tenants.

Think About Premium Features          

Tenants have been demanding more from their rental property than and premium features are increasingly popular. A recent Go Compare survey looked at what tenants were looking for in their property and premium features were higher than ever before. Nearly 20% of UK tenants would like to have a gym or pool in their property and 16.2% would like a cleaning service available. If you’re looking to purchase a new property its worth considering one that has access to these premium features. Property investment companies like RW Invest are incorporating these premium features into many of their developments, giving tenants access to the services they want. Features like a concierge and security are also increasingly popular with tenants, as are communal spaces like a roof garden or games lounge.

New Coat of Paint

This is a great cheap and easy way to make your rental property appeal to tenants. A new coat of paint between tenants makes your property look bright and fresh. Choose neutral colours like white or beige to appeal to the broadest range of tenants possible. It’s also wise to choose a high-quality paint that will last and won’t scuff or get dirty. Between tenants it is essential to have the property professionally cleaned to show tenants the standard you expect when they leave the property too. Bright, modern décor is the safest choice when it comes to renting out a property, with tenants preferring somewhere they can put their own stamp on.

A smarter property

21st century tenants are used to having the latest technology at their fingertips and this can apply to their home too. If you want your property to stand out to quality tenants, then considering smart upgrades to your property could be a great way to appeal to them.  A fast Wi-Fi connection is almost essential to many people today and it’s an important selling point for your property. Including digital TV, phone calls and broadband in a bundle deal could be more cost effective for you and will be an impressive incentive for future tenants. Energy efficiency measures like LED lightbulbs, smart metres and insulation are another plus for tenants, saving them on bills and providing more environmentally friendly accommodation too.

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