How to Best Use Flower Wallpaper in Any Room in Your House

how to use flowered wallpaper in any room

Flower wallpaper, also known as floral wallpapers, is a convenient method to cover different walls in your room in an inexpensive way. Although floral wallpapers can serve as a cheap alternative to expensive wall colors, some floral wallpapers can cost much more than even the most expensive paint you can get for your walls. Depending on your circumstance, the reason behind you getting a floral wallpaper may vary. It can only be that you like the design, the aesthetic, or that you are looking to cover your walls and all their flaws through the use of flower wallpaper. Whatever the case may be, you got you covered.

This article will focus on the utilization of flower wallpaper. We will focus on the best use cases for the medium. Here are some of the best use case for flower wallpaper inside your house:

Wall Covering

The most conventional use of floral wallpaper is to cover walls. Some do it sometimes to hide the ugly wall with all its flaws while others do it for the simple reason that they like it, but there’s a group of people who want the boldness of a graphics paper on their walls, and another common group enjoys having a touch of nature in their house walls without the need to go into the wilderness to enjoy it. There exist floral wallpapers that have numerous types of patterns and contemporary colors. Whatever suits your style is the one you should be opting for. A word of advice, look around the room to figure the perfect match for the room and your personal preference.

Laundry Room Wall Covering

Numerous designers have been inspired by the most beautiful nature and its creation. The argument, why not clean your clothes while surrounded by nature? Why not do anything while being surrounded by mother nature? A small pop of personality can do wonders for small spaces and rooms, and they look phenomenal, to put it lightly. It does not have to be smaller places or rooms, and you can put these natural touches all-around your house. The laundry room is the right candidate because, typically, people have a smaller laundry space in comparison to other spaces around the house. A dark nature-inspired floral wallpaper can likewise be extra useful for the darker corners and areas in your home.

Half Wall Covering

Covering half the wall with floral wallpaper and the other half with coloring or painting is a fantastic alternative that you can go for. It was a popular design choice a few decades ago; however still prevalent to this day. A popular approach is to cover the top half with floral wallpaper, have an architectural design in the midsection, and cover the bottom half with wall paintings or paneling. It’s ideal to have an artistic design without overwhelming the whole place. A classic look without the old-timer vibes and the best of both worlds combined into a single package.

Dining Room Covering

A dining room can seem to be an obvious choice for beautiful light floral wallpaper covering, but a cherry blossom print can out a modern, whimsical spin on the dining space. The mixture of yellow and red creates a lively vibe that promotes a better mood for the whole family. If you want to buy a bright and happy colored floral wallpaper for your house, put it in your dining room or in the kitchen. With this type of floral wallpaper, you are looking to overpower the space with positive energy.

Two Paper Covering on a Single Wall

As mentioned earlier, with the half wall covering option, this has a similar approach. In the half-wall-covering method, we covered half the wall with floral wallpaper and another half with either solid color or panels, plus some intersectional decoration in the middle. In this one, we are putting two floral wallpapers against one another side by side, top to bottom. Try and have a separation section by incorporating a chair rail. When done correctly, this can alone change a room’s atmosphere, but it’s one of the more challenging looks to pull off. You can contrast patterns in the two wallpapers by using stripes on one and toile or damask and chevron on the other. If you like to go for a subtle approach, find tone-on-tone patterns for a more straightforward theme. You don’t want strong colors and patterns to fight each other. You want them to complement one another and create a story.

Covering the Ceiling

As some call it, the fifth wall or the ceiling is one of the most underutilized decorative elements in a house that is a ground for extreme creative freedom. If you have a crack in the ceiling and need it covered or want your shallow roof to look more intriguing, cover it up with floral wallpapers. You can even utilize some of the beforementioned techniques in your ceiling. A bold or highly decorative option usually works out really well for the ceiling. Sadly, most ceilings are left with white color as most people don’t put much thought into their ceiling decorations. Arguably it is one of the best areas to go all out with floral wallpapers.


The uses of flower wallpapers are many, and it can sometimes be a great alternative instead of a full recoloring of the wall. A combination of various methods can make a floral wallpaper bring out creativity in the most basic of people. The bedroom, dining room and kitchen are great spaces to incorporate floral wallpapers on. It’s a non-destructive option, often costing way less to swap out if it doesn’t suit your taste.

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