Tips to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Tips to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

The new, post-pandemic lifestyle has altered home decor trends. People spend more and more time indoors. Hence, minimalist and functional interior designs have become too plain and boring. Many seek an exciting living and working space that brings inspiration and positive energy. Flats have become offices, cafes and sanctuaries in one. If you’re looking for ideas on how to make your flat look luxurious and fill you up with a sense of success, follow this guide. It’s full of tips on how to invent a high-end look at an affordable price.

A Depressing Blank Wall

A monochrome wall with no decorations makes an interior look cheap. It’s the typical design of offices and rented students’ apartments. A universal, fit-all look that says nothing about the person who lives there. Avoid this solution and add some character to your walls. You have a few options.

Mould Your Walls

Moulding your walls is the cheapest house renovation with the biggest impact. Adding some texture to your walls makes them look like they were designed with great care and the help of an architect. It’s associated with aristocratic palaces and castles. On top of that, it’s very affordable. All you need is evenly-cut cardboard, a strong adhesive and a paint to paint it over.

Large Scale Art

Another way to spruce up an empty wall is to add pictures, paintings and galleries. An interior where everything is piled up on the floor looks imbalanced. Classy art will draw attention to the upper part of the room, making it look more spacious. Large scale paintings or graphics can be expensive, but a print-out, large scale canvas is certainly an affordable option. Have a look at these urban landscape canvas prints:

Safe And Boring Neutral Colours

neutral colours like: beige, taupe, grey, cream, brown, black, white and all their hues used to be perceived as chic and classy. Most pictures in interior design catalogues presented subdued, subtle tones. Well, that’s not the case anymore. Neutral colours should be the base of your interior design, but they won’t impress anyone on their own.

Patterned Wallpapers

You can’t go wrong with replacing one empty painted wall with a fancy-looking, patterned wallpaper. It’s a cost-saving solution that will allow you to personalize your house. With a huge variety of wallpapers on the market, you’re sure to find something suitable.

Plants Display

Greenery in a house is the new craze. No wonder, it’s a simple, cosy solution to add colour to any minimalist flat. Green colours blend very well with neutral tones, so you won’t create any contrast. And for a stronger effect, you can put your plants in colourful, clay or metal plant containers.

Throw Cushions

It’s a cheap, but underestimated trick to improve the look of the room. Large-sized colourful cushions add the classy illusion of layers. Small-sized cushions are beyond comfortable and cosy. And, you can change the colours and designs almost every season to catch up with the trends.

Our environment affects our mood more than we realise it. If you put some effort into upgrading your home, the benefits for your mental health may exceed your expectations. Just start with implementing one of our tips. But, we warn you, it may be the beginning of a life-long hobby, as it was for many of us.


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