Should You Buy a Gas Insert or Gas Log?

Buy a Gas Insert or Gas Log

There are many disadvantages of burning natural wood in your fireplace. This is even with a chimney that is properly constructed. For instance, this system of heat production can reduce the presence of oxygen in your interior space.

Additionally, there are certain kinds of wood that are very dangerous when used for this purpose. Examples include sumac, poison oak, ivy, Mexican Elder, and Oleander. Some of them have been discovered to be highly toxic.

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The good news is that there are options that allow you to avoid all of these complications while making the most of your natural fireplace and the chimney setup. We will discuss two of these options in this article and share information that will help you decide which is best for you.

Let us talk about gas inserts and gas logs!

Factors to Consider before Getting a Gas Log or Gas Insert

There are 3 major things you should take into consideration before you decide to get either of these options. These factors are:


These options are not only about providing heat in your space. They also serve the purpose of making your interior space look beautiful. As a matter of fact, some studies have shown how they increase the value of a property in the real estate market.

So, you should think about the aesthetic appeal that your option commands before making a decision. This will ensure that you are happy with the looks after all.


The upfront cost and installation fees should also be taken into consideration before making a decision. This is because both options are very different in this regard.

The amount you are willing to part with will determine which of these options you will end up with. So, it is important that you know the costs that come with either of these options.

Heat Production or Performance

This is very important especially if you live in a cold region. So, understanding the performance features of either option will help you make the right decision.

Gas Insert vs Gas Log

gas insert vs gas log

Now that you are aware of the factors that should be taken into consideration before choosing either of these options, below are our thoughts on the best option:

Gas Logs Win in Terms of Aesthetic Appeal

For us, gas logs are the best option if aesthetic appeal is high up on your priority list. The truth is that they look very good and real in your fireplace. The flames of the logs are amazing to watch and they make your interior space better.

Furthermore, they do not adversely alter the good looks of your existing fireplace. They simply add to it with the beautiful logs, (probably accessories), and the flames that are generated while it is working.

While gas inserts are also good, we consider logs to be better in this regard. The reason is that inserts are going to alter the existing fireplace. First, they will make the place look smaller because of the installation on the sides.

Secondly, the use of ceramic glass does obstruct the look of the fireplace. So, logs are better in this regard.

Gas Inserts Are Better with Performance Features

There are many benefits of logs but this is one of the downsides especially when compared with inserts. Logs do not generate as much heat and there may be a need for additional heating options in the house. For instance, a furnace may be needed as the main source of heat supply.

Furthermore, the heat generated by logs is not distributed properly. This is because most of the heat goes up the chimney and outside the house.

Well, this is not the situation with the insert option. It can even be relied upon as the main source of heat supply.

Gas Logs Are Better in Terms of Cost

Frankly, there is a wide difference between both options in terms of cost. However, you should know that logs are better since they are a lot cheaper.

A look into the market prices has shown that you may have to pay triple the cost of logs when you consider the cost of installing gas inserts. So, people that cannot spend big might have to settle for logs or wait a while till they can save up for the insert option. To know more about the cost of installing these options, you can click here.

Installing a Gas Log Is Easier

It is very easy to install logs. On the other hand, the installation of inserts is not only difficult but costly and technical. The technicality stems from the fact that some locations require permits before this installation can be carried out. This is so that it is properly done and the safety of occupants is guaranteed.

Wrap Up

Many people find it difficult to choose between gas logs and inserts. Well, we have explained what these heating options bring to the table in terms of cost, performance, and aesthetics. We, therefore, advise that you make informed decisions based on this information.

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