7 Ways to Make Wall Decals Stand Out in Your Home

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Wall decals open up an entire world of ways to decorate your space. Take a look at these seven easy ways to make your wall decals the star of your home design.

Wall decals open up an entire world of decorating options. They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and subject matter to suit any room in your house, and they are so easy to use.

Just stick them up and you’re good to go!

Just because a wall decal is a flat piece of vinyl against the wall, that doesn’t mean it can’t pack a punch in your space. Take a look at these seven easy ways you can make your wall decals the star of your home design.

1. Make It a Bold Color

This is one of the simplest ways to make your decals stand out.

Take an accent color from your color scheme and use it to add a contrasting pop to your wall decal of choice.

Nothing draws eyes like a sudden shock of yellow in a room of neutrals.

How and where you add the color is up to you! Get the entire wall decal in one of your favorite bright colors or only put the accents on certain parts. It really depends on your design.

For example:

If your wall decal features flowers, a dramatic red or soft pink will really show off those petals.

It’s up to you if you prefer a big impact that jumps off the wall or a subtle touch of color that stands apart from the rest.

2. Get a Large Design

One sure way to make a statement with your wall decal is to get one that can’t be missed no matter how hard you try.

Get a design that covers your entire wall from floorboard to ceiling, or at least a good portion of it. There won’t be a person that walks into the room who won’t immediately notice something that big on the wall.

Trees, for example, are perfect for covering a wall without looking out of place.

You can also opt for a large decorative decal that is made of swirls or geometric shapes. It’ll beautifully complement your furniture by taking up the wall space around it.

Just make sure you measure your walls, so whatever big decals you decide on actually fit!

3. Cover the Walls

If you want to cover your walls completely but don’t want to paste up wallpaper or dedicate hours of time to stenciling a design, wall decals may be your answer!

Get a bunch of small decals that are exactly the same to create a repeating pattern on your walls.

Small stars, sparkles, and flowers provide a similar effect as wallpaper without all the mess. It also gives you a lot more control over how much of the wall is covered and the layout of the pattern.

Whether you use decals on every wall or create a single stunning accent wall, it’ll make a great addition to your home.

4. Choose a Different Finish

Matte wall decals are perfectly good in most situations. However, if you really want your decals to really stand apart from the wall they’re on, consider a more eye-catching finish.

Choose gloss, glitter, or metallic finishes for your wall decals to give them that little something extra.

5. Use It as Your Focal Point

Your focal point is the spot in a room where your eyes are immediately drawn. The rest of the decor in the space flows around the focal point, helping it stand out without looking awkward or out of place.

A wall decal can turn any wall into a focal point by turning it into an accent wall that stands out from all the rest.

One way to create a focal point from wall decals is to bring a landscape to life in your home. A jungle in the nursery or a mountain range in your living room will stand out no matter what you have against the wall.

Building a design around your wall decal focal point is sure to keep it from turning into an afterthought.

6. Put It Somewhere Unique

Before you pick out your wall decals, give some real thought to where exactly you want to put them. Placement can make all the difference in how well your decals stand out.

Try thinking of places to stick them up where they can’t be ignored.

Have vines sweeping down from your ceiling above your couch. Use them to highlight a unique architectural structure in the room. Highlight the separation on a half-and-half wall by sticking decals along the mid-point.

And don’t forget about the fifth wall! A ceiling medallion decal can really dress things up.

7. Pick the Right Decal for Your Space

Want decals that look good but won’t stick out like a sore thumb?

Start by deciding where you’re going to put your wall decal. Then, measure the wall surface as accurately as you can.

Make sure you pick a decal that’s sized to the scale of your room. If you have tall ceilings, go for something tall. If you have a wide section of unused wall, consider a horizontal design.

The most important thing about picking out a wall decal is that you find something you love that fits your design sense.

If you adore the way it looks in your space, then it’s the right wall decal for you!

In Conclusion

Spicing up your walls doesn’t require a ton of nails and hooks. You don’t need rolls of wallpaper or cans of paint, either. Wall decals are a fantastic accessory to add something special to your space.

Using these seven tips will ensure your carefully chosen design elements shine in your home and don’t fade into the background.

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