Roofing 101: Factors to Consider When Choosing a Roof for Your Home

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With the variety of roofing options available to you to choose from these days, it can get confusing as to what kind of roof to settle on. If you are replacing a roof on an old house or structure, consider the factors that have been important in the lifespan of your old roof. What bothered you the most, and what gave you the most advantage? These are the best questions you can use to guide your purchasing decisions.

If you are, however, building a new home for your family, this may be a trickier way to decide because you may be erecting a house in a completely different location. You can gather all the previous experiences of your family members in their own previous homes, but this can only take you so far.

To make your life a bit easier, here are the top factors you can consider when choosing a new roof for your home:

  1. Your budget

Roofing can cost quite a significant fortune. It is hard to scrimp on this because it is the number one shelter you have, together with your four walls, from all the outside elements. You want it to be durable, and metal can be one of the most durable options. Apart from that, metal roofs can now easily be designed to match a specific aesthetic. You can check out a metal roofing guide to see different types of metal roofing that are best for your home so that you may be able to better decide.

It still has its drawbacks, however – one of them being that this is also one of the most costly options. You should check to see if this is something you can afford, and if its disadvantages, including the price, are offset by its benefits to you.

  1. Longevity of material

This really depends on how long you plan to live in your home. There are more affordable options such as asphalt or wood shingles, which last about 20-30 years. If this is around the time you plan to live in your home, then going with those traditional materials are totally fine.

Metal roofing is usually used for commercial spaces anyway. It has gained popularity in residential construction because of its durability – it is projected to last about 50-100 years. Slate roofing, on the other hand, can last you more than a hundred years. However, if you don’t really foresee living in the same structure for that long, you may wish to go with much cheaper options.

  1. Repair and maintenance frequency and costs

If you are prioritizing aesthetics, then the wood option may be the best for you. However, it is also the hardest to maintain. Tile roofing is probably the best option if you want the least amount of maintenance and repairs for the duration of your residence.

  1. Noise pollution

Metal roofs are probably the noisiest, even if they are one of the most durable. All other options – asphalt, tile, wood, and slate – provide better insulation from rainfall or other types of hale.

These tips can be a guide for how to choose your new roof, and provide a more streamlined way of making your decision. There are so many other details such as the insulation it provides from extreme heat or cold, and other energy-saving and sustainability factors. You may want to consider these as well before making your decision.

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