Is It A Good Idea To Power Wash A Roof?

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You will not agree more that the roof plays central importance and capital role in the foundation of any house. That is why it is one of the key reasons to pay attention to health and maintain the roof. Surprisingly, several people tend to ignore this fundamental element which protects the house from the weather and several natural elements. People only tend to inspect their roof after they see the signs of algae, moss, and other debris collections on the shingles. After this inspection, people resort towards the power washer which husband sitting there in the garage, covered in dust for so long. People think that we can make effective use of this power washer for cleaning the roof. But bear in mind that it is not a good idea for using it as a roof maintenance machine. The high blast of water will do more bad than good. If you are curious to know why this method of roof maintenance or roof cleaning is not a preferable one that this article is covered a few of the reasons below. Let’s look into the details.

Roof Cleaning To Protect Shingles

If you will be making use of power wash for roof cleaning then it has the potential of destroying your shingles. You need to understand that shingles are composed of different materials that tend to wear away with time. The granules are responsible for protecting your house against all the debris that wins UV rays and that is why they approved of this damage. No doubt assail in the fact that a new roof will have more granules than the one which has been exposed to various air pollutants. The granules are bound to wear away with time but if you will make use of pressure wash for roof cleaning then this process of wearing away becomes much quicker.

Your roof will become extremely unstable before its life span. So if you want to boost the longevity and durability of the roof then never try to use power wash no matter how dirty your roof is. By making use of a power washer you will be finding quick ways of fixing the problem but in the long term, you need to go for the much more expensive consequence of replacing the roof. Remember that shingles protect against the rain but the pressure of the rain is much lower than the pressure of power water and that is why never compare both.


Many people resort to power washing for roof cleaning because I think it’s a viable alternative option for professional maintenance. But sadly people are not aware that this option is extremely dangerous. Falls from the ladder is a common experience that can induce health complications.

Roof Cleaning To Avoid Leaks

By making use of a power washer for roof cleaning you are potentially exposing your house for leaks. If you do not want to damage your house and witness different types of leaks into your house then stay away from this option. It has the potential to damage your house completely by manifesting leaks from the areas which you will hardly ever think of.

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