How Much Do Roof Repairs Usually Cost? The Average Prices

How Much Do Roof Repairs Cost

Are you wondering how much roof repairs will cost you? If yes, you should check out our guide right here on the average prices.

Did you know that nearly 1.3 million Texas properties were damaged by hailstorms in 2017 alone? Extreme weather conditions can produce massive deterioration on roofs and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair.

But if your roof has been damaged recently, do you know how much roof repairs cost? Do you intend to just repair the roof or replace it altogether? It’s important to know the actual shingle roof repairs costs to help you create a budget and look for alternative financing options. Keep reading to learn more about roof repairs and what factors influence the total price.

The Type of Roof You Have

Property roofs can be different. Some houses have flat roofs, others have a hip or gable roof. As a rule of thumb, the more complex the roof, the more it will cost to repair. That’s because experienced roofers have to do more work on certain types of roofs to repair damaged shingles. If your roof has just a few angles, you will probably not have to pay too much for a repair project.

The Roof Slope

Some houses have a roof with a steep slope. This makes it more difficult for roofers to work on and you’ll probably have to pay more for a repair project. Remember that roofers need to wear a harness and adherent shoes to prevent accidents and injuries. The steeper your roof, the more dangerous it is for these roofers, so that’s why you might pay a higher price for roof repairs.

The Type of Repair You Need

Some roofs are just slightly damaged by a storm and they require minor repairs. This usually involves replacing a few shingles. Other roofs have 20-30% of the shingles torn or deteriorated. Finally, certain roofs are almost completely destroyed by a hailstorm and they require full shingle replacement. As a rule of thumb, minor repairs might set you back around $150 on average while complex roof repairs can cost several thousand dollars.

Whether There Is Water Damage or Not

Some roofs don’t only have damaged shingles but also flaws caused by water infiltration. If water starts to damage the insulation materials under the roof, you might have to pay more to have it fixed. The actual cost depends on how much water damage is present. Roofers carefully inspect damaged roofs to see if there’s water infiltration that might lead to mold and mildew development.

Whether You Have Chimneys/Skylights or Not

Chimneys can also get damaged during a hailstorm. So do skylights. If your house has such additions and they are damaged, you will have to pay extra for repairs. Large properties usually have more than one chimney or more than one skylight, so the overall repair cost is directly correlated to the size of the roof.

Now You Know How Much Roof Repairs Cost

These are just a few factors involved in roof repairs, but there might be many others. Your total roof repair project can cost from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars on average. Living in a large metropolitan area can also add to the price, so remember to factor in your location as well.

To help you navigate the costs of home repairs and home improvements in general, make sure that you read the other informative articles on our website.

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