How Long Does a Roof Last?

how long does roof last - life time of a roof

Your roof literally keeps your house together by providing necessary structural support. Without it, you would be open to the elements and of course, electric wiring and other essentials such as lighting just couldn’t happen.

A new roof is a major expense and most homeowners are naturally curious about how long theirs might last. The strange thing is that even though most folks are aware that they can be expensive there are some crazy things that people do to their roofs.

To make a roof last as long as it should it needs to be cared for like any other part of the home. Here is how you can maximize the length of your roof’s life and know when it is time for a new one.

How long do roofs last?

Two of the determining factors that decide how long your roof will last are the materials used and the way it is looked after.

Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used type of roofing due to their cost and they will last between 15 and 30 years.

Other types of roofing are as follows:

  • Architectural shingles: 25 – 30 years
  • Wood shingles: 30 years
  • Clay tiles: 50 years plus
  • Metal roofs: 70 years plus
  • Slate tiles: 100 years plus

A typical asphalt shingle roof could last up to 30 years and may come with a warranty of 20 to 25 years. To make it last that long it will need some maintenance and care though.

How to look after your roof

There are many things to watch out for when trying to prolong the length of your roof’s life. You can perform some maintenance yourself but often it is better to bring in a professional for certain roofing repairs.

When looking for signs that your roof needs repairing or a replacement you should start by checking inside the attic. Look for leaks and beams of light coming through the roof. Look for stains in the attic that might show signs of water damage and also check for pests which could mean some holes need repairing.

On the outside, it is important to check for missing shingles, especially if there have been heavy storms. Moss growing on the roof is something that needs to be addressed, and if you see any sagging then this is a sign of rot and means you need to call a professional soon.

How to find a reputable roofing company?

One way to check is to look online for Google reviews to see who is recommended locally. You can see if they are a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association. It is always a good idea to seek recommendations from your neighbors and friends too.

Look for a company that will help you with insurance claims if appropriate, is high on customer service, and gives free estimates while advising you on the best approach for repairing your roof.

A local company is often the best approach as it is easy to find out that they are reputable and usually easier to get a quick response. Simply search in Google for Roofing Company Franklin TN if you happened to live in that area or adjust it for your local neighborhood.

Can you repair your roof?

There are millions of very handy DIY enthusiasts throughout the world who would balk at the thought of hiring anyone to do a job they were already capable of. And, this is admirable in many cases.

However, some jobs should perhaps be left to the professionals. Plumbing and heating involving gas should never be touched unless by a pro, and the same may be said for roof repair.

The reasons for this are that not all roofs are the same and some have special issues with flashing or discontinued types of shingles. It can be dangerous on a roof. You could cause more damage than you already had. Lastly, you could also miss hidden damage that a professional would have spotted.

When do you need a new roof?

One of the signs of needing a new roof might be when your neighbors start changing theirs. Houses in residential areas are often built in clusters at the same time so if you notice one or two of your neighbors changing their roofs it might mean yours is not far behind.

If you have been in the same home for twenty years then it might be coming to that time. When wondering how to know if you need a new roof you can look at certain signs. If there are bald patches on the shingles, shingles with curved edges, moss growing, or it just looks old and tired, then it may be time to get a replacement.

Fortunately, there are many professional roof maintenance and replacement companies around.


A roof will normally last a couple of decades to a century depending on what it is made from. To make the most of your roof it is important to keep it maintained and while some things can be done by yourself, a professional roofing company might help your roof last that much longer.

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