Why Should You Add a Metal Roof to Your Home?

Sooner or later, even the best roofs need replacing. If your roof’s time as come, now is as good a time as any to decide whether you should consult with a metal roof company for your next roofing project. A metal roof is just one of many roofing types, but it is perhaps the most durable and valuable to a home. With recent developments in metal roofs, you can customize your roof to match the look and feel of almost any other material—but at a fraction of the price and with much longer longevity.



While a metal roof in Toronto will typically cost you more than asphalt shingles in the same area, that cost savings only applies to the short-term installation process. A metal roof can last two to three times as long as shingles. This means that once a metal roof company has performed the installation, you probably won’t need to replace it again in your lifetime. A metal roof also increases the value of your home, which in turn improves your overall equity. This can be very important for loans and home improvement projects down the road. With a metal roof, you have more borrowing power, which can be used for another major home expense, debt consolidation, and more.



Unlike shingles and tiles, metal roofs come in durable sheets that lock out moisture. When an asphalt roof takes damage, you might lose individual tiles that could lead to a major overhaul of your roofing structure. By contrast, a metal roofer can repair a roof very simply by patching or replacing the damaged sheet. In most cases, this isn’t even necessary. Elements and disasters that can damage weaker materials usually cause very little harm to a metal roof. If you have concerns about the weather in your area and how that might affect your roof, speak with a metal roofing contractor before installation. Odds are that any weather in your area will prove no match for your new roof.



Character is one of the only reasons that people choose a heavy, durable, but costly roofing material like slate over metal. However, modern roofing can come in custom sheets that look exactly like old-fashioned stone. Unlike stone shingles, these metal sheets are affordable and rarely need replacing. If you have a specific look in mind that will add to the character of your home, choosing custom metal roofing will give you exactly what you need. Just talk to your metal roofing contractor to make sure that both of you are clear on what you want and what the cost will be. From there, your roof can take virtually any shape and form you can imagine.


Overall, a metal roof is something that will improve the value of your home, last for decades, and serve as an affordable way to add character to your house. If these things all sound desirable to you, then you should seek out a metal roof installer in your area the next time you need roof work done.

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