Ditch your Mechanical Thermostat: This is Why you Must Invest in a new, Smarter Technology

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Temperature control in our home is a priority for most of us. The stats prove it. According to the Energy Information Administration, 42 percent of our home energy costs are related to heating and cooling our home. There is nothing wrong with wanting to create a cozy atmosphere in your home.

The problem lies when we start heating or cooling rooms unnecessarily, leading to a waste of energy, higher electricity bills, and a more substantial impact on the environment. This is what you get when a mechanical thermostat is heating and cooling your home

The good news is you can turn your home into a more efficient space with a smart thermostat. This the gadget you need if you want to slash your electricity bill and make a positive impact on the environment thanks to its efficiency. It will learn your patterns and work only when it is the right time to suit your needs.

You can program the smart thermostat to know precisely when and which parts of your home to heat and cool, or you can decide to control your smart thermostat wherever you are thanks to its remote connection. This means you will be able to regulate your home’s temperature to your comfort level.

It’s easy to make a case for a smart thermostat when you know all of its advantages, and the following infographic will give you more reasons to invest in smart technology.

History of Thermostats:

Until the early 20th century, people struggled to regulate the temperature of their homes as they used to operate manual furnaces installed in the basement manually. These furnaces and the associated valves had to be operated physically. Therefore, there was an imminent room in the market for a more convenient temperature regulation system.

Contribution of Andrew Ure:

Andrew Ure remained associated with textile industries throughout his life, but, he did a big favor on the human race when he patented his design of a bi-metallic thermostat. The bimetallic strip in the thermostat expanded and disconnected the energy supply when it sensed the increase in room temperature

Although this invention did not receive a lot of recognition, it got the ball rolling as far as efficient temperature control is concerned.

Contribution of Warren Johnson:

Warren Johnson was an American professor constantly troubled by the fact that his classroom was never at the desirable temperature. The heating system in the building was manual, and he had to look for the janitor to adjust the controls. In his annoyance, he designed the first electric thermostat that rung the bell when the temperature rose beyond the upper threshold.

Contribution of Albert Butz:

Albert Butz was a swiss-born immigrant who designed and patented his thermostat based on a flapper-damper system. It worked by opening and closing the furnace door with the help of an automatic pulley system. It was an important invention, and Albert Butz eventually went on to lay the foundation of the most iconic thermostat industry, Honeywell International.   

You can resort to the following infographic to further trace the evolution of thermostats.

7 Reasons to Invest in a Smart Thermostat: 

Smart thermostats are need of the modern times, and hence we have listed seven reasons to invest in a smart thermostat.

Easy to Use:

Smart thermostats are more comfortable to use because they do not have the inbuilt malfunctioning elements of mechanical regulators. Moreover, such thermostats are touch-enabled and therefore take the convenience to the next level because all you need to set temperature is a gentle touch.


Today, modern homes are built, keeping in view both the aesthetics and the utility of various décor items. Almost every service in modern homes from fans to stoves are now built in sleek and stylish designs to remain aligned with the aesthetics of modern homes. Therefore, it will almost be a crime to install manual regulators in such homes, because such ambiance requires the sleekness and beauty of smart thermostats.

Wi-Fi Connection:

Most smart thermostats come with the inbuilt Wi-Fi option and a mobile application that makes the temperature regulation considerably convenient. No matter where you are sitting, you can control the temperature from your smartphone using that application. 

Intuitive Programming:

Smart thermostats are designed to increase the convenience of humankind, and resultantly they are released with intuitive programming. It means that your smart thermostat will monitor and record the patterns of your temperature adjustments such that it will do what you want without even asking.

Conserves Energy:

Smart thermostats display real-time energy consumption, and you can actually gauge which energy source is taking how much energy. Resultantly, you can optimize your usage, which does not only conserve energy but will save your bucks.

Voice Control:

Smart thermostats come up with voice control, which not only has a high utility but is also fun to use. Forget about signing into the mobile applications because, in modern smart thermostats, your HVAC system hears you out and does what you say right there and then.

Saves Money:

There is no doubt that the upfront cost of installing smart thermostats is heavy on the pocket, but these thermostats will save your money on every step during their lifetime. It is estimated that the efficient use of smart thermostats can result in cutting off 20 to 30 percent of your heating and cooling bills. Therefore, learn to use smart thermostats because it can save you a lot of bucks.

You can trace the reasons mentioned above are summarized in the following infographic. 

Image result for moving

To cut a long story short, installing smart thermostats goes a long way in improving your handle to the climate of your home. If we think about it, what is not to love about this modern invention? You get better aesthetics, better control, and in the long run, smart thermostats also save you a lot of money by conserving energy. Therefore, if you can afford the upfront cost of their installation, stop waiting and go for it.

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