The 4 Most Popular Water Faucet Designs

For the majority of us, our home will be the largest purchase that we will make. It therefore makes sense to keep it well maintained with up to the minute decor and fixtures and fittings. The two most important rooms in our home are our kitchen and our bathroom and when it comes to selling our home, it is those rooms that have the biggest focus for our buyers, They are looking for well maintained areas and statement pieces. There is no better a place to make a statement than with your faucet. Of course, your faucet has to be practical but with some of the many offerings that are available, practicality can be combined with stylish sleek designs with quirky and interesting features. This article lists 4 of our most popular water faucet designs.

  • What about choosing your water faucet design to incorporate a hands free mechanism meaning that you can have the water dispensed simply by waving your hand under the tap. This option is not only good from the time saving point of view, it is also a great option for the health conscious as it saves touching the tap after using the toilet and hence saves the danger of a bacteria build up. For those who do not like to clean too frequently, it allows you to go for longer as the tap itself is not touched.
  • What about a high arc design for your kitchen. From the practical point of view, a high arc on your tap can allow you the space to easily clean large pots and pans and from an aesthetic point of view, you can add to the appeal of your kitchen with some stunning high arc designs.

  • Then there are the faucets with the flexible hose options. They are a popular choice as not only do they look good, they are not in every kitchen, making them a bit of a unique feature for your home. They are practical too, offering you the ability to be able to move the tap around.
  • You could consider the pull down water faucet. This affords the same flexibility as the flexible hose option but the pull down hose comes from under the tap and then retracts back when not in use, generally held in place with a magnetic catch.

Whether you are looking to replace a dated faucet or you are having a kitchen makeover, you will have a wide range of faucet options to choose from. If replacing, make sure that your new faucet will fit into the existing holes of your old faucet. Faucets come in a wide range of prices to suit all budgets and there will be an option for everyone. Make sure that your choice fits in with your existing decor, there would be no advantage in putting a lovely sleek, modern, up to the minute designer tap in an old style country kitchen, it would just look out of place. Most faucets come with a peace of mind warranty.

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