How to design a kid’s room

Your child’s room is a place where they spend most of their free time. It is the space where they learn, play, and sleep. 

The look of their room may be important for their cognitive development. Paying extra care to put it up can be a crucial step to their growth. 

One problem with designing a bedroom for a child is that they grow and change rapidly. At one moment they can be interested in one thing, but their interests may turn full circle in a matter of days or weeks. So how do you set up a room that will be their little kingdom, and, most importantly, how do you make it last? 

Before we begin with some tips on designing a timeless children’s bedroom, another essential thing to add is that you should always keep in mind the storage units before almost anything else. 

Kids being kids, they are not always the tidiest of humans. If you do not carefully plan the organization of the bedroom, their room may turn in a pile of clothes and toys before you blink. 

Here are some tips on how to design a bedroom your kids will adore. 


Buy their toys with intention. 

Usually, when it comes to toys, parents often do succumb to their children’s pleas and buy them all the toys in the world. 

This is just a recipe for your nightmare because you will end up cleaning them up, anyway. Another reason why a large quantity of toys is a bad idea is because your kids will not really play with all of them. They are children, they tend to lose interest very quickly, and then the toy becomes unnecessary. 

But there is a better way to go about buying toys for your children. Sometimes quality is better than quantity. Buy them toys with intent. Many toys will hold their attention much longer, but also help them develop cognitive or motor skills. 

These are the kind of toys you should be looking for. If you do not know where to look, try some toys at This will not only save you money but will aid the cleanliness and organization of their room. 

Do not be afraid of bold colors.

White walls do not have to be a standard for every room in your house. Especially when it comes to your kids’ bedroom, it is important to note the differences between adults and children when it comes to their living areas. 

 Adults mostly enjoy calming decoration and more natural tones, while children love their rooms to be colorful and cluttered. The colorfulness does not only make them happy, but it also sparks their imagination and creativity, so choosing a bold color palette may even be the best idea. 

When it comes to walls, it is probably the easiest part of the room to decorate. There are so many exciting ideas to choose from. You can paint them in one color, or paint two walls in a different color. You can paint interesting patterns or murals, or let your children do it with you. 

A colorful wallpaper may be an excellent idea. One thing that really makes them fit the best is that you can find them in any design you want. For example, if your child loves sport, you can get a sport-themed wallpaper. They are the best way to make your kid’s personality fill the room. 

If you think that putting wallpaper on the walls may cause too much clutter in the room, think about putting it on only one or two walls. 

Another trendy idea is to paint one wall with chalk paint. It is guaranteed that your child will adore it. Get some colorful chalk, and let your kid’s creativity out. It will add the most personality to their room. 

Expensive furniture Is better in a neutral color.

When buying big and more costly furniture, your goal should be to make them last longer. Beds, work desks, closets should last you children longer than inexpensive accessories than you can change easily. 

 Expensive furniture is best to be in neutral colors, but still matches the rest of the room. By doing this, it will be much easier to be reused in the next design for the room. 

Small accessories give the room personality

Toys, decorations, and lighting should be the details that will make your children’s bedroom unique and give it a touch of personality. Rugs, lights, books, candles, small storage boxes, etc. The list is infinite. 

Whatever you think will go well with the overall design is an excellent choice for the room

 This is the time to experiment. You can even add a little DIY touch to the decor. Make a vase, or a box, or paint a picture. Or, better yet, hang your child’s creations. All kids love to draw and paint. Having their drawings framed will make their room more intimate and personal. 


When it comes to designing the room for your precious one, there are no limits, apart from your creativity. And the best thing is that the whole design can be changed pretty quickly.

One important note is that you should always try to reuse the decorations in the room. Generally, being wasteful is not a good option for the environment, so reusing the items is the best solution. You can even have them entirely changed by applying some DIY factor to their appearance. 

Have your child engaged. If you are trying to create the perfect room for them, there is no better way to design it, than by asking them directly for their thoughts and opinions. 

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