How a rose gold mirror can make a great addition to your living room

rose gold mirror for living room

Rose gold is not like regular gold. In order to obtain the unique pink/gold colour that rose gold has, regular gold must be mixed with another metal to change its colour and properties. There are a number of different types of rose gold/the rose gold alloy. A common one is made up of a combination of copper and gold – typically about 3 parts gold to 1 part copper.

This use of rose gold has expanded considerably in recent years as it has come into the world of furniture and home decor more and more. This is for a good reason, rose gold is a beautiful warm in colour and gives a sense of homeliness to any room that is used in. As well as this, what is a very practical material to make items from, especially compared to pure gold. A couple of advantages of rose gold include:

Warming homely colour –  rose gold gives off a very warm vibe, it isn’t particularly flashy and is very welcoming

Tough and durable –  not only does rose gold look great, but it is also very practical too. It’s dense, tough, and is not the victim of dreaded rusting.

Cost – whilst it is not the cheapest of materials around, it is by no means the most expensive either.

Even though rose gold is often commonly used in the making of jewelry as well as similar items, it also makes for a great finish on items of furniture. Rose gold would absolutely fantastic when used on a mirror, particularly in one of the warmer rooms of a home. Rose gold mirrors are becoming more and more common and can make a great addition to your living room. As well as giving off a warm and welcoming vibe, the also display high quality and taste.

How could a rose gold mirror make a great addition to your living room?

rose gold mirror for living room

It matches with just about any colour/theme – in case you haven’t already noticed, rose gold is a very versatile colour indeed. It looks well matched and classy wherever it is placed. For example, rose gold looks just as good in a dark-themed room as it does in one that is made up of lighter colours, such as creams and whites. It truly does complement all themes and tastes.

It will last a long time – when you are purchasing something like a mirror for your living room, you want to be sure that it is going to be of high quality and that it will last a long time. Rose gold can ensure exactly these things. A rose gold mirror will be tougher than a regular gold option since it is mixed with copper. It will, therefore, be more resistant to scratches and bumps, and will always look pristine in your living room.

It gives a good impression of quality – a rose gold mirror gives a very good image of quality, and attention to detail. Whilst being very clean-looking, they add a premium touch to any decor.  Aria shop is one store that we found to have really good quality rose gold mirrors. Be sure to always look out for the best choice before buying your furniture.

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