8 Value-Adding Home Interior Tips

Home Interior

Whether you are interested in selling your home quickly or want to make changes with long-term benefits, there are home renovations that will improve your home’s value. When selling, you have to consider changes that will appeal to the biggest possible audience. Consider the following tips when looking for interiors that add value to your home.


1. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint


Painting your home’s interior is one of the most common pieces of advice given and for good reasons. There are few other ways you can improve your home as easy and as cost-efficiently as a fresh coat of paint. Recently painted rooms look cleaner to observers which lets you ask for more from prospective buyers. When selling, remember that neutral tones have the broadest range of appeal. The point is not to find the perfect color, but to find an innocuous choice that buyers do not mind living with or possibly decorating over.


2. Find Space for Technology


Modern buyers, particularly younger people, are likely invested in technology. Everyone now carries a plethora of smart items about their persons, and upgrading your house to accommodate their needs is an easy way to add value. Consider adding USB charging stations to wall sockets, a smart entertainment center, or even something simple like a dedicated workspace that easily accommodates a laptop or desktop computer. The idea is making your property feel ready for both potential buyers and everything they might bring to a new home.


3. Modernize your Kitchen


Completely remodeling your kitchen takes a long time, is expensive and is ultimately unnecessary. Making small improvements to your kitchen should return about 83% of your investment and is a simple matter of replacing any laminate countertops, updating cabinet faces, swapping to energy-efficient appliances and other small, cosmetic changes.


4. Update your Flooring


Flooring takes a long time to wear out, but that makes it hard to notice when you live with it. Your floors might be in a bad state, but you cannot see it because you are too used to living with it. Take a long look at your flooring and carpets, or better yet ask someone with a fresh perspective for advice. Consider purchasing a couple of new rugs and having your carpets cleaned by professionals. Like with a fresh coat of paint, a cleaner feeling home is simpler to sell for a higher price.


5. Invest in Stylish Storage Solutions


Storage space is always at a premium in homes. No-one ever complains about having too much storage space for their stuff. Instead, we find the opposite, and we struggle to find enough storage space in our homes. The solution is incorporating new and open, stylish storage solutions. For examples, floating shelves act as wall art and provide a handy space to store easily reached odds and ends.


6. Update your Bathrooms


Any investments in bathrooms have an expected rate of return of about 74%. Updating the fixture and fitting like the faucets, and adding useful accessories add plenty of value to your home. Remember that large bathrooms which take up floor space from other rooms detract from your home’s value.


7. Create Open Spaces


Open floor plans are the most popular home layouts now. Combined kitchen, living and dining spaces that allow families to share activities regardless of what they are up to have become the norm. Anything you can do that removes barriers between rooms will add value to your home. Creating open spaces does not always mean knocking down interior walls but thinking about how you are using your rooms and what you can do to improve connections between them.


8. Bring in More Light


Anything that makes your interiors feel lighter will add value to your home and make it easier to sell. Try hanging mirrors on dark walls and spacing furniture to create an open feeling of space in your rooms. If painting your walls as outlines earlier, try going for a light color to make your interiors feel brighter.


Finding the Value


There are plenty of ways to add value to your home by improving your interiors. Consider getting a free house valuation to see just how much your home is worth as well as some expert advice on how you can increase its value.

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