A Homeowner’s Guide to Ceiling Fans

three fan ceiling fan and light

Just about everyone has a memory left over from their first apartment rental, and the cheap, white, plastic ceiling fan found in almost every room. The blades often rattled, the motors jammed, and they were generally dust collectors that hung from the ceiling.

Well, those days are long gone, because the variety of ceiling fans available on the market today promises to complement any decor style while helping to regulate the temperature more efficiently. The sheer number of options available now is enough to overwhelm the most seasoned homeowner.

The basics presented here will remove some of the mystery and help guide current and prospective homeowners through the world of ceiling fans. Many full kits can be easily purchased online, or through major retailers. Of course, for safety, after you decide to install any ceiling fan or light, that’s when you need to call a Brighton electrician so you know the job is done properly.

Why do you need ceiling fans in your home? Let’s look at all the reasons.

They Will Save You Money

One of the benefits of a ceiling fan is that they will save money when it comes to regulating the temperature inside the home. According to the National Association of Homebuilders, ceiling fans can help reduce the costs of heating and cooling your home by up to thirty to forty percent. Some efficient energy star models could even do better than that.

When it comes to keeping things cool, a fan can reduce the feeling of a room’s temperature by as much as eight degrees, just by circulating the air. This movement enables homeowners to leave the thermostat higher and allow the air conditioning to take a break. The same fan can also help to keep a room feeling warm on colder days. A ceiling fan equipped with a reversible motor can also push warm air down, keeping the place nice and toasty.

Whether it’s summer or winter, your ceiling fan will can work overtime to save you money.

They Enhance the Design of a Room

cute ceiling fan for kids room with pink poneys and colorful butterflies and drawings
Colorful ceiling fan for kids’ room

Put that old, cheap, plastic vision out of mind. Ceiling fans come in an endless variety of styles and designs that can be used to compliment any decor. Chandelier options combine a ceiling fan with a light fixture to provide illumination and a focal point in a room. Options can also be found with interchangeable blades, and lights, meaning the ceiling fan will remain useful through any decor evolution of the home.

They Help You Sleep

Ceiling fans, and the air movement they provide create a soft, white noise that helps to create a relaxing environment. The air movement also discourages pests from settling inside, which helps to reduce another common irritation.

Whatever the needs of a home, ceiling fans can definitely add to the value and experience. A consultation with a professional can help to determine the style options that will work best in any space and will recommend that you call an electrician to have them installed properly.

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