4 Cozy Things to Do On a Winter Day

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The beautiful spring might just be around the corner but the cold grip of winter is still upon us. For the past couple of years, the polar vortex has never forgotten to take a visit to the Land of the Free. Throw a bucket of boiling hot water and it will instantly turn into snow. In many parts of the US there are active winter storms and blizzards. It’s still very much winter and it’s a great excuse for some cozy activities indoor.

We have been bombarded with harsh cold weather, experiencing below average temperatures with some states and cities smashing temperature records. In Minnesota, authorities recorded temperature of -60, that’s equivalent to the wind chill factor of up to -65, meaning that’s how it feels. That’s so cold, you would never want to venture outside of your house.

Those temps can be quite dangerous. Many schools and business will close when temps get that low. Let’s take a look at a few things that you can do without leaving your home.

Cook Heartwarming Food

If you’ve ever eaten a bowl of soup in the winter, you know how much it alone can warm you up. This is the perfect time to whip up something yummy. Cooking as a family is a great time to give the kids a break from their screens and make some memories. This is also a good time to teach them how to cook.

You can make a hearty soup or an easy casserole. If you don’t spend much time as a family cooking together, this could be the time to try a new, more complicated recipe. Don’t limit yourself to just a main course.

Don’t forget the sweet treats! Try something simple like crock pot hot cocoa or homemade banana bread.

Snuggle Up and Watch a Movie

Make some popcorn, arrange your couch and choose a movie that the whole family can enjoy.  SWinter days are great for binge-watching your shows too. It is time for you to catch up on your favorite series or start over again with superhero movies. All you need to do is set up a firestick or Netflix and your good to go.

Take a Nap

The bears know how to handle winter, and that’s by sleeping!  Winter weather can zap your energy.  It’s ok to take a nap. There are many benefits that come with napping.

Adequate sleep benefits are:

  • Improved memory
  • Lowered stress hormones
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Strengthened Immune System
  • Mood improvement

Shop Online

Cold days call for a little retail therapy. Maybe its too cold to drag the little ones outside or maybe the local stores are closed because of weather, fear not! As long as the internet is working, there is always a store open.

This is could be a good time to start getting yours and the rest of your families wardrobe ready for spring and summer.  Your kids probably won’t fit into last years clothes so now is the time to prepare.

As you’re lounging around you may notice that your deco is looking dated or worn out. You can make a list of the things you would like to purchase and shop for the best price. Shopping can even save you money if you replace old items with more efficient items.

Clothes and decor aren’t the only things that can be bought online. If the cold weather has you feeling down, you can book a vacation to a warm sunny beach. Planning a vacation can take a lot of work and time. Cold, snowy days are the best time to start planning.

Winter can be harsh with dark, short days and freezing temps. Try to turn this weather into a positive by spending quality with your family, catching up on some sleep and your favorite shows or even booking your dream vacation.

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