4 Things to consider when installing new blinds in your bedroom

vertical blinds in attic bedroom

The right blinds have the ability to bring a big change to the interior of your bedroom. They not only add an authentic look but they also have the capability of making a small space appear larger, among many other benefits. There are many other factors when it comes to choosing blinds that will have an effect on the final appearance of your bedroom. Here are 4 things to consider when choosing and installing the perfect new blinds for the bedroom.

The color

Choose colors that complement your interior décor such as the wall color as well as other pieces of items in the room which include accessories. Light-colored blinds and shades, white wood or vertical blinds are great since they can make your room feel spacious even when it’s small. Bright colors also promote airiness and calmness in a room as well as the overall aesthetic and ambiance of the room.

Just avoid dark colors and pick bright ones like white, off-white/eggshell, cream or light gray.

Choose a color that complements your bedding which you change regularly as well as other pieces of furniture so that you install something that will complement your entire bedroom.

Privacy and light

The bedroom is an area where you normally rest and sleep so you need to block out any light, especially for kids or those sensitive to light. The ideal blinder to install would be roller blinds or lined Roman blinds. Roller blinds when installed correctly leave small light gaps while roman blinds have side light gaps which can be minimized to block out the light.

Vertical and Venetian blinds also let in less light and make your bedroom more private.

Your choice of blinds will solely depend on how much privacy and light you want to control into your room.


Determine your preference and then decide whether you want Venetian or vertical blinds, but, the style needs to reflect your room, its theme, and your personal taste. Venetian blinds are also quite affordable and great for privacy and light control. Additionally, you could also opt to install timber shutters instead though roller blinds would provide a more streamlined and contemporary look. Roman blind, on the other hand, brings a soft feel to the bedroom. Just choose what you love.


Blinds are available in different materials with some made of hard materials while other soft material. Blinds made of hard materials do not trap dust and are great for people who are allergic. They are also easy to clean and maintain. In case your window is exposed to high heat, aluminium Venetians would be the best since they reflect excess heat into the room cooling it.

Apart from the above considerations, factors like noise and safety are also important when installing new blinds. Choose blinds that block out the noise and in case this is not possible, install those which can at least reduce it. The best would be the types that are used for soundproofing bedrooms.

Safety is also an important thing, especially when you have children. The motorization option is the best since it allows your blinds to open and close using electronic controls. Another option is the spring-loaded roller blind which has no cord. The best is to choose from a wide variety of bedroom blinds, shades, and other window treatments before settling on any.

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