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City living is cool and exciting, and you only need to look back to the famous Samuel Johnson quote from 1777, “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”. Living in the city gives the choice of culture, entertainment, and cuisine. The social possibilities are endless as every modern city is on and going 24 hours a day, seven days per week. But to do city life properly, you need to style it as well, so we are going to give you this ultimate style guide for city living on how to make your home look the part.

Choose Your Style

It’s important to choose a style before you begin, this allows you to follow the theme and have a plan. This eliminates the possibility of a whole lot of expense and effort to end up with a mishmash of different styles that looks horrendous. There are plenty of sources of ideas we can find online. The style you choose should be influenced by the type of apartment you are living in. A new modern place should reflect this in the décor.

Work out a Plan

With anything in life, especially where style is concerned, a plan is essential. Do you already have furniture? It may be included in the rent, for example. If you don’t have furniture, this is the logical place to begin. Once you have an idea of what you need, you should think about where to source it. Is it all coming from one store? Some people love to have that Ikea look or something. Maybe you will be systematically trawling through all the second-hand stores in your neighborhood?

Stay or Move?

If you are looking for a fresh challenge then maybe it’s time to move house? You can easily search all of the great NYC condos for sale. Think of a new home as a blank canvas, a new location can spark your creativity as every room and space can give you food for thought. Consider that any space will need to match up with the style of furniture and art already in your possession.

Professional Help

You need professional help! No, we don’t mean a psychiatrist, although if we redecorate without taking the requisite care and attention, we can’t rule it out. Think more of an interior designer, what could be better than having an educated and experienced eye ruling over your style decisions to make suggestions on style, décor, and accessories.


How do we ensure that our style is going to last and is good for the duration of your stay in this apartment? Well, the argument against this is perhaps you shouldn’t as style and trends always change. But what you could do is not follow quirky or excessively extreme ones. Doing so allows a gentle style that will last longer. When making further adjustments, you can then subtly tweak the color=scheme or art on the walls rather than start from scratch again when seeking a change.

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