How to Maintain Elevator Shoes for Men

Whether you wear them every day to the office or a few times a year when attending a formal event, you need to maintain and care for your elevator shoe. These tips will ensure your elevator shoes are kept in better shape, lasts longer, and look good. Proper care for your elevator shoes is simple and a necessary practice that allows you to enjoy the maximum benefits of the shoes as you walk down the path to a rewarding and happier life.

It may be wise for you to invest in your shoe maintenance by getting a shoe care kit that would contain conditioner, brushes, and polishes for your favorite brand and style. 

Several treatments are required to provide the most effective results when caring for leather elevator shoes than suede or other elevator shoes material. We shall explain how you can care for your elevator shoes by polishing and protecting it from dirt, snow, mud or rain through the following helpful tips

Try to Waterproof Your Elevator Shoes 

Waterproofing your elevator shoes periodically is a useful practice that can enhance the durability of your elevator shoes. You can buy a polish or less expensive waterproofing spray to prevent staining of suede or cracking of leather. 

If you live in a cold or wet climate, frequently apply the waterproofing spray as an effective measure to increase the life span of your elevator shoes. Without carrying this simple maintenance technique, you may experience cracking or loosening of the shoe threads.

Use Leather Conditioning Cream and Color Matching Shoe Polish

Using this method on your elevator shoe will make your shoes appear new every time you put them on. Apply this polish and leather conditioning cream regularly to help maintain your shoe’s original color and protect them from scratching and scuffing. If you love them to shine brightly, you may consider puffing them using a pair of pantyhose.

Have a Functional Shoe Care kit

You should have a practical shoe care kit with a horse-hair shoe brush, which you can use to clean your elevator shoes before and after using them. Use a shoe brush and apply gently once over your elevator shoes to help remove the build-up of dust when you bring out your elevator shoes from the closet. 

Also, clean your elevator shoe with a brush before you return them to your closet to remove debris and dirt that you may not be able to detect. You may carry out a thorough cleaning of your elevator shoes after returning from that memorable outing. 

You can do so by making use of a saddle soap for leather elevator shoes. To thoroughly clean your pair of suede elevator shoes, use one-third to two-third water and vinegar mixture.

elevator shoes for men

Finally, to enhance your elevator shoes’ durability, you can make use of a shoe tree to store them while you use a shoehorn when wearing them to protect the part of the shoe above the heel. Use water and mild soap and apply it with a toothbrush to keep the sole and the heels clean.

However, elevator shoes may wear off after several years of use. You may replace worn-out heels. If the upper part of your elevator shoes is still in good condition or better yet, buy long-lasting and more comfortable GuidoMaggi elevator shoes. 

It is less expensive to maintain your elevator shoes than to purchase a new one. By using these maintenance tips, you can effectively extend your elevator shoes’ lifespan and ensure that you enjoy the full benefits of wearing elevator shoes. However, when it comes to buying high-quality elevator shoes for men that promises you durability, the number one option that should come to mind is

Even though GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are designed to last for long, you need to develop the right maintenance culture to extend the longevity of your elevator shoes further.  With proper cleaning, polishing, and storage of your elevator shoes, they may appear new even though you may have used them for a more extended period.

Don’t know how to use elevator shoes on a muddy road and wash it? Wondering how to dry across a creek? We’ve got you covered.

Bring out the best in your elevator shoes with these tips!


After using your elevator shoes in rainy weather, it is important to clean your shoes, especially if it is leather shoes. Mud risks drying out the skin and deteriorating it. Before starting to clean the upper part of the shoe (also called the “top”), bump the soles of each other to remove dirt and mud.

The easiest and effective way is to wash your shoes by hand (or with a soft sponge) with warm water and a little neutral soap. If your shoes are very dirty, you can use small brushes to clean, seams, collars, and other buckles. Therefore, In order to avoid getting wet, it is better to remove the insole (so-called “first soles”).


Despite breathing, we still sweat inside our shoes. Also, if water enters your shoes when it rains, it is essential to dry your shoes to maintain performance levels. If you have not done cleaning yet, remove the plate so that the walking shoe is ventilated and dries faster. Dry at room temperature. 


Do not expose it directly to heat sources. It can be damaged. Too much heat can dry the skin and damage the glue used to assemble the upper and the brush. The heat can reach and deform the reinforcement inserted into the shoe. Therefore, do not place shoes on a terrace in direct sunlight, behind a car, in front of a fireplace, or near a radiator. The best technique is to keep the shape of the shoes and fill them with newspapers that absorb moisture!


The waterproofing of shoes is ensured by the composition of the shoes, the use of waterproof and breathable membranes or the selection of components such as waterproof leather. Therefore, if it is difficult to clean the impermeability of the shoe, therefore, you can reactivate the water repellency of the shoe, for example, when it rained a lot (that is, revive the ability to repel water). This type of treatment does not make waterproof shoes permeable. For this you can use a waterproof spray. Treatment can be carried out once or twice a year.

Before treating the elevator shoes with spraying product, do not hesitate to read the instruction manual and open the window to avoid steam inhalation. Spray about 20 cm to apply evenly over the entire surface to be treated. Allow the elevator shoes to dry for 10 to 12 hours so that the spaying product will penetrate the shoes.


It is quite important to maintain your shoe from time to time in order to derive maximum performance from your elevator shoes.

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