5 Essential Qualities of an Awesome Project Manager

Project Manager

Being a construction site manager is a tough job, which is why you’ve got to know a few things you’re going to need to be great at it.  Whether you’re dealing with subcontractors, local materials suppliers, or local ordinances, you can get in over your head if you don’t make a solid plan.  Here are a few qualities every successful project manager has in common.

Without a project manager you cannot even think of starting a professional project. That is why companies are always looking for a hardworking and flexible project manager.

Planning with Purpose

Being a site manager requires planning, but if you do it wrong, you’ll end up creating more problems than it fixes.  Your plans must be flexible and able to adapt to weather issues while also being solid enough to drive your team through to the finish line.  If your plan creates delays, subcontractors have to shuffle things around in their schedules to keep their crews working, making everybody miserable.  Delays also cost money and going over budget harms your reputation, making it harder to get jobs in the future.

An important fact to keep in mind is that planning isn’t something you do once and let everything fall in place; you’ll be planning from start to finish.  Sometimes materials you expected on a particular day may get delayed a few days, so you’ll need to plan on how to best use your workforce during the delay.

Value the Judgement of the Experts You’ve Hired

The main reason the people you hire costs as much as they do is because they have expertise in doing what you’ve hired them to do.  To be a great project manager, you have to value their opinions on the best way to accomplish tasks you’ve assigned them to complete.  You’re still the boss, so you don’t want to rubber-stamp what your experts suggest as it is your reputation on the line.  However, you should listen to their opinions and consider them seriously.  You’re paying for their expertise, so use it.  Not only will you get the best result for the job site, but you’ll also get better morale making the whole project more enjoyable.

Use Software Designed to help you Manage the Job Site

Some of us like to think that we can keep all of the moving variables involved in a construction project in our heads, but people tend to overestimate their mental abilities.  Forgetting small details can become considerable pains in the neck.  There are many pieces of software available to the modern project manager. You can try using cloud-based project management tools like Office 365 on a azure windows 10 desktop. Learn more about Office 365 Migration.

To see which is best for there are custom management software comparison resources available online for you to research.

Don’t Micromanage

There is nothing more demoralizing than having somebody walking behind you as you work, making you do things their way all day, especially if you’ve been doing it for years.  Allow your crew to do the job you’ve hired them to do.  You can maintain control of the job site while not telling everybody how to do every little task onsite.

Respect Your Workforce

Site Manager

To earn respect, you need to show respect.  When people respect you, they will do more than expected, which makes your job so much easier.  You’re the boss, of course, but act the part instead of thinking you’re entitled to the respect of your workers.

If you are planning to be a project manager, then you must try to have good relations with every colleague, which is practically very difficult, but you have to keep an eye on the changing emotions when somebody will gaze at you when you will be asked for accountability.

A project manager has to assign work to people, and they will be guiding those people for completing the project.

Ethical tips for project managers

Here are some ethical tips which are essential for making things work.

1. Be an open person

You must stay as absorptive and as open as possible. Tell your colleagues about your interests, this will help them in assessing you as a person. At this stage many project managers think that they will be making friends, which is quite possible, but for a professional project manager it is not advisable.

You have to balance this openness; do not let anybody exploit it for their interest.

2. Leave the past job

When a project manager has taken up a new project then he must leave the last job and its assets, many mediocre people think that they can save money and reduce their expenses by using assets from the last job.

This is quite unethical, this will make you less interested in your work and you may not be able to explore the dynamics of your new job.

3. Secure secrets

You must not let information out without permission, even though you are the manager but at various points, you may need to get a permit from the financing party.

This will help you in saving your image from any source of false allegations. At sometimes, your colleagues will tell you about their feelings, at that point you must keep in mind that every person’s relation with the boss is standing at a different level, so let people say what they feel.

They may be right from their perspective but you are supposed to say what you have got in your head, do not get induced by other’s opinions.

4. Challenging

Once you have made a decision you must try to analyze it from every aspect. Your job is to minimize the number of risks in a project which is possible when you have got the courage to accept that your past mistakes are a source of learning.

You can discuss your ideas with your colleagues or family members as well, this will help you in the analysis. Challenge your decisions; this will highlight the flaws and drawbacks of your decision.

5. No to favoritism

You must take things on merit. This will strengthen your position as a boss, those workers who will be looking for soft corners and unprofessional work will ultimately leave your project.

6. No unpaid works

This can be quite immoral and unprofessional if you will ask somebody to do unpaid work, only because they are in your team, so make sure that everybody is getting his due money.

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