Best Methods for Making Coffee

Coffee has been the most ancient and appreciated drink of all time. It will be quite rare that you will come across someone who has not tried coffee yet, especially now when through the internet we have spread each word, idea, and culture.

There are a lot of coffee making machines available which can make the process quite easy. You must try and go to for new ideas and innovative coffee brewing machines.

In this article, I will try to highlight some most appreciated and acknowledged ways of making the mouth-watering coffee. Moreover, I have also mentioned some machine oriented and advanced ways of brewing coffee.

As I have mentioned above that coffee is an internationally accepted and loved drink, that is why we have got several methods for making coffee, in each region, you will find a unique way, but not all coffee-making methods are feasible for us.

This is a significant constraint for our article, as I wanted to dive deep into this interesting topic, but the major part is about espresso, the most common type of coffee.

1. Use the Pressure

We all know that since 1901, espresso machines are making our coffees even yummier, and having them in your kitchen can make you a coffee master.

What you need to do other than having an espresso machine, is a jug full of cream and milk. The usage will depend upon the type of machine, if you have got semi-automatic machine then you will have to do some more tasks.

When you will be grinding the beans, then you must take notice of the size of the ground beans, the smaller they are the easier it will, to brew your coffee.

Lastly, another thing which will profoundly affect your coffee is the warming time, you have to wait for at least 4 minutes if you are making it at home, and 15 to 40 minutes if it is a commercial level manufacturing.

2. Stove Pot Espresso

If you are unable to buy an espresso machine, then you must think of having a pot espresso, the best thing about this method is the steamed brewed coffee, you will have to get some ground and sieved coffee grains at a sieve and beneath it there will be boiling water, which will be the steam source.

The only difference here is the less aerated coffee making it a mocha. You will need 8oz or 105 mg of caffeine which will include 2oz of mocha and 93mg of cream or espresso if it is available.

Lastly, this brew has to be thick and dark-colored otherwise your coffee will not be a good one to skip for joy.

3. AeroPress

If you are a researcher or scientist then you will love this method of making coffee. Everything has to be just perfect for implementing this method, for instance, you must keep the perfect balance in air pressure and water. Imagine that you are in a laboratory.

You will have to buy the simple tool, for making aero-press coffee, comprising of only three parts. The best thing about it is its portability, you can have your coffee anywhere you want. But, for having this coffee you must make sure that you have got the right tools such as filter paper.

4. Soft Brewed

If you are not an extra sort of person, then you must follow this method which is very similar to French brew. You just need to heat water and once it is boiling you will add grinded coffee. Now, wait for almost 10 minutes until all your coffee gets dissolved. The pot for making this coffee has got very advanced filters, which will let you have a clean cup of coffee.

The most amazing part is the simplicity and the degree of swiftness, which this method has allowed.

5. Coffee Bags

Have you ever made tea with tea bags, if yes, then you have got it. Grounded coffee, unlike the instant coffee, is packed into filter bags.

And you can have it just like the French brewed coffee, dip it in hot water and you are done. The best part of making it is that you will not need any appliances.

French Press:

The French press is the informal mascot of home-prepared espresso; it’s been soaking espresso in family units since before the birth of your grandparents. It’s presumable gratitude to different reasons, yet our money is on the way that its very simple to utilize, can be gotten for pocket change (nearly) and produces a blend with a particular taste and feel like no other strategy. It’s not very brisk, yet not excessively slow either. From (nearly) heating up the water, to soaking and plunging, you’ll need around 10 or more than 10 minutes. While soaking, be that as it may, your French press will require your full focus.

Vacuum pot:

coffee makers for camping

Vacuum pot also known as siphon pot, making coffee along these lines is one of a kind as it comes; it’s a mixture of fermenting techniques; a full inundation blend (within a minute as your espresso goes into the water) yet additionally utilizes siphon activity to make an extraordinary tasting cup. It is anything but a basic method to mix coffee, actually, it requires a gigantic measure of exertion and procedure, so you won’t have any desire to utilize it every day. Some depend on the extraordinary tasting cup it yields, be that as it may, we accept its to a greater extent a curiosity/hotshot blend style – whip it out when your pals are near and give them how cutting-edge you are in the craft of the mix.

Electric Percolator:

The percolator is the same old thing or forefront in the realm of coffee. In the event that you’ve been to a dull glancing dinner someplace in the northern half of the globe, the probability that you’ve smashed percolated coffee. The explanation of the percolator breed’s disturbance among espresso lovers is for its absence of regard for the coffee bean.


10 Questions and Answers to Help You Decide on How to Make Your Coffee

For those of you who don’t start the day until they’ve had the first taste of their no.1 brew, the next lines will be more than helpful. Whether you can’t start your day without a sip from the miraculous drink or you love to have a small one every couple of hours, you know that coffee can boost your day in a way that no other drink can.

If you’ve been drinking coffee for a while now, you know that there’s good and bad coffee. Some methods ruin the most fantastic coffee and ways to prepare it that you don’t like. If you’re thinking about another process of having your coffee in the morning and want some variety, the next FAQs should enlighten you enough.

1.      Is convenience the most important aspect when making coffee?

If you’re interested in pressing a button and be done with it, the automated drip coffee maker is your no.1 choice. You’re not the only one liking the computerized drip coffee maker, as most Americans choose it too.

The medium-bodied extraction is safe to consume with a mug. The automated drip coffee machines hit the market in the 70s when replacing the old percolators. The mechanism is rather straightforward, with the device releasing hot water over suspended filter/paper containing the coffee grounds.

The coffee’s quality depends on how you can control the water dispensed over the grounds and the temperature of the water. It will help if you are looking for machines with accurate temperature control and drip adjustments.

2.      What to look for in an automated drip coffee machine?

A shower head that releases water over the entire surface of your grounds is better than one pouring water through the center.

When you value comfort more than anything else, the automatic drip coffee machine is your ideal choice. You don’t need to control the brewing process, and nowadays, you can even set it ahead.

Some models come with glass carafes that remain warm thanks to the heating plate, whereas others come with a thermal carafe. Keep in mind that you destroy the flavor when leaving the coffee on the heating plate. It’s better that you look for a machine with a thermal carafe instead.

Automated drip coffee makers are the most simple machines, but they’re not going to provide the best taste for your coffee.

3.      Is espresso your coffee drink?

We all love the taste of espresso in a coffee shop, but it’s too expensive to drink it every day. The espresso is made by passing steam pressurized at nine-time the atmospheric pressure through a dense puck of coffee (finely ground). Robust professional espresso machines come for high prices, so make sure your budget is generous enough.

High pressure is fundamental for making good espresso, as the steam will pass through the compact coffee almost instantly. 25-30 seconds is what it takes for a professional espresso machine to make an espresso, and anything less than 25 seconds turns the coffee weak and thin. If it takes too much, the coffee ends up looking like sludge.

4.      What features count the most on an espresso machine?

It would help if you were looking for the espresso machine coming with pressure gauges, able to create concentrated and striated crème on your coffee. Manual espresso machines that need you to pack the portafilter with grounds, locking it into the devices, are the best investment to make.

Stay away from the machine that only requires you to press a button and insert a pod- you only get a coffee-style shot.

Don’t forget that, when it comes to espresso, using whole fresh bean is fundamental. You should only get an espresso machine if you’re passionate about the art of a perfect pull.

5.      Is there a machine for irregular coffee drinkers?

We’re on the fence whether we should congratulate you or not about not drinking coffee daily. To each their own, nevertheless.

But if you’re not drinking coffee every single day, the French press is a reliable choice. The coffee pot with a simple and comfortable design is incredibly easy to operate. You only need to add some hot water to ground coffee. Stir and wait a couple of minutes until plunging the filter down, for separating the grounds from the coffee. You will enjoy a full-bodied coffee, which is why people like it anyway.

6.      How do you get the best coffee when using the French press?

The downside with the French press is that you cannot take the coffee grounds from the finished coffee until you obtain your coffee. Therefore, the coffee will keep on brewing until it touches the grounds. The risk of getting an over-extracted drink that has a harsh/bitter feel is quite high.

It’s essential that you only have the coffee all at once. If not, you should pour it into a thermal carafe. Additionally, you will need to clean the grounds from the bottom, which is quite tricky.

The French press still makes the best option for one that doesn’t regularly drink coffee. It’s also for customers that don’t want a machine for making coffee every three months nor cares for the process per se. However, the French press comes in a nice variety of sizes, from single to 12-cup service, which is very convenient.

7.      Why are people still using the Moka Pot/stovetop Espresso brewing?

If you’re into espresso, but don’t have the budget for the quality espresso machine, the stovetop espresso maker (the Moka pot) is a great alternative. The mechanism relies on a three-chambered brew process. Water in the bottom chamber begins to boil, whereas the steam will generate pressure.  Additionally, the pressure will push water right through the coffee grounds, filling the top chamber with coffee.

There’s some skill involved, and as long as you’re doing it right, you should expect to obtain a bittersweet and intense coffee. The Moka Pot allows you to brew several cups of coffee at once. It only needs 5 minutes or longer if you’re using an induction stove.

For best results, you need to use a coarse and not fine grind. It may take some trial and error until you get the perfect grind, though.

The Moka pot is an excellent choice for people on a budget that is searching for portability, versatility, and sweet taste similar to espresso.


8.      What if you want the best coffee?

Pour-over coffee is a see-through brewing method that includes the best and worst things about coffee. When you want a clean and flavored cup of coffee, without minding the effort, the pour-over process is the best to use.

The method is all about accuracy, as it’s entirely manual. You need to set a timer and to weigh the beans on a digital scale for impressive. Either you wake up in the morning or be late for a job- it’s up to you!

9.      Can you have coffee while on the road?

The Aeropress is an excellent method for making coffee. The brew time is around a minute, which is quite fast.

The grounds are packed into a chamber and wholly immersed in water for a minute. The water will be pouring through a tiny filter right into your mug.

The compact size of the Aeropress and the short brew time turn it into the best machine for traveling.

10. Should you look into the Soft Brew?

The Softbrew is rather new, and it’s both simple and high-tech. It’s similar to a French press, but it’s easier to operate. Get some ground coffee and place it in the stainless steel filter. Continue with adding hot water and wait from 4-8 minutes to have coffee. It’s like you were making a cup of tea.

The high-tech part comes from the special filter, which presents thousands of tiny holes. Therefore, you may use all sizes of grinds, and even the finest one will work with the Soft Brew.

The coffee you obtain is similar to the one from the French press. It’s the filter that makes it stand out, allowing even ground smaller than 150 microns. You don’t need any skills for making a cup of coffee, but you’d better not be the coffee aficionado that loves to control the making process. The Soft Brew is a no-brainer, so it’s not for the sophisticated coffee lovers.


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