Grab Your Coffee Maker When Camping! Here’s How to Select the Best One for Your Needs

coffee makers for camping

Truth be told, choosing the right coffee maker for your camping isn’t that big of a deal, especially since your life doesn’t depend on it. Ending up with a lemon when camping isn’t going to cause someone get lost or freeze with hypothermia; it’s just going to make you all moody and less likable, right?

This doesn’t mean you should just go or settle with the very first coffee maker that you put your hands on when shopping.

If you’re morning brew lover, you know that there’s more than just one type of coffee makers. Chances are you already know which one you like best. But does that type is a solid option for your camping?

Best coffee makers aren’t that difficult to find and you only need to go online for going through the numerous and various options. If you feel you have no idea what to begin with, don’t be shy to search online.

What counts the most when selecting?

Some things are more important when looking for a camping coffee maker:

  • How much do you care for the flavor?

If this is mandatory for you, you should start do due diligence and learn how to brew on your device. The better you get at it, the higher the chance for you to enjoy a cup of coffee while camping.

  • Is it easy to use?

One of the things that matter when camping is knowing exactly how many items you’re carrying around. you don’t want to bring the whole kitchen with you for just one coffee so it’s wiser that you go with less accessories or filters that you have to change. Don’t forget that you’re also going to have to clean the coffee maker later on.

  • How many people drink coffee?

Are you going to make coffee just for you, or you’re going with lots of friends and family? Is it going to be easier for each of you to bring his/her own coffee maker or you need to go with a bigger one for everyone?

  • Does it have to be lightweight?

If you’re also planning some backpacking, you should take the weight of the coffee maker under consideration. It should also be easy to pack so that it doesn’t take half of your backpack.

What types of coffee makers are good for camping?

There are several types of coffee makers that make a solid option when going camping so let’s go through the basics for each of them:

  • Percolators

They’re a traditional option for camping and they consist of a metal pot with a basket inside which you’re going to fill with grounds. You simply place the pot on the burner and wait for the water below to start boiling. It’s going to bubble up through the grinds and go into a see-through glass knob. You should take a look at the time if you fancy the flavor a lot. Once percolations begin, you should wait for less than 5 minutes, especially if you don’t like the rough flavor that much.

  • French press

We’re kind of sitting on the fence with this type of coffee makers. Even though they’re so easy to use, cleaning them is a bit of a challenge when camping.

You need to place the grounds in the bottom of the container, adding water and allow it to steep. When you know it’s enough for you, you should push down the screen, trapping the grounds in the bottom and pouring your drink out.

This type of coffee maker does give a murky flavor and it has its fans. Knowing how to brew the French press the best way takes a lot of time and practice so do due diligence if you like the French press.

  • Espresso makers

It’s incredible for some, but you can actually find portable espresso-style brewers that don’t disappoint when camping. Some even build enough internal pressure, resulting into a tasty aroma. If you’re the purist type that only goes for the most from his coffee every single day, the portable espresso maker is the choice for you. Even if making coffee in the middle of nowhere isn’t the easiest thing to do.

  • The Aero Press

Despite of what many think, the Aero Press is rather a hybrid as it’s one part French press, one-part pour over and a bit of an espresso maker as well. It creates a strong cup of coffee and even some cream too.

There are two types of Aero Press (regular and inverted), but many out there like the inverted method a lot better.

Long lasting, easy to clean and giving a nice coffee, the Aero Press is a valid choice when camping.

  • Pour-over style drip

This type of coffee maker is a simple, yet sophisticated method to make your cup of coffee. A genuine coffee snob is going to know how to use this method. Hand grinding, measuring the temperature of the water (with a thermometer, of course) and timing to see how long the water is sitting in the grounds- they’re all part of the process.

You need a cone and a filter for this kind of coffee maker which is also highly portable.

  • Gas grill coffee maker

These pots are similar to the ones you have on your counter’s kitchen at home. The difference comes from the fact that they typically use gas grill or fuel canisters for power. However, you’re still going to be able to get a full pot, just like it happens at home.

This type of coffee maker is a better choice when you’re brewing for the whole group. As they’re a lot like the regular at-home appliances, they don’t come cheap and they’re rather bulky too.

One last thought before you go

If you know what kind of coffee you fancy the most, finding the best coffee maker for your camping isn’t going to be that difficult.

You don’t know what to choose? Maybe some instant coffee is going to work for you on an emergency, especially if you want to travel light. Instant coffee doesn’t require any brewing device whatsoever (you only need some water and a cup) and it doesn’t add weight to your backpack either.

However, keep in mind that the instant coffee is never going to have the same taste as freshly brewed cup. No matter how great it is.


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