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Selling you car is not a simple task, you ought to follow and consider a lot of things. The intensity of this task depends upon the facilities, rules and regulations which a region and its people have decided upon selling and buying of certain types of assets.

For example in many states, you are not allowed to buy a car which has got a weird specific sound for its horn, and probably you may not understand this thing when you are out and thinking about how I am going to sell my car, in a state like this. In Kansas, you are not allowed to have a car with heavy wheels which can be used for drifting, as if a seller wants to sell a sports car there he must think of the laws before setting in.

Similarly, in new jersey they have got to have a clean and civil behavioral record for about 10 years before you get to drive in certain areas.

So, just I have mentioned above, we are going to have a look at the things which are often ignored when someone is selling their car.

In the first section I will discuss the steps for car selling, then we will move forward for the tips which can be adopted for selling your car at a good price, because that is the main goal of every seller.

How to Sell a Secondhand Car

Here, you will be having a chronological idea regarding the steps which are most common in many countries, but if your country has got some exceptional rules, then you must follow that order.

1. Get the Papers

Your car must have your authority but like every developed country every car owner has got some papers that prove the ownership, no, I ma not talking about a driving license most people confuse it with the papers for your car.

Sometimes, these papers will include the documents from the bank or the lender who lent you money for buying the car including the payment method and interest rate. So, the first step is to make sure that you have got all your papers in place and you are not going through any sort of conflict with the lenders. You have cleared all the previous dues, if any.

2. Consult an Expert

You can ask a lawyer and a mechanic or both, if you have got some pending balance for your car, then you must ask the lawyer first about the legal procedure which lies ahead in this regard.

I have seen many careless lads, who think that for skipping the interests and the pending balance they can sell the car, such stupidity can be very dangerous for your reputation as a person.

Moreover, you can also consult the public departments where you have got your car registered to your name. Ask them to provide you the record history of your car, if in case you have bought your car from somebody else, who has not provided you the history.

3. Preparing the Car

Who would buy your used car, if it is not in a good condition, you are supposed to book an appointment for your car? Take it to the  car washing centers, where they will polish and clean your car, make sure that you have done all this under your observation and now, you are quite sure that each part of your car is super clean.

Before you take your car for, the is cleaning, there is something, which is even more significant. You must take it to a mechanic first, he will tell you what spare parts you want to change, for instance recently my sister had to sell her car, and when she took her car for this last look, the mechanic exclaimed that the tires are too old, and this will probably effect the final price of the car, so be very careful about these minor details.

4. Marketing

The most important thing for selling any sort of article, is its marketing phase. You are supposed to take some very nice pictures of your car.

You must divide your car into three areas, the exterior of your car, the interior of your car and the details.

Now, start from the interior, next is the detail parts the huge and significant ones. Lastly, you must capture the exterior of your car.

Now, once you have got the pictures and the videos, because at many advertising online companies they ask for videos as well.

Make sure that the pictures and videos are of high quality and taken from a camera with good resolution, so that blurry images must not loosen the trust of the prospective buyers.

Next, decide the type of advertisement, you can either choose from the conventional and the online method, I would recommend the online one, because it is fast and reliable.

Tips for Selling a used Car

In this section, we will take a look at the tips which proved quite helpful

Know the price

Sometimes our used car’s original price is not as high as we expect, that is why the sellers must keep an eye at the market value of his car.

This can be done by comparing your car’s expected price with others available in the market, especially which are of the same model and manufacturing date.

Meet the Buyers

You can not hand over your car to a person, you have not ever met, sometimes buyers are not reliable, and this reality will reveal itself when you will meet them, so never skip this step.


If your car has got some specialty, talk about it for raising the price. You must try to negotiate and make it a nice deal. I have seen many sellers who are lazy and lethargic, this attitude makes the buyer think that the car is not good enough to buy. So, do not be a coward, when it comes to demanding your right.

Lastly, you must not consider a few deals, rather try to have more than 7 at a time, so that you must pick the best.

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