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Who doesn’t want a house that screams perfect? It doesn’t matter as to whether your home is big or small, whether you live in a 4-bedroom house or a 1-bedroom flat, you must exert effort into how your house looks. Not only will this uplift your mood and boost your confidence, but it will also increase the market value of your property.

 Your house must provide you with a safe haven. It is a place where you are supposed to relax and enjoy your free time without having to deal with the everyday struggles of life, like work and the commute. If the state of your accommodations is a mess, then how can you get a good night’s sleep that will get you refreshed and ready for the day ahead?

 And well, of course, there is the Interior Design Industry ready with professional interior designers to provide their service. Unfortunately, not everyone could afford to shell out hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for the beautification of their house.

Many live on a paycheck-to-paycheck basis so it would be totally unrealistic, not to mention impractical, to expect a household to pay someone a lot of their hard-earned money just to spruce up their place. This, however, should not be an excuse as to why they can’t have a nice-looking home. There are a lot of DIY and budget tips that you can follow online to improve your house’s aesthetics.

 Here, I have listed some of the best tips that helped me transform my place from a man cave to a house that I can actually invite people in, without getting too embarrassed at how the site looks.

Clean Up

Before you can even start on a home improvement project, the first thing you must do is to clean up. What good would an aesthetically looking place if it’s dusty, littered with dirty clothes and has spills everywhere? While you are at it, make sure that you also reach the hidden nooks and crannies of your place so you can really start fresh with your renovations. 


a blue house

Everyone is guilty of materialism. According to research by professional organizer Regina Lark, the average US household has over 300, 000 objects inside. This is an outrageous number that you need to fix by reducing the number of items you have. While this does not mean you should live as an ascetic, losing some of your unnecessary items like outgrown clothes, used books, and toys that have been untouched for years can be a good thing. 

It can be understandably difficult to part ways with possessions that have sentimental value. You can mitigate this by opting to rent for a storage facility. Take note that having pickup storage is quite a handy feature when you’re looking for storage sites. You can store most of the items that you don’t need in your daily life inside a storage unit. What you are trying to avoid by renting storage units is the possibility of your house looking like that of a hoarder’s. Spaces with minimal items also help its residents maintain a positive mood all day.

Invest In Quality Furniture


It is better to buy pricey but high-quality furniture that will last you for years than to buy cheap ones that easily get damaged within a few months. A peeling sofa or a disintegrating table that resembles firewood more than a place to eat at does not precisely scream home. At the same time, buying cheap furniture would also require you to replace them almost regularly making high-quality furniture a much better option in the long run.

Lighting Is Key

It is a known fact that lighting and colour significantly affect the human psyche. Low light levels with a warm glow create a relaxing and intimate atmosphere that can put almost anyone to sleep, creating the perfect ambience for bedrooms. On the other hand, bright colours and lights tend to wake someone up, keeping them alert at all costs. Use different lighting for each room, tying its atmosphere to its function. For instance, you don’t want a warm type of light in your kitchen.

Buy Art

If you have alway been an art aficionado, then this is an excuse for you to start buying and collecting pieces of art that you consider beautiful and trendy. Vases and canvas art are usually regarded as prime investments. Budding artists often sell their art at an extremely low price. Should your chosen artist get famous, the value of your art piece will definitely increase. But while you’re waiting for your artist to make it, just hang it around the house to give your bare walls some bold personality.

Personalize Your Place

Make sure that the moment your guests enter your room, they should already figure out that this is your place. You can hang pictures of your family, posters of your favourite band, movie or series, and even just your name around the house. Painting the walls with your favourite colour will also give it a ‘you aspect’. 

Create Space

We will be dealing with limited space. You can, however, create the illusion of space. Two common ways to do this is to add mirrors and raise the roof (not literally). Mirrors add visual space to your place, tricking your guests that the area is much bigger than it actually is.

On the other hand, raising your window panels to a higher height will translate to the illusion of a higher ceiling. Interior designers state that it is an effective way of making your place look grander than it is.

Add Living Things

Nothing says gloomy more than a place without any living thing. It doesn’t have to be a big one like a dog. An aquarium or plants would do you good too. Anything that would add life into your place. Plants are usually the more preferable option, as most landlords do not allow pets inside their properties. At the same time, plants are known to help keep the air fresh and pleasant smelling while pets, on the other hand, need extra steps to be taken for them not to stink up the place. 

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