Best Christmas Wrapping Paper

Best Christmas Wrapping Paper

There are a millions things to do for Christmas and even when you think you’re getting to an end; there’s still something else you have to do or to get.

You asked around, you’ve searched high and low for the perfect gifts but everything may fall apart if you’re not wrapping the gifts festive and nice, as anyone expects.

How to choose?

If you are very organized and meticulous, you may very well set a color code for the wrapping paper. You could go with the fun, colorful paper for the kids and select the more subtle, elegant types for the grown-ups.

When you like the flow in your Christmas decorations, it’s a good idea to match the wrapping paper with your Christmas decorations. If your mind is set on silver and white, let’s say, you should go with white and silver wrapping paper. This doesn’t mean you can’t “break” the theme and make the gifts pop with some blue or bright red wrapping paper.

The wrapping paper can make a big difference in your Christmas décor, which is why you also need to give it a second thought when choosing it. In addition, if you’re wrapping the gifts you’re going to offer in some other place, don’t forget Xmas is all about fun and happy feelings. Moreover, a piece of paper can make a huge difference, helping a gift “stand out” from the crowd.

What we like most

Give your presents a sparkly look with the JAM Paper® Christmas Wrapping Paper – 25 Sq Ft – Green with Silver Snowflakes Sparkle Gift Wrap – Rolls Sold Individually.

The green sparkling wrapping paper has silver snowflake design, matching perfectly the festive holiday. Each roll gives you around 25 square ft. of paper that is easy to use and cuts smoothly.

The wrapping paper presents a holographic pattern so it’s shiny and glittery no matter how you look at it. It has a glossy finish that looks amazing under the Christmas lights.

Even though it’s a tad thin, the paper takes well the wrappings. It has vibrant colors and a good weight.

Each roll comes in protective cellophane, so you don’t have to worry about getting stained or torn paper.

Some things never go out of style and it’s the same thing about the red and white wrapping paper that is going to be one of all time favorites forever and ever. The American Greetings Christmas Wrapping Paper, Red ‘Merry Christmas’ & Santa, 2-Roll Pack (068981161639) represents a happy and merry Santa, whereas the other one has the Merry Christmas greetings in various fonts.

If the paper with the merry Santa is a good choice for the kids, the one with the writings addresses better to some grown ups. The writing is nice and golden, on a red background, giving a festive appearance to your gifts.

Each roll is 2.5ft.X12ft. long, which is about 30square ft.

The paper is a bit on the thinner side, but doesn’t tear during wrapping and takes even the sharp corners from some boxes. It’s recyclable and made in the USA.

Elegant and simple, or fun and traditional, the two wrapping paper rolls are a great choice, especially when checking the price tag.

When you’re not sure which way to go this year with the gift-wrapping, play it safe with the traditional red and white. The Red & White Lacy Snowflakes Christmas Gift Wrap Wrapping Paper – 16ft Roll may be your no.1 solution this year and you definitely can’t go wrong with it.

The paper roll is nicely wrapped in cellophane so it gets to you nice, clean and creases free! Each roll is about 24in. wide and 16ft. long. You get around 32 square ft. of paper that is made with 90% recycled paper. Therefore, you play it eco-friendly as well.

The traditional Christmas red background with amazing white snowflakes flurries make the paper a good and safe choice for many. The paper is thick and doesn’t tear in the corners, so you may safely use it for wrapping some boxes.

The colors are bright and vibrant and the paper is strong. It’s easy to use and to handle and may a great choice for the less inspired customers. On the other hand, for anyone who really likes the traditional Red&white Christmas this year.

If you want to give your presents an elegant and simple appearance, play it safe with the 50 CT Pearlized/Metallic collection (Gold, Silver, Pearl White, Red, Green), 17GSM ( thick, durable & crispy) Premium Quality TISSUE PAPEP.

The high quality paper looks exactly as pictured and presents 17GSM paper thickness. This means it looks nice, but it’s also thick and resistant to tearing. It’s durable and may surprise you with its thickness, considering it’s a tissue paper.

The paper is great for art, DIY, crafts and gift-wrapping. It’s an eco-friendly paper as it’s made with premium quality paper.

It’s very crisp and the colors are so vivid. You get a 50 count of 20x26in. tissue paper that gives your presents an elegant and shiny appearance for Christmas.

When you want to wrap your gifts with a classical, vintage paper, don’t hesitate to give it a go with the Entertaining with Caspari Continuous Roll of Gift Wrapping Paper, Nutcracker Parade, 8-Feet, 1-Roll.

Printed in the USA, the Caspari paper represents a Nutcracker parade. They all look nice and festive and have a vintage appearance. They’re serious and hold Christmas ornaments, looking different from other paper with the same pattern.

The paper is 30in. wide and 9ft. long per roll on 2in. core.

Thick and tough, with minimal risk for tearing in the corners, the paper has a whimsical feel, which matches a traditional Christmas.

The nutcrackers are well drawn and the paper looks so artistically.

Printed in our USA, the Entertaining with Caspari Continuous Roll of Gift Wrapping Paper, Wild Christmas Gold Foil, 8-Feet, 1-Roll is a great paper to use when you want to give your gifts a fun, yet vintage feel.

The 8ft. roll comes with nice colors, patterns, and measures 30in. wide and 8ft. per roll, on a 2in. core.

The jungle animals pictured on the paper wear fun, colorful decorations, but there’s nothing artificial about their looks.

The golden stars add a bit of festive feel and the paper has a rather matte finish.

Easy to use, resistant to wear, the wrapping paper has a fairy-tale vibe, designed for the traditional and classical Christmas décor.

If you like better the farm animals, give it a go this year with the Entertaining with Caspari 9653RC Farm to Stable Continuous Gift Wrap Roll, 8′, Green.

The paper is 30in. wide and 9ft. long per roll on 2in. core. It’s a high quality, thick paper that has a nice shiny finish.

All the animals on paper look nice and they are ready with ribbons, Christmas wreaths, bells and everything to welcome the winter holidays. They look cute and picture as in reality.

The paper is thick enough so it doesn’t tear easy, but you may still handle it for the best wrapping.

Reversible and merry, the Hallmark Holiday Reversible Wrapping Paper (Foil Patterns, 3 Pack) is great to give your gifts the final touch for Christmas.

The paper comes with Christmas and winter pattern, in red and white. The paper has high quality and it’s reversible, giving you the chance to wrap better your gifts.

The paper is 30in. wide by 192in. long, giving you 40 square ft. per roll. You get thee rolls of wrapping paper, which is great for wrapping the gifts.

The paper is made from well-managed forests and doesn’t tear easily. It has coordinated locks so you don’t have problems when measuring and cutting.

The paper patterns are coordinated so you may easily mix and match for a fun display of the presents.

When you want to give an elegant and sparkly appearance to your Christmas, you may easily use the GOLD SWIRLING STARS Kraft Christmas Holiday Gift Wrap Paper – 16 Foot Roll.

Each roll of paper comes individually wrapped in cellophane so it’s protected and not stained. You get nice paper that has no creases nor folded so you may have your gifts nicely wrapped every time.

The paper roll is 24in. wide and 16ft. long, which is about 32 square ft. it’s made of 90% recycled paper, which is always a good news.

The gold stars and swirls have a whimsical look and make your gifts look amazing. The paper is not thin or flimsy and takes handling rather well.

The shades of gold, ivory white and tan wear a festive feel and help any presents to be complete.

For all the cat lovers out there, a cute option for this year’s Christmas wrapping may be the Kitty Christmas Wrapping Paper Roll 24″ X 15′.

The paper illustrates fun and cute little cats all dressed up as Santa, ready to set the mood for the winter holidays. This is why they’re going to bring a smile on everyone’s face.

The paper has a soft gloss finish, but you may handle it without having it torn during the wrapping.

The paper is 24in. wide and 15ft. long and many found to be enough for wrapping a great number of medium and small gifts.

You get a roll and not folded paper so the paper has no creases when you get it.

The paper has a good weight and is so nice. It’s also made in our USA and this may seal the deal for many.

We’re not leaving the dog lovers behind and the Caspari Cozy Critters Green-Cs13 Continuous Gift Wrapping Paper Roll, 8-Feet is a great option for them to use this year.

The thick paper is high quality and you may easily use it for the smallest gifts out there. It’s not transparent and the dogs look real. They’re wearing hats and scarves for the winter holiday and sit nice and patient until Santa gets to them. You may spot a cat or two also, but that’s just to show you how good the dogs are!

The colors are bright and nice and the animals have nothing unrealistic on their appearance.

Even though the paper is thick and heavyweight, a glossy paper makes all gifts look nice and cute.

Thick as some thin cardboard, the Printed CHRISTMAS KRAFT WRAPPING PAPER (18 inches x 15 feet) isn’t the easiest paper to work with when wrapping, but it sure makes a bit challenging for the kids to easily tear up all their presents.

The three paper rolls have a retro appearance and the patterns are different and quite special. Each roll is 30in.wide by 15 ft. long, which is around 112.5 sq.ft. of wrapping paper.

Here are the prints you can choose from: Reindeer, Mistletoe and Soda Shoppe. They all have artistic details and have a retro feel.

The paper is thick and durable, but not difficult to use. You may also use it for some craft projects or table coverings. As for gift-wrapping, it’s great especially if you’re planning to mail the presents.

The vintage and bohemian vibe of the Kraft Wrapping Paper Set – 6 Rolls – Multiple Patterns – 30″ x 120″ per Roll makes them a natural choice for anyone going for the classic, everlasting look for their Christmas.

You get 6 different paper rolls that are 30” wide and 10’ long. Each roll is made with high quality Kraft stock and color patterned print.

The prints are various and you may choose as follow: white and Kraft chevron, white and Kraft damask, green and Kraft antlers, red and Kraft lattice, green and Kraft mini dot, red and Kraft diagonal stripe.

You may feel like the paper is a tad thick, but this doesn’t make it difficult for handling it, even when wrapping some small boxes.

The interesting design and the warm colors make the paper rolls a good choice for the customer who goes with a special, sophisticated looks for the gifts this Christmas.

Create some magic with the JAM Paper® Christmas Design Wrapping Paper – Shimmering Snowflakes – 150 Sq Ft – 3/pack.

The paper has nice shimmering snowflakes that shine nice and give the wintery, yet festive vibe to your gifts.

You get 3 paper rolls of paper, each one of them being 50sq. ft. big. The scissors cut smooth and easy the paper that is on the thick side. The lines on the back are of big so it’s easy for you to cut straight lines every time.

The three paper rolls are different and here’s the selection: silver and multi-shaped blue horizontal stripes, metallic silver color pattern with blue and silver snowflakes, and a bright blue color with white dots.

Vibrant and shiny, the paper rolls truly give a festive look to your gifts.

If you’re afraid you may end up with too many gifts unwrapped on the Christmas Eve, put your trust and faith in a package like the JAM Paper Gift Wrapping Bundle – Playful Christmas – 5 Rolls of Wrapping Paper (125 sq ft) / 2 Packs of Gift Tags

With just one price, you get 5 rolls of wrapping paper and 2 pack of gift tags. The paper rolls are all different and they help you create a nice diversity for the gift-wrapping this year.

Here’s what you can pick from: red merry Christmas, Green with Christmas ornaments, red&white holograph Stripes, blue Metallic North Pole and White Merry Penguins. As you can see, the variety is great and you can get pretty creative with the gift-wrapping.

As for the gift label stickers, you get 18 homemade holiday self-adhesive labels and gift tags. The second bundle includes 4 cardboard tags that you may use for the mailed gifts.

Each paper roll is about 25 sq. ft. bit so you get 125 sq.ft. of wrapping paper.

The colors are bight and vivid and the paper takes well all the wrapping.

For the variety and great designs, the paper rolls are a nice option for anyone with a ton of gifts to offer this Christmas.

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