Best Christmas Ugly Sweaters

Christmas Ugly Sweaters

Some get in the Christmas mood simply by decorating their home. Some like to play on the favorite winter songs to get in the festive mood. There’s always the category of those who put on an ugly Christmas sweater and…voila! Christmas mode on!

What are the options?

The variety and styles of the Christmas ugly sweaters is amazing and it’s you to decide how far you want to go.

If you’re planning to win this year’s office Christmas Ugly Sweater competition, don’t hesitate to go all the way. By this we mean, the lights, the bells and the funny characters on your ugly sweater.

You can definitely go more subtle, but still fall into the category, with an ugly sweater that is fun and cute thanks to its funny character or pattern. After all, we’re free to understand whatever we want by “Christmas ugly sweater”.

Kinky or cute, heavily decorated or simple, the Christmas ugly sweaters have one big thing in common though: they all put you in the Christmas mood within seconds!

Our favorites

If “festive” means “ugly” to you, you got yourself a winner for this year’s Christmas Ugly sweater with the Forum Novelties O’Christmas Tree Novelty Christmas Sweater, Multi, Medium.

The sweater is a 100% polyester knit and looks ugly and festive, just as planned. It has a retro look and design and features a crew neckline that makes it so easy to put on/take off.

The sleeves are long and the sweater gives a good fit. The quality of the fabric is good for the money you pay and the sweater handles few washings. Keep in mind to hand wash it, though, so you can have it for a good amount of time.

Well made, thick and comfortable, the sweater is a one ugly choice for many. If it’s not ugly enough for you, you can still add a few more decorations too.

Cute and really ugly, the Faux Real Tees Men’s Long Ugly Cardigan with Tie (UK 48-50) by Faux Real Tees may win you a contest for this year’s office Christmas party.

The sweater is made with 100% polyester and has bright colors. The pattern is whimsical, but it manages to bring a smile on every one’s face.

The long sleeve realistic photo has a holiday pattern and features faux cardigan, buttons and tie. The sweater is lightweight and feels comfortable and nice. It’s on the thin side, which makes it great for a warm winter.

The sweater is machine washable so that’s always a good news.

Cheesy and ugly, the sweater is a real Christmas ugly sweater competitor.

For those of you looking for a loud and lighted ugly sweater, without having to pay too much money for it, the 75844 (Ladies Medium) Pink Christmas Wreath Light Up Sweater is a good option to try.

The 100% polyester knit is a fun and ugly sweater that features a magical Christmas design that lights up.

The trim is ribbed and the sweater seems to be well made, considering its price. You need 3AA batteries for the lights so this may give a baggy look to the sweater.

You may want to hand wash the sweater when in need. Don’t do it until you removed the electrical system, though.

The sweater runs true to size and really helps you fit in in any Christmas ugly sweater party.

Here’s a great news for all the dog lovers out there: there are nice, loveable ugly sweaters for your dogs too! A very nice and ugly (though everything looks cute on your dog, isn’t it?) is the New York Dog Ugly Holiday Sweater for Pets, Navy Snowman and Dog, Small by New York Dog.

The sweater is very well made and has a durability feel to it. It presents a colorful snowflake embroidery so it has a nice 3D effect. The textured snowman and the nasty dog applique are cute and make your dog even more adorable. As for the button detail, it just completes the looks of the sweater.

The sweater has a pull on design so it’s easy to put on/take off. It’s soft and keeps your dog warm. It’s not too stretchy and quite comfortable.

The sweater comes in five sized that fit most breeds. You have to measure your beloved pet from nape of the neck to the base of the tail.

Cute, durable and so ugly, the ugly sweater helps your dog look even cuter.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so is ugly, so if many are going to be finding the Ugly Christmas Sweater Women’s 4 Panel Christmas Button Cardigan Sweater, Black, Medium simply ugly; some may find it cheerful instead.

Made with 60% cotton and 40% acrylic, the sweater looks cute and it’s easy to put on/take off. It’s a button up cardigan with four-panel bodice and nice, bright colored prints. It features wreath, bells, Christmas tree and snowman and really sets up the mood for Christmas.

The ribbed trim at the V-neckline, the green cuffs that make a nice contrast with the red background and the yellow buttons, really turn the sweater in a cute, ugly option for this Christmas.

Well made, thick and comfortable, the sweater has a festive feel and gives a rather loose fit.

If you’re determined to wear a lighted ugly sweater this year, take a leap of faith with the Forum Novelties Adult Everything Light-Up Ugly Christmas Sweater, Multi, Medium.

Made with 100% polyester, the sweater has a fun and festive design. The lights are bright and the sweater really makes an impression.

The front of the sweater is double-layered, so you don’t feel all the wires from the lights.

The sweater is a bit thin on the back, but a jacket should be enough for the winter.

In order to extend its lifespan, it’s better to hand wash the sweater with some cold water and mild detergent. Let it line dry for a better look.

The sweater has a good weight and feels comfortable. It’s well made and has nice, bright colors.

Let’s get things straight: no ugly Christmas sweater is going to look ugly enough on your kid and no matter how ugly it is, you’re still going to find your little one adorable! Therefore, it’s the case of the Unisex Kid’s Rudolph Reindeer 3d Nose Ugly Christmas Sweater Jumper (3Y, Red) that may fall in the category “ugly, in a cute way”.

The red baby child long sleeve crew neck sweater is knitted and comfy, keeping your little one warm as well.

The pullover jumper is easy to put on/take off and every kid is going to like it.

The Rudolph Reindeer patter on the front is cute and its red nose it’s a pretty red pom pom and all kids are going to love playing with it.

The sweater comes in sizes from 1 to 6-year-old child and it’s very well made. You may machine or hand wash it, whatever fits you better.

Made with cotton, the sweater doesn’t itch and feels soft against the skin.

Get ready to win the Ugly Sweater contest this year with the Men’s Tacky Christmas Sweater – Christmas Tree Sweater with Suspenders Size M.

The sweater is made with 100% acrylic and is very well made. The fabric is good quality and the sweater is well sewn.

It has a double-panel construction with reinforced seams so it takes the intense wear, for a good amount of time. You may even machine wash it when in need.

The colors are bright and the cute golden pompons give you that festive &ugly look that you were looking for. The tree on front is all glittery and the colorful pompons gives anyone a smile.

Durable, nicely colored and really festive, the ugly sweater is a great surprise for many.

Make boy happy this Christmas with the tacky and funny sweater Blizzard Bay Boys’ Fa La La La Lama, Blue/Red/Tan, 6.

The cute looking drama holds a candy cane in its mouth and wears a funny Christmas hat. It looks like it had a bit too much eggnog and you may also hear sing “Fa la lala”. As a matter of fact, the words are right there, in front.

The sweater is made of 100% cotton so has a nice soft touch feel against the skin. You may machine wash it whenever in need also.

Made with soft knit fabric, the sweater feels cozy and warm. The colors are warm and the sweater is fun to have by every boy.

Best words to describe the Blizzard Bay Men’s Vomiting Unicorn Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweater, Green/Red/White, Medium are “delightfully disgusting”, which should seal the deal for many out there.

Made with 100% cotton, the sweater is a fun, yet ugly sweater that is going to bring some smiles on any Christmas party. A weird unicorn is vomiting the stars, the snowflakes and some presents this year, so talk about an interesting and weird print for Christmas.

As if the print wouldn’t have been enough, the sweater also lights up so you should stand out from the crowd just fine.

The sweater is soft and feels nice against the skin. You may machine wash it, but for longer lasting it’s wiser to hand wash it. Either way, don’t do it until you haven’t removed the battery pack.

The lights are bright and the print is ugly. What else would you want from your ugly sweater anyway?

We all love cats, well, most of us anyway, so what better way to celebrate Christmas but wearing an ugly cat sweater on the special occasion? The Laser Cat-Zillas Ugly Christmas Sweater-FunQi, Black (Medium) is one ugly and cute surprise and you should definitely try it.

The laser cat-zilla sweater features few cats shooting laser from their very green eyes, wiping anything reminding the world about the winter holidays.

The sweater is made with 100% acrylic cotton and feels soft and cozy. It doesn’t itch and takes the machine washing, as long as you do it inside out.

Well-made, with durable stitches, the sweater doesn’t feel or look bulky at all. The colors are vivid and nice and the sweater is for men and women as well.

Surreal and a bit crazy, the sweater is going to put you under the big lights this Christmas.

For the brave ones that aren’t afraid to go on the kinky side of ugly sweaters, a hilarious and creative option would be the Ugly Christmas Sweater – Snowman Nose Thief Sweater by Tipsy Elves (M).

The sweater presents a double-panel construction so it feels comfortable and warm. It has reinforced seams and it’s machine washable. If you want to play it safe though, it’s better to hand, wash it when in need.

The pattern is fun and is going to give a good laughter around, especially if you’re not the shy type. The two snowmen look cute and are brightly colored and the fun part comes from the little details 🙂 .

Well made, the sweater is a soft knit and feels very comfy. Some think it runs a bit small so order wisely.

You don’t have to wear a lighted and singing sweater to win a ugly sweater contest this year. Some sweaters works simply because of their print and the Women’s Ugly Christmas Sweater – Happy Birthday Jesus Sweater Green Size M certainly fits the description.

The sweater is fun and funny and everybody is going to enjoy the Jesus joke, aka “The Birthday Boy”. The colors are bright and the green background has a traditional feel to it.

The fabric is good quality and the sweater is soft and doesn’t shrink or itch. It’s made with a high quality double-panel construction and the seams are reinforced. Therefore, the sweater is going to take the use for quite some time.

The print is great and the design is good. The sweater is heavy in a good weight and thick, keeping you also warm.

Machine washable, the sweater is a real winner this year.

If you’re determined to beat the Christmas tree when it comes to lighting, you may have a win with the Ugly Christmas Sweater – LED Illuminated Tree Displaying 7 Alternating Colors For Any Holy Night!

The sweater features a lighted tree that not only lights up, but also has a color control feature. The tree is going to change its colors automatically, going through red, yellow, green, blue, purple, white and pink.

The sweater is powered by a durable low voltage Li battery that doesn’t run out that fast.

The lights are easy to see in the dark and the sweater looks so nice, in a ugly way. Some may not really go for the upside down crosses, but maybe that’s the sweater’s quirk anyway.

Well-made and comfortable, the sweater takes you out from the crowd, for sure.

The Women’s Ugly Christmas Sweater – Santa Claws Cat Sweater Grey Size XS may be the cutest ugly sweater out there, which is why you should put your money at stake with it.

The sweater is made with 100% acrylic and its high quality material makes it worth every single penny.

The cute, grumpy cat on the front and the “Santa Claws” message are going to make any cat lover smile. The design is feminine and the cut outs on the shoulder are a very nice and elegant detail.

The colors are bright and the grey background make the sweater even nicer. The sweater feels soft against the skin and cozy. It doesn’t shrink nor itch either.

The high-quality double-panel construction with reinforced seams make the sweater durable and able to take the use for a long time. it’s machine washable as well.

Thick, cute and ugly in a pretty way, the sweater is an elegant choice out there.

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