Best Christmas Ornament Hooks

Christmas Ornament Hooks

No matter how ready you think you are for this Christmas, sometimes it feels like it never ends with the shopping and the preparations.

You may skip a few steps and buy every time Christmas ornaments that come with their own hooks so they’re ready to hang out of the box. You may have to settle in this case with the color of the hooks in the box and don’t mind if they’re not really going with the other details of your Christmas tree. That is, if you’re “that” kind of customer.

When you want to play it safe though and don’t wake up the night before Christmas with a bunch of Christmas ornaments missing their hooks (so many boxes to store over the year, not to mention the horror of the end of the winter holidays to organize all the small items in their designated place…), getting some Christmas Ornament hooks is the way to go.

How to choose?

You may once again play it safe and get green colored ornament hooks. This way, you don’t take any chances and make all the color combinations that you have in mind. Whether you go for the white, elegant Christmas tree or the fun, colored ones, green hooks are always going to be the safest option.

When you’re pretty sure you’re not going to shift from the elegant, luxurious theme on your winter holidays, you can definitely take a leap of faith (and pay the extra buck) and get some metal silver hooks. Apart from their elegant appearance, they’re also durable, taking the intense use very well.

There are many shapes and styles of the Christmas ornament hooks out there and you only need to decide which style fits better this year’s Christmas tree. That is if you don’t really care about how much you’re going to pay for the little, yet essential, details in your Christmas tree.

What we really like for this Christmas

When you don’t really give much thought into it nor money, get for your Christmas ornaments the Merry Brite Green Christmas Ornament Hooks, 200 Ct.

The green vinyl covered wire hooks go great for all sorts of Christmas ornaments, but you may very well use them for floral decorating.

Despite their looks and their price, the hooks are quite sturdy and their color blends them very well into your Christmas tree.

They come in assorted sizes- medium (almost 2” long) and large (2.5” long). This way you may use them according to the size of your Christmas ornaments. The pack includes 200 hooks that may save you very well this Christmas.

Simple, yet quite elegant, the Fancy Gold Ornament Hooks, Gold Ornament Hanger for Collectibles, Pack of 18 are quite an interesting option, especially if you’re looking to highlight your glass ornaments.

The ornaments are gold little hooks that hold tightly and secure your ornaments; they’re either heavy or lightweight. It’s not difficult to attach the ornaments and the hooks are rather easy to hang on your Christmas tree also.

The hooks don’t slip off the branch and are very well made. They present a smooth, consistent finish and you may even bend them a bit for a better fit.

They may come a bit pricey if you need more than a bunch, as they come in 18 pieces packages.

Made of metal, the Old World Christmas – Ornament Hangers – 100 Count – Metal are one great investment to make for your Christmas.

The green colored hooks have a great shape and they’re ready to use right out of the box. They do come a bit tangled so you may need some patience for untangling them.

The hooks are very durable and sturdy and can take all sorts of ornaments, no matter their weight.

The ornament hangers from Old World Christmas have both thick and thin sides, so they may easily hold tree limbs and decorations as well. They’re easy to bend for the perfect fit and stay well in place.

Durable and subtle, the hooks come in a 100pieces package so you may settle for just one package.

When your mind is set on a traditionally red&green themed Christmas tree, you may as well complete your tree with the Old World Christmas Christmas Ornament Beaded Hooks (6 Pack).

The hooks are a piece of decoration per say as they feature several beads that come assorted in red and green. The golden accents make a nice model on the hooks and they look amazing, no matter where you place them.

The hooks aren’t just about the looks, though. They are well-made and hold securely your ornaments. They don’t slip off and give an abundance feel to any Christmas tree.

As they’re sophisticated and colored, you may give a second thought when using them, as you don’t want to overdo it with the decorations. It wouldn’t hurt to check your wallet also as the hooks don’t come that cheap, considering they only come in a 6 pack.

Flexible and ready to be there to help you out for more than one year, the Kurt Adler Gold Ornament Hooks, 30 Pieces manage to bring a nice sparkle to any tree, without losing the ability to hold safely your Christmas ornaments.

Made with gold wire, the hooks are easy to bend for the best fit and it’s not complicated at all to attach them to the ornaments. The hooks give a secure hold to the Christmas ornaments and hook very easy to the branches. They’re easy to tighten and blend so well, no matter the Christmas tree’s theme.

Well made and delicate, the hooks look nice and hold nice your favorite ornaments. In addition, the price is also rather nice, considering you’re paying for 30 pieces of them.

If you’re determined to give your Christmas tree a nice, golden sparkle this year, put your money at stake with the Clear Acrylic W/gold Wire Ornament Hooks 24pc. The package includes only 24 pieces of hooks so either you pay the extra buck so you have enough for all your Christmas ornaments, or only settle to get some for the most visible ornaments. Either way, it’s up to you.

Made of high quality acrylic wire and featuring a nice, clear acrylic bead, the hooks give an elegant sparkle to any Christmas tree. They’re around 2.25” big and are very well made. They’re a bit difficult to bend, so it’s better to use them as they are.

The metal hooks are tough enough to hold your heavy Christmas ornaments and add a golden, classy feel to any tree.

Not all of us like the sophisticated, over the top Christmas trees. Some of us rather go with a plane, pretty Christmas tree that features maybe incredible ornaments and only need some secure hooks for holding the ornaments in the tree.

If you feel like falling in the category, put your trust and faith in the Christmas Ornament Hooks (Silver, 1.5 inch). There’s nothing special or fancy about them, but they stand out as simple, efficient and durable hooks that put under the big lights your special and fancy Christmas ornaments instead.

The hooks have the right size and are pretty flexible for the perfect fit on the branches. They have a good build and handle the heavyweight ornaments as well.

Economic and rather basic, the hooks are the choice of anyone looking for some sturdy and efficient hooks for their ornaments.

For those of you who want to add a bit more sparkle to their Christmas tree, a sturdy and pretty choice would be the Ornament Hooks – 12 Pack – Decorative Christmas Tree Ornament Hangers.

The hooks are handmade, with stainless steel, which explains their durability and ability to sustain all sorts of Christmas ornaments.

Not only is the build of the hooks good, though. We also have to talk about the design as the hooks feature nice acrylic crystals that combine so elegantly with silver charm accents. Every hook comes with 2 acrylic crystals and the silver charm right in the middle. The hooks get a nice, yet not flashy, sparkle under the Christmas lights.

Each hook is around 3” long and hangs sturdy and nicely, without the risk for slipping off the tree branches.

Cute and pretty, the Decorative Ornament Hangers – Clear Acrylic Silver Wire Ornament Hooks – Pack of 20 are a great option when you want to add more delicacy to your Christmas ornaments.

Made with silver wire, the metal hooks feature some small clear acrylic gem accents. They’re not only pretty though, but practical also as they feature sturdy spring loaded clasps the ends, holding safely your ornaments. Of course, when you have some wide banded ornaments, the hooks aren’t the best choice.

The package includes 20 pieces of 2.75” metal hooks. Each hook comes nicely wrapped so you’re not wasting any more time untangling the hooks.

Hand made of long lasting stainless steel; the hooks have a rather antique design that adds a subtle sparkle to any Christmas tree.

Versatile and easy to use, the Darice Scroll Wire Ornament Hook Add a Bead – 2″ GOLD 6pk/108pcs may serve you well, especially considering you’re getting 108 pieces for just one price.

The hooks are made of wire metal alloy so they’re easy to bend, remaining sturdy on your Christmas tree as well. They’re easy to use and you’re not going to have any problems when hooking your ornaments either.

You may also add some beads for more elegant look on the hooks. Sturdy, small, thick and nice, the hooks are reliable and look well.

Ready to hold all sorts of Christmas ornaments, the Christmas Ornament Hooks – Shiny Silver Chrome Ornament Hangers – Decorative Swirl Scroll Design – Bulk Set of 100 not only look nice, but they also hold you for more than just one Christmas.

The package contains 100 pieces of metal wire ornament hooks that have a shiny silver chrome color that is rather subtle. They wire ornament hooks have a sturdy swirl style design and are easy to use. They’re 2” big and are easy to mold for hanging.

The hooks have a fancy feel and hold sturdily your ornaments in the tree. It’s better to buy them in bulk in order to give a nice, continuous feel to your Christmas tree.

If last thing you’re missing when decorating your outdoor Christmas tree is some tough hooks, don’t hesitate to give it a go with the Heirloom Decorative Hooks – Christmas, Ornament, Outdoor – Stainless Steel, heavy duty. Set of 25.

The hooks are heavy-duty options as they’re made of stainless steel. Not only take the outdoor conditions as they don’t rust nor corrode, but they’re also very durable and strong.

They present an 1” diameter for attaching to tree branches and fit most of the Christmas ornaments out there. You may also use them for the tree lighting or some outdoor garden items.

The hooks are 3” long and look nice. They come packaged as a set of 25 and may hold over 10lbs with no risk for bending whatsoever.

The built-in decorative swirl makes them pop out in any décor. They’re well-made and have a sturdy build, taking the extra weight anytime.

When you want to add a sophisticated note to your Christmas tree, take a leap of faith and try the Christmas Ornament Hooks – Silver Snowflake Hooks – 48 Pack of Silver Wire S Hooks – Ornament Accessories

The set includes 48hooks that have a sleek silver design. They all feature a pretty snowflake that adds a special vibe to any Christmas décor.

The snowflake hangers are easy to hang and it’s not difficult to attach your ornaments either. You may also use them when decorating some Christmas gifts for a more interesting feel.

The hooks are well shaped right out of the box so there’s not bending you need to do. They are 3 ½ long, whereas the snowflake is somewhere around 1 1/2 “diameter.

Easy to use, long and with a nice chrome paint finish, the sleek snowflake hooks are going to be noticed wherever you’d use them.

For those of you who are forever in love with a red&green Christmas tree, the Beaded Ornament Hangers Decorative Holiday Swirl Wire Set of 24 Hooks (Silver) are the thing to go with.

The hooks are beautiful and they have a sleek, elegant design. The wire swirls features red or green metallic beads that add just a bit of color to any Christmas tree.

The hooks are easy to bend for a better fit, but give a secure hold to your Christmas ornaments. The set includes 24 hooks, 12 of them are red and 12 are green.

Colored, yet not too flashy, the hooks are 2 ½ long and go great on some average sized ornaments. They work well and complete a Christmas tree with a traditional red&green color theme.

When your mind is set on an elegant, everlasting white Christmas theme, a very good option to highlight your theme would be the Silver Swirl Beaded Ornament Decorative Holiday Hangers Set of 24 Hooks.

The hooks are in fact pretty silver swirls with silver and clear acrylic faceted beads. They’re 2 ¼ in long and give a nice length to any Christmas ornament. They look elegant and subtle, but get a nice sparkle under the Christmas lights.

The set includes 48 hooks that are fairly easy to use and to hang in your tree. They don’t slip off the branches and show so well in any Christmas white tree. They go amazing with some average sized ornaments.

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