Benefits of Having King Size Pillows

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A good night’s sleep plays an essential role in one’s health and well-being. People of different ages need to have a good quality of sleep. Sleep helps you in improving your productivity as well as your cognitive ability. It enables your body to restore to its perfect condition.Some may not know, but a good quality of sleep also helps in suppressing depression. Generally, acquiring a sufficient amount of rest and sleep helps you to live a healthy lifestyle.

The challenge now is to know how to get a good quality of sleep. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered if you want to attain this objective; one of which is choosing the right sleeping essentials. Apart from the mattresses, blankets, and comforters, good quality of pillow is an important sleeping essential in obtaining a good sleeping position.

Why Choose King Size Pillows

The pillow size is a factor that affects the quality of sleep.  Manufacturers offer different pillow sizes, however, there are three most familiar pillow sizes available to guide you in choosing the perfect size. These are the standard size, queen size, and king size.  

Pillows, although they come in different shapes or sizes, has an ultimate role to fill – to give you the highest quality of sleep possible. There are different purposes on choosing a specific pillow size, whether for sleeping purposes or decorative purposes. In this article, we will be pointing out the benefits of having a king size pillow. King size pillows offers you advantages for whatever purpose you have.


The following are some of the benefits on choosing a King Size Pillow.

1. Suitable for workaholic people.

A king size pillow is a perfect choice for those who are spending most of their time reading or working in their bed. These pillows provide utmost comfort and great support for the back. When you want to read a book, does some tasks on your laptop, or just even watches your favourite movies in your bed, king size pillows offers good relief for your back to lean on something aside from the headboard.

2. Perfect for Side Sleepers.

Choosing what the perfect pillow size is may rely on how you are comfortably positioned when you sleep. King size pillows are a good choice for a side sleeper, a person who lies on his side when he sleeps. This is the most common sleeping position. This may cause strain your neck and upper back up to your spine if not positioned well.

 King size pillows have more volume and has wider length compared to other pillow sizes, thus, it helps in holding your head as well as the shoulders to allow your upper back and neck to rest comfortably. It is advisable for side sleepers to put a pillow in the middle of their legs to keep the spine aligned; king size pillows can be a good option for this.

3. Recommended for Broad Shoulders.

King sized pillows are suitable for those who have broad shoulders because these provide extra support. Broad-shouldered persons have a tendency of having pain due to specific sleeping conditions – one of which is the alignment of the neck when sleeping – which may cause a poor neck alignment for some. King-sized pillows help in giving a right inclination for a more comfortable sleeping position.

King-sized pillows offer a good amount of firmness and thickness. A pillow that is not firm and thick enough is not advisable for those having broad shoulders. What is a perfect option is to have a pillow that won’t instantly outstretch when you lay on it. King-sized pillows also are thick enough to support both the neck and the shoulders. 

4. Great for Ornamental Purposes.

Pillows Bed

King size pillows can complement any bed size and is perfect for adorning. King size pillows are usually measured 20” x 36”, these are longer compared to other pillow sizes but that doesn’t mean it won’t be as good as others when used as decorative. 

Two king size pillows arranged side-by-side can match a California King Bed. However, if you have a smaller beds such as a standard size bed or a twin bed, you can put only one king size pillow because it’s dimensions are perfect to cover it. You can use one pillow, instead of buying two or more. If you opt on using smaller size of beds, king size pillows can offer additional support for your standard pillows.

5. Good alternative for body pillows.

Since king size pillows are longer compared to other pillow sizes, they can be also used as shorter body pillows and may be useful for those who suffer from muscle and back pain. These pillows measure 20 x 36 inches. 

These pillows can be used to let you stay aligned to prevent you from experiencing an uncomfortable sleeping position. These pillows aid in getting hold of the pressure of the hips, thus, relaxing the whole body while lying. And since you get relaxed and comfy while you sleep, you’ll have a lesser tendency of toss and turns. You’ll get the maximum rest for a good night’s sleep.


Picking the right pillow size is one of the most challenging factors to consider in buying your sleeping essentials. You need to base your decision on the purpose of the pillow why you’ll buy it in the first place. You also need to consider the comfort that it provides because it is the main function of the pillows. Investing in a wrong pillow size might not only cost you your money, but will cause you a lot of pain.


There are a lot of benefits that a king size pillow can offer. It helps you in some physical aspects and also in some aesthetic purposes. However, the bottom line is that, whatever pillow size you choose, it is important that you are comfortable. Comfort is a little subjective. Therefore, if you want to choose what works for you best, you need to research and be mindful with the details before buying.

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