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Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers
Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

No, it’s not the best position to sleep during the night. In fact, only 16% of Americans sleep on their stomach. But you know what the experts say? Don’t change your natural sleeping position! It might give you neck pains, it’s possible that you wake up heavy headed, but, as long as you feel comfortable like this, it’s best not to change it!

What does my stomach sleeping say about me?

Are you always trying to make new friends? Are you the one who doesn’t care much about rules and simply…feels free to do whatever? Furthermore, do you feel that other people criticize you a bit too much? Have you recognized yourself in the description? Are you a stomach sleeper or what? J

Stomach sleepers, be aware!

Studies have shown that stomach sleepers never complain about lower back pains, but they wake up with neck pains, since keeping the head turned to one side all night long has a bad effect on the alignment of the vertebrae in the neck.

But…wait! How about little babies? They sleep mostly on their stomach and seem very happy. True, this is another good part of the stomach sleep: it’s soothing for the stomach, for digestion, it’s relaxing. It’s so relaxing that even pregnant women use it. Only in the first 2 semestres, though.

Any good pillows for stomach sleepers?

Of course there are good pillows for the stomach sleepers. There are, in fact, pillows made from various materials.

You can go for the not so expensive foam pillows that will take the perfect contour of your body and head. But only for a while, unfortunately. Little by little, they will lose their shape.

If you are in for a treat, you can go for a memory foam pillow. It’s not that you’d have to have really deep pockets to buy this kind of pillow, but it’s not as cheap as others. Hey, this pillow is smart: it will mold around your body at night and… also remember it tomorrow! It is a great option for the pregnant, as it protects the sensitive body parts.

Latex pillows don’t come very cheap, either. Firm, supportive and keeping dust mites away, this pillow could feel a little too stiff, at times.

Feeling conservative? You will try for sure the wool & cotton pillow. The filling will become lumpy in time, but firmer also.

And, last but not least, there’s the down pillow. You will be able to move this stuff around easily. Soft yet firm, the down pillow is a traditional choice, for that matter.

Spoiler alert! Here come the best pillows for stomach sleepers!

Ok, some of the following options sell like hot cakes. Some are new entries and still trying to win your heart. Cheap or expensive, made of memory foam, or down pillows. They are out there, on the market, but we only picked the best of them. Because your neck still hurts from stomach sleeping last night, and you can’t waste any more nights deciding which one to choose.

1.Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover by Coop Home Goods

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover by Coop Home GoodsAre you ready to change the way you sleep completely? No, we don’t want you to change your sleeping style, but instead of sleeping badly, we could help you achieve the perfect sleep. Like you always wanted, but never yet succeded.

The Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is one of the softest out there, it will cool you and make you regret that you haven’t found it before.

Its cover is 40% Bamboo and 60% Polyester and is sensitive to all your allergies and even dust mites.

Its specific smell will air out in a few hours; many customers were so happy with this pillow that they didn’t complain at all about its smell.

The cover of the pillow is machine washable and the product has a 5 year warranty. There is also a 30 day refund policy – don’t worry, very few ever used it! Instead, many customers ordered some more!

Please take note that the genuine product is sold only by a certain seller!

 2. Dream Supreme Plus Gel Fiber-Filled Pillows

Dream Supreme Plus Gel Fiber-Filled Pillows (2)We know that you are always thinkin’ of your partner and, also, your friends, so why not buy at the best price, the best of 2 standard size pillows? Gift wrapped also, delivered fast, these hypoallergenic gel fiber pillows will not only surprise you, but they will make your family and friends love you forever.

With a 1 year warranty, these pillows have a 100% Cotton cover that is easy to wash and dry.

Soft as big marshmallows, these will be the pillows that will help you sleep well, no matter how much you toss and turn during the night.

The price and the quality, thecustomer satisfaction after they slept with these pillows, are powerful reasons not to waste any more time and give this pillow a try.

 3. Z by Malouf 100% Natural Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow

Z by Malouf Natural Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow „Once you go…latex, you can never go back!” This natural talalay latex pillow will not make you sleep like a baby again, but it will make your back and neck pains go away.

Not having any synthetic additives and with a removable, easy to wash dry velour cover, this pillow will maintain a nice temperature throughout the entire night and will give you a soft luxurious feel.

With its natural mildew proof and protection from dust mites, this product keeps your allergies in mind as well.

Well made, with a high pressure relief, tests show that this pillow offers the same comfort even after 2 years of use.

Please take in consideration to ask for advice from the seller as to wich type of firmness suits you the best. They will be more than happy to give you a hand on that!

 4. Sleep Innovations 2-in-1 Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow

Sleep Innovations 2-in-1 Ventilated Memory Foam PillowHave you ever considered that it’s possible to have a memory foam pillow and a down alternative fiber fill pillow in one? Have you ever thought that you can have both a cool ventilated, supporting and comforting half of a pillow, and a soft, breathable, traditional pillow on the other side?

This 2-in-1 pillow will satisfy all your needs, at all times during the night. You don’t have to get up and take another pillow; you can always flip your pillow to the other side!

Delivered to you fast, this pillow will make your partner steal for the very first time in their life; we’re talking about stealing this pillow, of course! J

Having a removable 100% Cotton washable at home and a 100% made in USA memory foam, this product has also a 5 year warranty – it is that durable!

This is a pillow that will mold softly, or stay firm if you want, that will cool your head during the night and, most probably than not, make you want to order it yet again…

 5. Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Classic Pillow

Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Classic PillowIf you want to stay calm and not to worry about your pillow for 5 years or more to come, this is the pillow for you.

Made in the USA, with a 75% Cotton and 25% Polyester cover, this pillow is filled with 100% Polyurethane memory foam that will cradle your head and mold to its curves.

The open-cell technology will help the air flow and will regulate the temperature during night sleep.

While adjusting to the head’s weight, this pillow will not go flat and will be worth every penny.

6. Original Bamboo Pillow with Adaptive Memory Foam

Memory Foam Pillow - Removable Hypoallergenic Bamboo Cover Case - - Great During Maternity Pregnancy or Yoga - Perfect Chiropractic Body Support Every Night -Great for Travel TooWhen you want to feel like sleeping in a 5 Star Hotel, having a 5 Star sleep, buy this pillow! It will make you love it and never want to let it go.

Having a 65% Polyester and 35% Bamboo washable cover, this imported pillow will do wonders during the night: if you want it firm as foam, just pat it down. If you want it soft as down, just fluff it up. Easy peasy, right?

If you care also about the health of the planet, you’ll like to know that this product is seif for the environment.

You will like this pillow so much that you’ll take it with you when travelling.

If you are an insomniac…that may be the end of your nightcrawling type of life. This pillow will help you fall asleep and rest for the whole night.

 7. Extra Soft Down Pillow by ExceptionalSheets 

Extra Soft Down Pillow by ExceptionalSheets - Great for Stomach SleepersFor all of those who still have not decided which pillow is best for them, well, maybe now it’s your chance!

As the softest pillow for stomach sleepers, this extra soft pillow is hypo-allergenic and is…down filled.

Its cover is very easy to wash and dry at home.

Made in our USA, this pillow will get quickly to you. If you are the sensitive type, you will get nicely surprised by the hand written note from the producer!

After years of using all kinds of pillows, it’s time for a soft down pillow for your good night sleep. Amazingly, it will feel just like meeting an old friend!

 8. FOUR (4) Five-Star Hotel Collection Down Alternative Sleeping Pillows

FOUR (4) Five-Star Hotel Collection Down Alternative Sleeping PillowsWell, if a pillow didn’t convince you so far, maybe four will do it! This is the type of product that you encounter in a hotel room and then…you end up liking it so much that you go runnin’ to buy it for your home also.

Made in the USA, with a 100% Cotton cover, these 4 pillows have a 100% hypo-allergenic Virgin Polyester filling.

They will be very easy to wash and dry.

The set comes with 2 solid colored pillowcases, so they take away another worry (or is it several? J)

Most of the customers were pleased with the purchase, as the soft and fluffy pillows were exactly what they wanted.

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