Best Pillow For Neck Pain For Side Sleepers

Best Pillow For Neck Pain For Side Sleepers
Best Pillow For Neck Pain For Side Sleepers

Jump on the bandwagon and stop complaining about your neck pains (or back pains or both!) by getting yourself a treat, as a side sleeper that you are: the best pillow for your neck pain!

You only live once, so why sleep bad? Why get up and complain every morning about how your neck hurts? It’s not the fault of your mattress, it’s not the fault of your loved ones to see you grumpy and irritated every single day.

“Why isn’t my pillow any good?”

Well, a pillow doesn’t know much. It doesn’t know that you absolutely love to always sleep on your side, it doesn’t know that you expect it to be comfortable and yet firm, soft but not to sink into it.

You can not change your sleeping style, the pillow can not change its qualities…So, what’s to be done?

Sidesleepers, do you know there are pillows especially made for your neck pain?

Yes, you would have to give us the benefit of a doubt on this. You are on the edge of a nervous breakdown from all the neck pains and false promises, we know. But, drastic times call for drastic measures: simply throw your pillow away. Because the best pillow for neck pain (for side sleepers!) is out there, just a few clicks away.

Enough talking… Here’s the top 5!

We definitely do not want to put all the eggs in one basket; it’s not that the quality, or price of these products is allowing us either. But we truly tried to find the best pillows to ease your neck pains, when side sleeping. And we made our top 5. Now you are only 5 minutes away from the most important decision ever. When it comes to your pain and sleep, of course. We can only help you so much…

1. Shredded Memory Foam Pillow – King – Original Bamboo – Neck, Back and Body Pain Relief

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow - King - Original Bamboo - Neck, Back and Body Pain ReliefIf you were looking for a pillow that is soft as down and firm as foam, this is the pillow for you.

This pillow will make your neck pains (and back pains, for that matter) go away in a short time.

Delivered quite fast, this pillow will keep you cool also.

As a 100% hypoallergenic product, this pillow is dust mite free. Its special bamboo woven design is a plus and it has antibacterial properties, which is beneficial for allergy sufferers.

Many of the customers found this pillow quite big and not very light weight, but the help with the neckpains was far more important.

Having a lifetime Money Back Guarantee, this pillow will make you want to take it with you even when traveling.

2. Snuggle-Pedic Queen Size Bamboo Combination Shredded Style Memory Foam Pillow With Kool-Flow Micro-Vented Cover

Snuggle-Pedic Queen Size Bamboo Combination Shredded Style Memory Foam Pillow With Kool-Flow Micro-Vented CoverImagine the pillow that is firm and yet soft, that lets your neck rest and doesn’t let your head sink into it. It really exists!

It’s, in fact, extra breathable, micro vented and machine washable.

Its cover is made in USA, from 43% Bamboo Viscose, 56,4% Polyester and 0,6 % Lycra.

This pillow will be able to keep you cool during the night and, more importantly, to keep your allergies at the door, since it’s 100% Hypoallergenic.

Many customers with medical problems have appreciated this product highly for its ability to remove neck pains and other pains from sleeping.

Rolled and vacuum sealed, this product ships fast and the customer support and company follow-up will satisfy you entirely.

The 90 Day No Hassle Refund Guarantee and Free Exchange policy will keep any doubting thoughts away, but most likely it’s not gonna be the case to return it, since you’ll simply love it.

3. Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow, Gusseted Side Sleeper, Standard

Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam PillowThe Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow will surprise you in all the ways: it’s firm, but not hard, and will convince you to buy one for your partner as well!

Made in our beloved USA, from 100% Cotton, this memory foam pillow has PCM beads that will work wonders: they will cool you, absorbing the heat, and…release heat when your head is too cool. Great, isn’t it?

Many customers were able to bid their pains farewell, after purchasing this product.

The 300 TC cotton cover is hypoallergenic and the zippered closure of this pillow will make the machine washing even easier.

This amazing product has a 15-year warranty and, even though it’s not coming cheap, most of the customers loved every inch of it.

4. Allstar Marketing Group SD011104 SideSleeper Pro Neck And Back Pillow 

Allstar Marketing Group SD011104 SideSleeper Pro Neck And Back PillowIf all the pillows reviewed so far are taking good care of your neck problems, this pillow will do that and more. It will improve your sleeping posture for good.

This product has a 100% Polyester filling and a 100% Cotton zippered closure that will make the washing of the removable cover as easy as pie.

There were customers who valued this product so much, that they even took it when travelling.

The fact that the pillow will help with the snoring, is a plus, for sure (ask your partner!)

The specially designed earwell of this pillow will be an extra argument for buying it today.

5. Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow

Mediflow Original Waterbase PillowOk, we’ll let the cat out of the bag and will tell you about this surprisingly good water based pillow.

It might have never crossed your mind to buy a waterbase pillow. Will it leak? Will it support my neck corectly?

Well, guess what? This waterbase pillow is not only filled with…water, but it’s also adjustable. Meaning? You can adjust it to be soft, medium or firm-it’s totally up to you.

Made in the USA, this pillow has a removable, easy to wash and dry 100% Cotton cover and its top layer has a soft hypo-allergenic filling.

No, this pillow will definately not leak, as it has a tight seal and will be quiet as a mouse during the night.

Amazingly, the water base will automaticaly respond to your head movements, in order to properly support your head and neck.

Final word? It is the last pillow described, but it’s definitely not the least one in our line-up!

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