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Small spaces shouldn’t equal to claustrophobic. With just a bit of colorful furniture, funky colors, and simple design skills, even the tiniest room can be transformed into a lovely spot. Whether you are seeking for a way to make your tiny closet seem bigger or you are figuring out how to live in a space with just 600ft2, we have tips that will enable you to maximize your small spaces. This means that you might short on house space but that shouldn’t get in the way of your house design. You can take advantage of spaces that are often overlooked in the home like under the bed, in the bathroom, or stairways.

To decorate all the usable spaces in your home, you need to:

1. First, edit it

Clutter starts with things that you keep with the hope of using someday. Dispose of all those unnecessary things to make way for your new plan. Though, it is easy to get overwhelmed when storage and space are limited, editing your current space will give you a clean slate.

2. Shop small and multiple uses

When you are shopping for new furniture or other household items, try to choose small-boned furniture that you can use for several things e.g. a stool that you can use as a laptop stand, as a chair, and as a boost to gain access to high places.

3. Single Art

Then, you can use creative solutions and smart design to customize your home. With a couple of changes, you can easily infuse your big style into your small space. When it comes to art, choose one beautiful piece like an abstract painting, a nature scene or a high-resolution print.

4. Go pattern and bold

There is no fun in playing it safe here. Small rooms are perfect spots for pattern pops and bold colors. Experiment and style your space with different designs and shades.

Whether you live in a tiny loft or cozy cottages, here are a couple of flower décor ideas to try suggest by Little Flower Hut Florist Delivery

Bunches of nosegays 

Nothing says romance more than a huge vase filled with nosegays. No need for anything fancy just cut them from the garden and put in the vase.

Stylish Vignette 

To draw attention to a certain part of your home, place a floral bouquet on a table in a corner or close to the entrance. The light that enters your home will make the flowers to have a dewy, vignette look that looks cool and stylish.

Dry is better 

If you are a person that dislikes fresh, cut flowers that die within a week, you should try to use dry plants and flowers in your design. A popular choice is Pampas grass or any other grass. It oozes a rustic, unique vibe that works effortlessly with a neutral modern palette, which makes it perfect for a spring floral arrangement.

Art on the wall 

Although a wide range of floral décor can work anywhere. The design flows better when you consider nearby wall art when designing a space.  

Plain Tulips 

A bouquet with just one color and flower is a perfect backdrop especially in a room painted with bold and bright colors. White tulips can add a neutral accent to the room.


Glove fit

If your home is painted with neutral colors, it is best to shop for bright flowers. This will allow you to add a colorful accent to your home. For instance, sunflowers pop in a grey-themed room.

At the door

Indeed, the correct floral centerpiece can make a modern and formal space look welcoming. Plants with large branches can add fun balance and make us connected to nature. Floral patterns in the rugs can also help to make things a bit playful.

Wake up happy 

Why would you want to limit the amazing power of flowers to your kitchen and living room? Add a floral bouquet to your bedside table. Or you could stick with cactus that thrive well with less to no care.


Is there a free corner in your house? Time to add a towering floral arrangement. You can either move one of your plants inside or arrange flowers with long stems in a tall vase. You could even use a clear vase so that you can show off the long and slender stems. Remember to remove any leaves below the water line to eliminate contamination.

Striking and Unique 

Furniture and lighting can be part of your art. All you have to do is use splashy flowers in certain areas. However, the colors of the flowers should complement or highlight your base colors. To be more extravagant, use a rainbow bouquet displayed in glass jars with a wide mouth. You can then use the vase as a centerpiece in the living or dining room.

Dark Secret

One thing about a clear vase is that people can see everything going on in the vase. If you don’t have much time to create a detailed design, use dark, opaque vases for your flowers. Consider buying a ceramic, metal or black glass vases. Any messy stem or support like floral foam or marbles for holding your flowers upright will be housed secretly in the vase.

Exotic Orchids 

Orchids are plants on another glamorous level. You can easily change the vibe and feel of a dull and small room by decorating with orchids that have rich and vivid colors. You don’t even need a pretty vase, a simple one will allow the blossoms to be the center of attention. Add bright colored cushions or throw pillows to the chairs for an instant revamp.


Match your roses with citrus and thin stems or branches to create a colorful and dramatic centerpiece. To add an edge to this design, place black candles around it. Encompassed by dark candles.


It is so easy to bring texture into a room, even if it’s a tiny room. Starting from the patterns on the vase to the texture of the flowers. Combine different flowers in a bouquet to add texture and depth to the room.

Paradise Tropics 

Summer and spring flowers can be used to add a fun tropical idiosyncrasy to a tiny space. Even a boring cottage can seem like a paradise with decorative flowers.

Occasional Favorites 

Blossoms such as tulips and lilacs that grow in the same season can work splendidly in a floral bundle. Utilize greenery or shrubs around the bouquet.

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